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Being gangstalked

Gangstalking, government harassment, civil rights violations, targeted individuals, harassment, government Gangstalking

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Intro to gangstalking

I introduce some of the published tactics of gangstalking


9 Feb 2022

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The American nightmare!!

We ain’t free I’m a US citizen who’s rights were violated over and over!!


26 Jan 2022

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Being gangstalked (Trailer)

26 Jan 2022

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Mind games

Government control


17 Nov 2021

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Government illegal Gangstalking Harassment

Sera give a little bit more details of what happened to me during my government gang surge stalking


10 Nov 2021

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I’m a victim of gang stalking letting people know what I’ve been tru while being gangstalked

Gangstalking, targeted individuals, government harassment, torture, evil


20 Oct 2021