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GRABS Podcast: Grant Schwalbe and Justin McWilliams bringing you the stories of the victim rescues being made all over the country.

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GRABS Podcast: Grant Schwalbe and Justin McWilliams bringing you the stories of the victim rescues being made all over the country.

Grabs 64, Clearview Fire & Emergency Services (Canada) (July 14, 2017)

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64-Tuker Payment 

Clearview Fire and Emergency Services (Canada)

July 14, 2017

Rural Paid on Call Department

EMS arrived on scene immediately 

2 Story Farmhouse with Child trapped

High Heat and No Visibility 

Bunk Beds

3.5min from arrival to victim out

Child did not survive

Apr 28 2021


Grabs 63: Boise, ID (Jan 15, 2021)

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Boise Fire TK7

January 15, 2021

Severe Hoarding

One Story Working Fire

PD removed one victim prior

3:52 FD arrival

3:53-Second Engine and Truck Arrive

3:57-Assigned Search

4:09-Victim removed

Smoke ceiling to floor

Located with TIC

250-300 lb victim (hair kept getting caught on things)

Moving clutter to make room for victim

Pass off the victim

Apr 21 2021


Grabs 62: Brian Brush-Civilian Rescue Research Project

Apr 15 2021


Grabs 61: Lake Mary, FL (Oct 19, 2019)

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61-Shawn Anastasia 

Lake Mary FD, FL

October 2, 2019

1:03 A Dispatch, 1:09 A Arrival

Apartment Fire (2 story with a loft)

Light haze and odor upon arrival

Kitchen fire-life fire layout, door control

Heat and smoke went up to loft area 

Engine stretch, rescue on search 

Search with hands not tool

Victim found in bathroom 1:14 A

Heavy, Naked victim, slippery

2 person drag, hands and feet 20’-30’

Passed off victim and completed search

People Mover to get victim down the stairs.


Mar 31 2021


Grabs 60: Pearland, TX (Nov 17, 2007)

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60-Jacob Johnson

Pearland FD, TX

Nov 17, 2007

6:15 AM 

Column Showing-2 story

Reading Windows

Confirmed Entrapment 

Zero Visibility 

Large victim, face down

Difficulty Dragging Victim-lifting over step

Communication problems

Using body to shield victim from fire

Handed off first victim and completed search (Falsely reported a second victim)

6-7 min arrival to victim out 

Mar 25 2021


Grabs 59: Fort Myers, FL (2018)

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59-Neil Graham

Fort Myers, FL


No info via 911, on arrival told mom was inside 

Engine Based Search

4 man engine-officer went ahead of the line

Well trained crew and dialed in with skills

Quick Grab <3 min 

Head first drag

Neil-(239) 292-2124

Mar 19 2021


Grabs 58: Fort Myers, FL (January 2005)

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58-Neil Graham 

Fort Myers, FL

Jan 2005

On way to medical and diverted.  Dress on the way.

2 bedroom small house (under 1000SF)

Kitchen Fire

Cops inside trying to help (they find one baby)

Lots of clothes and clutter (hiding victim)

Multiple Victims-Kid under the mom 

Took kid first and came back for mom

Take out the easiest grab first (take the sure thing)

Pass the victim off if you can.  Search team finishes search if possible

Search with your hands

<5 min until victim out

**To record a Grabs Podcast text Grant at 239-898-0843 or


Mar 10 2021


Grabs 57: Escambia County, FL (Jan 28, 2021)

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January 28, 2021

BC Curt Isakson, LT Daniel Mills, FF Jeff Fangman (L12)

955 Disp, 1002 Vict Found, 1004 Victim out

1st 2 rigs out training

Quick Arrival, Fire Showing

L12 assigned VES

Tall Windows, Cluttered Room, Door blocked

*Come off mask up if you’re assigned search and go right to work.

*Send a line to VES points to protect FF’s if needed. Especially if you’re down wind from the fire.

Mar 04 2021


Grabs 56: Anonymous FD, IN (Jan 19, 2013)

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56-Anonymous FD, IN


Jan 19, 2013

3 blocks from station 

Hoarding conditions 

Nothing/Light smoke showing 

Zero viz inside

Confirmed victim inside-son said one of 2 rooms.

She moaned when touched.

300 lb victim


Difficult removal

Girth hitch with webbing

7 min to locate victim, 1 min to extricate

Feb 24 2021


Grabs 55: Richton Park FD, Illinois (Dec 25, 2020)

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55-Bill Kennedy


Richton Park FD, Illinois

Single Family Home with smoke showing

PD and bystanders report victim inside sub grade


Daughter (Walking) and Mother Bed ridden

Both Victims Large

Use of additional companies and stokes basket.

Feb 17 2021


Grabs 54: Sacramento Metro Fire, CA (Dec 26, 2020)

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54-Nathan Hofford

Sacramento Metro Fire

Dec 26, 2020

1 story single family home 1200’

Known Victim BC Bedroom

Hindered access alpha side


Brittle Glass-Room lit off after taking window-Knocked down quickly with hose line.

Lots of clutter

Victim could be heard

Tight path for victim removal

Feb 10 2021


Grabs 53: South Carolina (Dec 2013)

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53-Jason Joannides

South Carolina

Dec 2013

Inaction from first arriving companies

2 story townhouse

Christmas Tree Fire

Dad makes it to kids room-overcome by smoke falls out window

18 month old and 5 year old

Be aggressive

Feb 03 2021


Grabs 52: Bristol, NH (Aug 15, 2020)

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52-Bristol, NH

August 15, 2020

George Clayman

Chris Dolloff

Limited Staffing

12’ by 50’ Mobile Home

Victim Reported by Neighbor

Victim found on bed

Slippery-No clothes

Easy to loose awareness during victim removal

Looking for second victim (That wasn’t inside)

Chief Car set up for worst case scenario-to go in.

Jan 27 2021


Grabs 50: Anonymous (Georgia) (May 2020)

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Guests: Lt. Brian Gregory, Driver Hank Tiller, and Firefighter Clint Carey

Date of rescue: 5.23.20

Dept: NE Georgia FD (metro Atlanta)...guys wish to keep the dept anonymous

Single family dwelling (split entry/bi-level)

Attempted VES

Barricaded civilian

Jan 09 2021


Grabs 49: ELI

Dec 28 2020


Grabs 48: Easton, PA (Dec 5, 2020)

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Easton, Pa

Doug Cochran

Came in as AFA (Multiple Heat detectorsO

No additional calls, no reports of people inside

Screen door and deadbolt locked

Conditions/Heat/Visability got worse once after water was applied (exterior)

Leg drag (120lbs)

Passed off victim to complete search

Searching with hands, not a tool

Dec 21 2020


Grabs 47: St. Catharines, Canada (2017)

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Cody Gillies

New rig (with clean cab) If it happens practice it.

Multiple Ignition Points

Hoarder Conditions

Clothes ripped off

Victim was hanging (attempted suicide)

Dec 17 2020


Grabs 46: East Metro, Co (2020)

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Tom Johnson

East Metro (CO) Fire Department


Apartment complex (center hallway)


Multiple rescues (one primarily discussed in this episode)

Fitness and skill levels were off the charts of the firefighters involved


Fit to Fight Fire website

Fit to Fight Fire Podcast Episode 64 - Your Finest Hour, a roundtable discussion with Tom Johnson, Dan DeJesus, Jack Thompson, and Hunter Hackbarth of this same rescue from multiple different perspectives


Dec 10 2020


Grabs 45: Escambia County, FL (Sept 21, 2020)

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Keith Chapman, Escambia County, FL (Panhandle)

Post Hurricane Conditions-East Lake FD assisting as Strike Team Engine.

1200 Sq ft house

Heavy Smoke and Fire Showing, Door Open, Occupant still on phone with 911

Quick out the door time-Pulse point as the cheat

Fire on the Stove, Semi Hoarding Conditions

Being able to search ahead of the attack line (2 engines arrived together).

Officer leads the way out but cut off from fire-window removal.

Nov 19 2020


Grabs 44: Anonymous (Aug 2017)

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August 2017

3 Story Apartment Building Fire

Searching ahead of the hose for visibility.

Searching with a can

Listen for victim coughing

Dragging without being able to duckwalk (heat-stay low)

Passing off a victim

Knowing the layouts of your buildings. Undress it from the outside.

Nov 09 2020


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Solid brothers doing solid brother things.

By Eric Reygers - Sep 24 2019
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The work that these gentleman do for the fire service is unlike no other. An exceptional podcast and a good companion while fishing. Keep up the solid work, Brothers. Can’t wait to hear more.

Love the count by count situation report

By incognito82 - Sep 03 2019
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Listening to episode 2. I only see in the movie what is happening when the house goes on fire. Really great podcast.