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Pushing Boundaries with Tony Myers

Empowering believers to take the supernatural outside the 4 walls into their daily lives, primarily divine health and the healing power of Christ. Learn how to flow in miracles, signs and wonders effortlessly. Healed from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and author of five books, Tony Myers shares how to live supernaturally through the Holy Spirit.

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"We are on the Verge of a Great Unveiling!" ~Apostle Brian Christian~

Apostle Brian spent years in the deliverence ministry. Then after having a vision of continually shooting himself in the foot, he changed his theology. If you are tired of being exhausted from constantly being in spiritual warfare, this is a must listen to episode.  Father of Glory Global Ministry Website Purchase Apostle Brian's Book


15 Jul 2022

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Shock'em into their healing, Gummy Worms

The gummy worm incident, never heard of it before? Understanding this will help you to acknowledge your own healing. Just repeating the same words every time you speak into someone's life isn't effective ministry. Effective ministry is ministering to them as they are, individuals.  Website Books T Shirts


12 Jul 2022

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"God Dreams in People, You are His Dream"- Christina Perera

Christina at the young age of 7 started talking to God, and He answered her! Listen as she shares her testimony and reveals the heart of God towards all his children. You will not want to miss this interview! Christina's Website Upcoming Books Instagram


8 Jul 2022

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Get Rid of that Checklist of Qualifications for Healing

Put that checklist you have for your healing, in the trash. Get rid of those qualifications for healing that many preachers love to impose. My testimony and many others show a different story than what is being taught. Throw your cares upon the Lord! Website Books Tee Shirts


5 Jul 2022

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"Healing wouldn't work, because I was working!" Jeremiah Klaas

Jeremiah Klaas diagnosed with MS, for over eight years he did everything he could do to get healed. He even saw other people healed. He became angry, spiteful, and frustrated at God. Then he quit and was healed. Learn the secret to having your healing, through his testimony. Jeremiah Website Jeremiah's Books


1 Jul 2022

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Roe VS Wade: A Better Perspective

The Law of sin and death takes advantage of governmental laws. Just as with the Law of Moses, which was set into place to increase sin. So that Grace could abound. We would then all see the need for Jesus. With Roe vs Wade being struck down, we as believers need to understand the law of sin and death. Then we can reach out in love to every person, and with mercy and compassion bring many into the fold. Website Books Merchandise


28 Jun 2022

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Rip the Veil off, experience God's love fully

Love itself is a powerful force, to be reckoned with. A momma bear with her cubs... I dare you to mess with those babies. God is Love, therefore that revelation of his love for us, is what releases the supernatural within us. website Tony's Books Store Front


24 Jun 2022

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Putting our Perception of God to the Test

God is Love Christians love saying it. Is this your true perception of God? Or is that just the God of the New Testament? Let's put our perception of God to the test, using the definition of love as defined by the Apostle Paul.  Website Books Tee Shirts


21 Jun 2022

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The Old Testament reveals man's duplicity, Jesus reveals God Our Heavenly Father

Elijah calling fire down from heaven. The flood destroying most of mankind. Sodom and Gommorrah destroyed, acts of genocide commited. All are acts contributed to God. How should we view these Old Testament stories? How do we show the true nature of God, in light of these stories? In this episode we are going to discuss just that. Website Books TeePublic Store


17 Jun 2022

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Did an angry God demand blood, to be appeased? Penal Substitution a misguided approach to the Gospel

Did Jesus change God's mind about us? We've all heard it. Jesus had to offer himself for our sins, because God demanded Justice. What if His justice isn't punitive, rather restorative? A better way to look at the cross.  Website Tony's Books T-shirts


14 Jun 2022

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