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Chatting with The Experts with Paula Okonneh

Are you a solopreneur, entrepreneur, or small business owner looking to connect with other small business owners ? Are you yearning to know how they became successful at what they do? Then tune into Chatting with Experts podcast as we have all the right answers for you! Here you can listen to successful small business owners like Sonia Stetzler, Bill Franklin, Tesse Akpeki, Leanne Cannon and so many others share tips, advice and strategies on how they built their businesses . Join us on www.ChattingwiththeExperts.com and determine how to become the success that you are.

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056: Kalani Thomas Grow Your Business Coach

The Grow Your Business Coach, Kalani Thomas, works with small businesses to give them the confidence to make decisions that help them grow their business. He does that through anything that has to do with finding, acquiring and keeping revenue. Kalani Thomas has been in sales since 2 days after he turned 14. He has since sold over 150 Million dollars of products and services to businesses all over the country.


23 Feb 2018

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055: Eugenia Cheng - Math in Unexpected Places

Eugenia Cheng is a mathematician and concert pianist. Showcasing Math in Unexpected places is one of her passions as she believes that Math should be a fun project and NOT a Math problem. Transitioning from a "standard academic professor career path" to a "DIY portfolio career” Eugenia is proud of building a freelance career for herself that has no blueprint. She is Scientist In Residence at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and won tenure at the University of Sheffield, UK having previously taught at the universities of Cambridge, Chicago and Nice. Eugenia holds a PhD in pure mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Her first popular maths book "How to Bake Pi" was featured on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and "Beyond Infinity" was shortlisted for the Royal Society Science Book Prize 2017.


31 Jan 2018

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LaShanda Millner-Murphy Professional Style Coach

As a professional style coach, LaShanda Millner- Murphy helps thousands of men and women in the eastern region understand the importance of image and appearance. She helps create their best polished presence. She answers 3 of her frequently asked questions.


16 Jan 2018

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053 : Nora Richardson -What You’re NOT Doing to Attract Clients

Nora D. Richardson, Brand Strategist of Spot-On Branding, operates a successful business where she has been mentioned by the New York Times, worked with big corporations like Kahlua and Northwest Airlines and helps clients daily achieve 6-figure wins. This wasn’t always easy for Nora Richardson. After reaching her American dream by graduating college, she realized that the 9-5 grind was not for her and started her own business.


21 Dec 2017

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052 Stacey Randall - How to get Referrals Without Asking

Helping other business owners to avoid business failure is  what my guest Stacey Brown Randall focuses on. She knows all about this – having had her first business fail. This has made all all the difference with her current business’ success and she is sharing all of her secrets by answering 3 of her frequently asked questions.


8 Dec 2017

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051: JJ DiGeronimo's 3 Top Action-based Strategies For Women's Success

JJ DiGeronimo, president of Tech Savvy Women, is a thought leader for Women in Tech and Girls in STEM. She is now a featured columnist for Smart Business Magazine, where she shares her technology, leadership, inclusion, and retention expertise.


2 Nov 2017

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050 : Lianne Hofer - 3 Best Ways to DeClutter

Clutter Consultant Lianne Hofer shares the top 3 ways to declutter an office, a home or a room.


13 Oct 2017

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049 : Steve Gatter Solopreneurs Q and A

Joining me today is Steve Gatter Mastermind Group Leader for B2B Solopreneurs who answers 3 frequently asked questions about efficient niche marketing strategies for Solopreneurs.


27 Sep 2017

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048 : Petra Mayer's Secrets to Creating Successful eLearning Projects

Petra Mayer joins me to talk about the secrets to creating successful eLearning Projects.


14 Sep 2017

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047 : Ralph Henderson OmniChannel Productions Answers Your Questions

Ralph Henderson of OmniChannel Productions answers the 3 questions he is frequently asked about his business. 


30 Aug 2017

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046: Dawn Nichole - Tips from the Business Growth Expert

Dawn Nicole Secret Sauce Strategist & Chief GrowGetter gives tips on how to expand your business. She answers 3 questions that she is frequently asked.


6 Apr 2017

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Sonja Stetzler - It's All About Your Audience

Communication Expert Sonja Stetzler says " It's All About Your Audience " She says you have to give them what they want. To find out more call us 704-965-5010 and  visit  us on the web -

21 Mar 2017

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045: Sonja Stetzler - How to Become an Expert Speaker

Speaking and Communications coach, Sonja Stetzler , answers the top 3 frequently asked questions she gets asked. Sonja is the CEO and founder of Effective Coaching .


21 Mar 2017

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044: Grant Kantsios - The SEO Expert

My guest, Grant Kantsios has been working in the web and digital marketing space for over 6 years. He has worked in a number of industries and focuses on helping companies improve their organic website traffic.


2 Feb 2017

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043: Empowering the Future GenHERations

Kathlyn Grasso recently joined me on Chatting with the Experts to talk about  her passion and joy of  empowering young girls to become the leaders of tomorrow by connecting them with  female executives who could serve as their role models. Kathlyn Grasso –the founder and CEO of GenHeration an interactive media company for young women that provides high school and college students with access to career exploration, female executives, skill-building activities, and scholarships.


1 Aug 2016

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042 : How Social Entrepreneurship Works! An Architect's Journey.

Her passion became a reality . Hear how Chinwe Ohajuruka works trans continentally to create sustainable green houses for low income families in Nigeria and how she won the prestigious Cartier Award.


8 Jun 2016

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041 : Secrets on Protecting Your Data - Dat-A-Syst

Chad Gammons, Senior Technical Support Engineer for Dat-A-Syst LLC, joined me on today's podcast. Topics we discussed include: Why Data Management  is so important. What are some ways to organize your data. What would happen if you never organized all of your data.


13 May 2016

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040 : Cybersecurity, CMIT South Charlotte & Emory Simmons

Emory Simmons, President, CMIT Solutions of South Charlotte joined me on this week’s podcast. Together with his team of expert information technology professionals, Emory provides clients in healthcare, professional services, engineering, construction, and manufacturing with completely managed information technology solutions.


20 Apr 2016

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039 : Women in Tech in Charlotte

Technology continues to advance and evolve yet there is a noticeable lack of women in tech jobs. In this roundtable discussion, Paula Okonneh host of Chatting with the Experts,  Betsy Hauser Idilbi of Tech Talent South,  Caitlin Sellers of Caitlin Sellers Agency, and Dr Sharon Jones of CPCC will explore how education and professional development can help businesses involve women in the advancement of technology .


1 Apr 2016

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038: Mark Decherd - Charlotte Real Estate & Tenant Representation

Mark Decherd, VP of CBRE in Charlotte NC primarily serves local small-cap and mid-cap companies in developing and executing real estate solutions specifically designed to profit their businesses. Specializing in tenant representation, his services also include  lease and lease renewal negotiations, site selections, asset acquisitions/dispositions, lease analysis, and multi-market transactions.


9 Mar 2016

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