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Songs For When... the playlist podcast designed to help you find the perfect songs for every mood, feeling or setting. Join George and Em as they take you through their picks for each weeks playlist theme, discuss their favourite TV binges, and generally have a camp old time. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @songsforwhenpodFind Season 1 here - https://open.spotify.com/show/34ajSr39W3JEuJNsbNBKyBFind all our playlists on Spotify -  https://open.spotify.com/user/5j7lo37x0eh0ngp1imic9b1qi

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It's Eurovision and the Jubilee at Roughly the Same Time So Why Not

Can we combine these two events? Yes we most certainly can. Please enjoy as we do a mashup to celebrate two great British institutions.


24 May 2022

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You're Turning 30 - A Celebration of the Year 1992

The greatest year in the history of the planet. Because George and Em were born. Join us as we explore 1992, a year wikipedia claimed was really bad for music. I have to say we disagree, listen and find out why.


26 Apr 2022

Rank #2

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S3 Ep10: You're Going to Disneyland Paris in 4 Days And Everyone Needs To Share In Your Excitement

This has been in the making for so long but we're finally bringing you a Disney episode of Songs For When! It is purely based on our self indulgence but please enjoy, and please be hugely jealous of our first holiday in about 2 years. We love you all and thanks for listening.


16 Mar 2022

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S3: You've Got A Lot of Great Content on The Cutting Room Floor That The People Deserve To Hear

IT'S SONGS FOR WHEN THE OUTTAKES That's right, we are coming at you with some of our favourite moments with some of our favourite people that never made it to the edit.  When your content is as good as ours this is bound to happen...


9 Mar 2022

Rank #4

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S3 Ep9: You and Your Friend Are Planning on Turning Star Wars A New Hope Into a Jukebox Musical

A long time a go in a galaxy far far away... Em and George were obsessed with both stars and musicals. So like a modern musical they thought they'd make a mash-up, and here we are. Star Wars, a Jukebox Musical


2 Mar 2022

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S3 Ep8: American Idol is Back Soon So You're Celebrating Iconic Talent Show Losers

Some Losers are worth mentioning, and some aren't. This episode is all about those ones that are! From X Factor and Fame Academy, all the way across the pond to American Idol, George and Em hope they'll be able to bring some nostalgia to your week with this talent show losers special. Also it's our birthday, we are 1 today. ONE WHOLE YEAR OF SONGS FOR WHEN. Who let us do this?


23 Feb 2022

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S3 Ep7: You and Your Friends From Verse Chorus Verse Are Appreciating The Best Music Videos Of All Time

Even more so than usual, the title says it all! Today Em and George are joined by DL and Rachel from Verse Chorus Verse to chat all things music videos, and not just any music videos, the best music videos. Of all time. Do you agree with us? Give it a listen and let us know!

1hr 1min

16 Feb 2022

Rank #7

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S3 Ep6: You Honestly Couldn't Give A Fuck About Valentine's Day

This episode George and Em are collating songs for all those people out there that are not about celebrating Valentine's Day. Whatever the reason, we support you, we get you, we back you one hundred.


9 Feb 2022

Rank #8

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S3 Ep5: There's Always Been Competition Between Steps and S Club and It's Finally Time To Pick A Winner

So we know how much George loves Steps, but did we know how much Em loves S Club 7? Well you're about to find out. With the help of their unbiased best friend James the guys pit the 2 biggest mixed gender pop groups of the late nineties and early noughties against each other to determine, who will come out on top. Tune in to find out.


2 Feb 2022

Rank #9

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S3 Ep4: You're In The Mood For Some Literal Lyrical Storytelling Part 3

Do we really need to explain this one? WE'RE BACK WITH A CLASSIC. And we've got plenty more in us. Get your cuppa and settle down for some stories set to music.


26 Jan 2022

Rank #10