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A happy nervous system is a happy life! This is a mental health podcast that provides education around topics we all wish we had in college. You will learn about the wisdom of your body, how to reduce stress, and how to create a life that aligns with the unique needs of YOUR nervous system. We talk about WHY techniques in therapy, relationships, and parenting fall short and what you need to be focusing on instead. Get ready to dive into topics related to the Polyvagal theory, interoception, somatic psychotherapy, and the body budget. Follow us on Instagram @happynervoussystem to stay up to date on exciting news and releases! www.happynervoussystem.com

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Episode 36: What is work-life balance anyway?

Is having a “work-life balance” possible? What does it even mean? In this episode, I debunk what this phrase means and share what we should really be focusing on- having a nervous system balance. I share some questions to ask yourself about areas in your life that may be draining your nervous system battery and how to make changes in your life that will lead to a happier nervous system (and more balance!) 


19 Apr 2022

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Episode 35: The Power of Cooldowns and Why They Aren’t Just for Working Out!

Cooldowns are not just for working out! Anytime our body goes through stress, it’s very important we provide it with a “cool down” so that it can return to a state of safety. If we do not have a conscious practice of helping our body feel safe after an activating activity (a party, a talk, a spin class) our brain will remember that event as threatening and we will lose motivation to repeat it in the future. Our Instagram name has changed! Give us a follow @happynervoussystem 


29 Mar 2022

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Episode 34: Are you Really Breathing? Important Lessons from a Breathwork Coach with Zach Campa

In today’s episode, I interview Zach Campa who is a certified breathwork and meditation facilitator. Zach brings a very interesting science-based approach to healing and shares great tips on how to incorporate more purposeful breathing into your life. We discuss why it’s important to be conscious, how to do inner work, and how to show up as a conscious, accountable romantic partner. Get ready to learn about your nervous system and attract your dream life!Zach can be found at:Instagram: @breathewithzachFacebook: Zach Campa (Add him to join his Facebook group for free meditations!) 


22 Mar 2022

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Episode 33: Periods, Pelvic Healthcare, and Sex with Brittney Ellers

Dr. Brittney Ellers is a holistic women’s healthcare specialist and has a very unique background and specialized training in women’s health. She is a holistic pelvic physical therapist, yoga teacher, women’s health educator, thought leader and visionary advocate. She centers accessible education and open, honest conversation for more purposeful and embodied living for every human being. In today’s episode, we cover period health, birth control, cycle syncing, and how to have embodied sex! Brittney is a pioneer in women’s healthcare as she teaches the very important topics of body literacy. We cover pelvic floor therapy, why it matters, and how to get in touch with yourself, your body, and your pelvis. We also dive into pleasureful sex, the importance of chakra energy, trauma, and how bodywork is backed by science. Brittney can be found at: Instagram: @b.ellersWebsite: www.wearebeingbetter.com


15 Mar 2022

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Episode 32: When “Healthy Living” can Backfire

It’s no secret that living a healthy lifestyle is incredibely important. Thanks to modern science we are learning new hacks and habits every single day that can add years to our lives and help our physical health greatly improve. But is there a cost to “healthy living?” In this episode, I discuss the importance of the social engagement system and why we should be careful not to set healthy habits or biohacking as a higher priority than relationships. If you are into optimizing your mental and physical health, this episode is for you! 


1 Mar 2022

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Episode 31: Men’s Hormone Health 101 with Dr. Justin Houman

Today we have a Men’s health expert on the show to share his knowledge on the male body. Dr. Houman is an expert on many topics including vasectomy reversals, sperm retrievals, penile implants, and male incontinence. We talk about the important role of testosterone, what it does in the body, and signs that your testosterone is out of balance. Dr. Houman leaves the listeners with a few lifestyle tips on how to maintain healthy hormone levels as you age.Dr. Houman can be found at the following links: Instagram: Justin.Houman.MDTwitter: @JustinHoumanMDYouTube: https://www.youtube.com/jhoumanFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/LAMensHealth/TikTok: @justin.houman.md


15 Feb 2022

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Episode 30: Are you listening to your symptoms?

I am a firm believer that physical health is mental health. When we listen to the physical symptoms and sensations of our body it directly improves and affects our mental well-being! In today’s episode I walk through a short practice you can do at home to help improve your interoceptive awareness (or your ability to notice sensation from the inside of your body.) Validating our own symptoms and listening to their wisdom is very important and I share a few studies that back this up. Enjoy! 


1 Feb 2022

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Episode 29: How to Know What Advice to Listen to for YOUR Body

Professionals and experts are important. But when they give us advice or an opinion that simply doesn’t work for our body.. Progress is the last thing we will make! In this episode, I review some surprising research on the human body and how to make sure you are working with your body and not against it. At the end of the episode, I provide three strategies you can implement before working with a professional to make sure you take the advice that works for you and leave the rest behind.  


18 Jan 2022

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Episode 28: How to start 2022 with a Happy Nervous System

 Happy New Year from the Happy Nervous System team! This episode was created to give you a boost into this new year. I provide you with a very simple yet profound technique you can practice that will help you regulate your nervous system and reduce your need to control people and outcomes in your life. Happy nervous system, happy life! 


4 Jan 2022

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Episode 27: 24 Hour Social Media Detox Challenge

Do you ever wonder if you are addicted to checking your phone? It's frightening to think how the brain becomes powerfully conditioned to scroll social media or check our inbox (especially when our body is craving rest!) If you are ready to slow down and be intentional this holiday season I welcome you to this mini-challenge that will help boost interoceptive awarness and leave you feeling more peace and presence.  


21 Dec 2021

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