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There’s no secret that we are living in a time when/where socializing has become an influx of LIKES, FOLLOWS, and REALITY shows…..the trouble with this new age socializing craze is most of us feel like we don’t measure up, causing feelings of shame, defeat, or low self-esteem or we succumb and hide behind the filters, fabricate stories, and lose ourselves while trying to “stay relevant”. SOULed OUT with Shaudrey Chapman wants to help you live YOUR best life by providing a safe, judge-free, and entertaining platform to share your personal experiences with others who are “going through it” too. Shaudrey’s calling is to serve and uplift others and she believes that experience is the best teacher. Opening herself up to others about her own trials, setbacks, heartbreaks, fears, and trauma, has been a way to help others see that they aren’t alone. Sharing her belief in GOD, the power of prayer, personal testimonies is Shaudrey’s way of spreading GOD’s love to those who may or may not know HIM. She also has a way of LOVING on you unlike anyone else because she firmly believes that compassionate hearts and LOVE are the roots to healing the world. This show is sure to bless your LIFE with laughter, positive energy, LOVE, resources, encouragement, while incorporating the REAL in reality. So, be sure to tune in to BLIS.FM to be a part of Shaudrey’s life changing SOULed Out show.

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