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Join me every Wednesday as I throw wedding wisdom around like confetti. I am Kristen Werner here to chat about the messy and the fun parts of rocking your journey from Miss to Mrs where I help turn your planning from overwhelming to in control!Each week I share wedding tips for you to learn and grow maybe you're looking for a unique location where they can do more yourself so I want you to feel comfortable and confident in planning for that. This podcast is for Brides that don’t want to take this ride too seriously but learn and laugh in the process of planning their day!

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Ep 15. Plan to Wed, sharing my story

Well here we are Episode 15 and I thought it was high time that I told you why the f**k I started a podcast about weddings. It’s a saturated market place and quite frankly a confusing, overwhelming and often unrealistic one. Tell me you don’t scroll Pinterest and think ‘well this is great but my budget isn’t 60k and I don't have the budget for a planner so how the f**k am I going to make this wedding day happen.’ Well, I have dropped my guard to share my story and introduce you to something I have been creating, just for you! In my journey I was made redundant 2 months before my wedding, I was employed to do a new role that took so much more time and energy from me and I was a few months from my wedding day; and I was the bride that wanted to be the planner. Call me a control freak or call me a dreamer, but I wanted the job that my venue coordinator had, not the job I did everyday….so my life was always weirdly and wildly leading me here. So gorgeous girl I know what it’s like to want to be the planner but also know what it would have meant to have the f**ken plan! I wanted more than anything to plan my wedding (and I did) but I was pulling all the pieces together, getting all the freebies, being scrappy and chaotic to make the plan, to create the foundation, the spreadsheets, the ideas, the lists, the vision boards and the designs. I wasn’t into the crisp white planner book. That wasn't me. I wished it was but I needed spreadsheets, lists in tables, colour coordination and a vision board to work towards. So cut this story short (it’s all in the podcast) after creating working documents that plan the weddings for my couples at our venue Werner Vineyard I thought why the heck don’t I use what I do best and create a PLAN TO WED...a plan that has tools, a community, a self paced program to help you lay the foundation of your wedding. This week I am taking you down the path of how I got here, what it’s all about and why I want to help you on this crazy and awesome journey. I hope you enjoy and i’ll see you on the socials or in the private FB group xx Join the Plan To Wed WAIT LIST Love Kristen 


20 Jul 2021

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Ep 14. Gift Registry, wishing well, what to write on the invitation!

This week on the Podcast I am answering one of your questions - What do I write on the invitation about a gift registry or with well?  Tune in for a few ideas about what you can write, what you could ask for and how to NOT feel uncomfortable about the whole dang thing. Here's the thing, people will bring something, so guide them to what you would like, what your dreaming of buying or what you might do with the wishing well.  I have created a FREE google doc you can Download right here that will be a quick win full of ideas and suggestion that you can use on your invitation. My advice, go with you gut feeling and say it with love.  Ok, let's go Also join us in the Private Facebook Group for more secret tips and advice. Love Kristen xx 


13 Jul 2021

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Ep. 13 How do I fall in love with my wedding again?

Hello gorgeous souls, this week on the wedding podcast I am talking to you about taking the pressure off how you think you should feel. Brene Brown puts it so well when she says ‘we need to feel what we are feeling, but we’ve also got to move forward and through it.’ So in this Episode we are going to feel the feels. We’re going to allow ourselves to have a moment of whatever we need to feel so we can clear some space for taking positive steps forward, resetting ourselves and working towards falling back in love with planning a wedding. I am not here to sugar coat how you can 'just' reschedule your wedding after a COVID postponement or maybe you're feeling crazy as you re plan the seating chart after people didn’t rsvp on time & now they have.  In this episode I talk to you about how you can take a look at your day in a new light and fall back in love with a day that will forever be a beautiful and memorable chapter in your life. So here's an idea, go for a walk, get outside and listen to this one. Let the good vibes flow and know that girl YOU GOT THIS!!!! Love Kristen xx As always come join us in the private Facebook group and I would LOVE you to leave a review of the podcast, it would mean the world to me! If you're looking for some help planning and are after a guide this FREE planner is super helpful so grab it now. xx


6 Jul 2021

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Ep 12. What does an MC even do?

This week on the podcast I want to clear up all the confusion around wtf and MC does, who should they be, what they will do and is their role that important to your day? It's time to sort that ALL out right now! #letsgo Your MC will help to unfold your day's run sheet. They are there to be a warm and friendly guide for you guests whilst overlooking and running the main moments of your reception. Your guests will like knowing what is happening and when, so your MC will play a role in outlining that and should be a confident communicator and enjoy the mic a little! You have options and should choose someone you love and trust. It’s an important role on your day so grab the Free MC plan here and see what you and the MC can expect to do on the day. Are you in need of a Run Sheet? Here you go, use this as a guide.  Come join me in the Private Facebook Group where we talk more on all these topics and cheer you on whilst you planning your day.  Ok talk soon, Kristen xx


29 Jun 2021

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Ep 11. Pt Two of How to Kickstart you Wedding Planning

Welcome to part two of my 5 Steps to Kick Starting your Wedding planning. If you have just joined me WELCOME, i’m excited you’re here let me catch you up. Last weeks episode was the first 3 steps in my path to getting wedding planning ready! I highly recommend you jumping back to Ep 10 for a  listen. However, you're here now so grab this FREE downloadable and let me catch you up! This week we are going to unpack the Big Bad B word...BUDGET! This week is your week to put time aside and get clear on how much you want to spend. Certainly get an idea of how much a wedding is going to cost BUT the most important thing is deciding how much you can afford and are willing to spend. Here’s the thing...there is no right and wrong on budget, no clear figure that a wedding will cost. So you do need to decide what you want to spend! This week I take you through the areas to consider, you need to research and get clear on certain areas. This will help you find some rough figures so you can get a wedding budget that is between X & Y. This then allows you to get clear on the venue and location that you are comfortable with, within your chosen budget. I've done you a cheeky budget infographic that I know will help get you get clear on were you need to focus your ideas and energy on. Then we round it all up with the questions you can ask your venue. There are some great questions to ask so you leave feeling informed and ready to make a pros and cons list so you CAN BOOK IT IN!  Then make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and join me in the Private Facebook page so you don’t miss next week where I continue to help you plan your wedding cutting confession and creating action! Ok, let’s do this! Kristen xx


22 Jun 2021

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Ep 10. Pt One of How to Kickstart Your Wedding Planning

Today I have a super exciting episode for you! If you are just starting off in your wedding planning, wondering where the heck to start or if you're part way through and you're feeling lost on the style, budget or venue. This is a two part episode where over the next two weeks I will walk you through my 5 Steps to Kickstarting your wedding planning. What does that even mean? So glad you asked… It means that this week I will be unpacking and untangling the question of 'where do I start...' by provided a clear and simple plan to get you wedding ready. So after these two weeks I promise you will be ready to look, book and sign up for the perfect venue that ticks all the boxes for you! This week we walk through your Non-Negotables, your set up and guest numbers, the style and location. Getting these right is your starting block. There is no point deciding on your budget when you don’t know how many guests or what type of wedding you will have. So grab the FREE downloadable right here and start working through your 5 Steps to Kick Starting your Planning.  Then make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the podcast so you don’t miss next week where we tick the budget box and talk about questions you can ask your venue! Also, come join me in the Private Facebook page for more great tips and good company! Ok, let’s do this! Kristen xx


15 Jun 2021

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Ep. 09 - Unique ideas on how to make your day more personal to you.

Today’s podcast is all about owning you and your ideas for your wedding day! I talk to lots of brides who ask me, can I do this or that and would this be ok? My answer is usually always does it mean something to you guys? And when the answer is yes then I always say find a way to include it. Doing your wedding your way is a perfect plan to share your story. This is a chapter in your book. That little thing called the life book, that you’re the star in! Write the pages so they celebrate you. Choose moments that shine a light and share your story with your guests. In this episode I hope to empower you with the confidence to do the things that maybe you were questioning and thinking, ‘it’s my wedding day can I really include that?’ If it feels right to you then yes, please include it. From who walks you down the aisle to what your tables are named the ideas are endless, this is the podcast to cheer you on in celebrating your unique love story. Enjoy gorgeous. Ps Are you newly engaged? Please grab my FREE 5 steps to starting workbook. It will legit take you from where the hell do I start to having your top venues ready to view all whilst feeling comfortable in your budget and clear on your vision. Catch you next week or jump into the Facebook group and let's keep chatting.  Cheers Kristen xx


8 Jun 2021

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Ep 08. Can I tell you something? Can I be honest with you?

This week I am going to take you on a journey, back to the day where hanging out the washing totally changed the way I wanted to do things around here. It kicked me in the butt and it shone a light on what I really wanted to create for you! I need to be a little self indulgent for a second, because this week I stumbled across where this all started. Now for you being 8 episodes in might be like...this has only just started. Why are you going back already Kristen? Well I don’t feel like I have introduced myself properly and that’s not how I roll. I jumped into podcasting with two feet and eyes shut. Am I still learning? HELL YES, why do you think I haven’t had a guest on for you yet? (I need to figure that out!) but just like Marie Forleo’s book states ‘Everything is Figureoutable,’  and for me that is a statement I live by.  Anyway...as I was hanging the washing out that day, totally overwhelmed with #mumlife, house renos, entrepreneurship and life. It felt like I was on a wheel that was going nowhere and I wanted to jump off and make a clear mark somewhere. As usual I has a podcast in one ear, a full load of washing to hang and toddlers at my feet, then all of a sudden Jasmine Star a truly inspirational and wonderfully to the point women said ‘just start that thing, start the podcast, write the blog don’t wait for that time you think is right, it never will be, the time is right, right now….’  She went on to say, ‘creating content is not a burden but a gift,’ those words as an entrepreneur rang in my ears because creating content can feel heavy, it’s exhausting and somedays it feels like no one gives a shit so why should I bother! But it’s a gift I was born with and a desire that drives me.  So with that I legit dropped the washing basket, ran inside, popped the kids with the TV and with headphones and my phone hit record.This is the exact recording that I made. No editing, no change, just me, my truth and my passion for helping women own who they are and create moments that will last as memories forever.  I am not your ‘normal’ wedding planner, I never will be and that’s ok with me. I am someone who has learned, evolved and constantly needs to inspire people to look at the bright side, be who they are and achieve great things.  My word this year is FOCUS and it’s the first time I have indulged in a ‘word’ of the year. Because it’s the first time I feel like I am where I am meant to be. The Secret Brides Club is more than a space to learn about wedding planning, get and clear on your ideas, it's a place to get to know you, what you are capable of and how you can be the best version of you. I have so much to come just for you, so I want you to know I appreciate you being here and I can’t wait to keep inspiring you. Thank you for letting me take a moment to share myself with you. This is the start of something really cool and I am thrilled you are here for the ride! Newly Engaged? Grab this now! Love Kristen 


1 Jun 2021

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Ep 07. Ready, Set, Run Sheet.

Ready, Set, Run Sheet! Don’t imagine your run sheet as something that is set in concrete and can not change! You want to imagine it as a comfort blanket, you know a soft blanket, your safe space. It is the sheet that tells you what’s happening, when and with who. This way you can use it to guide your day, not control it. Because stuff happens, things go wrong so the run sheet is a guide to get you back on track or keep you moving.  Think about roughly what time you want to start - consider what time the sun is going to set (so you can get maximum photos and good sunset ones) then work back from the ‘last formality’ if you want to call it that!  Why? Because it gives you the ability to move your start time if needed and know that you have time at the end of the night for dancing and getting your party on! It’s a BIG day you want to maximise all the magic where you can. So work backwards from the last formal thing on your lists, know what time to sun goes down to make sure you get the ‘money’ shot the perfect sunset photo of you both. Then move and shift the times around as you need.  Grab your FREE google doc spreadsheet here, where I have done all the hard work for you and created a wedding day run sheet you can start using right now.  Please SUBSCRIBE to the podcast and leave me a cheeky review, I’d love to hear from you and I’ll chat to you next week!  Cheers Kristen 


25 May 2021

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Ep 6. Can Do Attitude

This week I am clapping you up for being the fierce go-getter that you are my gorgeous soul. I am chatting to you about how you can do a little do it yourself  on your wedding lead up, to get in, get creative and enjoy the process but in doing so I hope this chat reminds you that you also need to protect your can do attitude. I want to celebrate that side of you but I also wanna be the Mumma bear who gently reminds you that you need to look after yourself as well. Tell me this...have you ever said to yourself,  oh i'll do that, it will be cheaper and easier if I do? Well if you have then this is the episode for YOU!  I can’t tell you the amount of times I have said...oh I can do that. It’s easy I’ll have heaps of time (insert me at 2am still painting the thing to the next day!) I am talking about finding the energy to make it happen and looking into the reality. I know it’s possible to do it all but it often comes at a cost. And for your wedding day that cost can be significant, it can be health, stress, financial overload and burn out. So walk with me on the Bride side this week as I chat to you about what you can do, what you’re capable of doing and want it’s ok to ask for help or outsource. There is no right and wrong it’s all about protecting your energy and health here! Choose the thing(s) you love and do that bloody well. Do it early and make sure you have it under control in your timeline. But my message for you this week is if someone offers to help and you feel comfortable with that, then say yes. People don’t offer if they don’t want to help. Asking for help or saying yes to help is not a weakness, it's a huge positive to your personality.  So settle in and listen to how you can achieve what you want, how to dabble and cheer on your creative self and also be in control of your health and wellness by not overloading your plate! I also promised I would leave with a Mood + Vision board to help you plan out your vision, this gives you something to work from or and over to a on the day stylist or someone helping to make your day come to life!  Ok gorgeous, enjoy this weeks chat and I’ll talk to you next week.  Please hit SUBSCRIBE to my podcast so I can help cheer you on each and every week.   Love Kristen 


18 May 2021

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