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Welcome to the Blockchain Decrypted podcast, where we explore the fascinating world of blockchain technology! We interview experts covering everything from investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain, to blockchain programming, and so much more. Whether it's bitcoin or etherium, the blockchain ledger, or just investment in these growing technologies, it's fair game!

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Ethereum, Bitcoin & the Future of Crypto with Peter McCormack: Ep 06

Welcome to another episode of the Blockchain Decrypted podcast! For this episode our guest is Peter McCormack. In addition to being a podcaster, Peter has expertise in the world of Ethereum and bitcoin. We'll discuss the uses bitcoin has and what exactly bitcoin is. Peter's answer is fascinating, be sure you check it out! We also go a bit in-depth on the lightning network and other technologies, along with why Peter is a little bearish on most non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies. Peter's expertise is extremely welcome on the podcast. Listen in as he discusses the uses and technology behind some very popular cryptocurrencies. Find out more by visiting our show notes at: https://blockchaindecrypted.com/podcast


17 May 2019

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