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Spies! War! Cut-throat and/or Cocktail Diplomacy! States and others jockeying for power, historically, today, and tomorrow! This is just the tip of the iceberg that is ‘International Affairs’, and even this definition is hotly contested. We tackle these issues and more with the Right of Reply podcast!  / Currently in Season 8 (2021-2022), Right of Reply looks to make international affairs digestible and fun, from a student perspective. However, we can’t achieve our mission without an engaged community. Don't tell our bosses, but you the listener are the true shot-caller. This content is for you! So we need you to tell us what you want from ROR, the stuff that rocks, stinks, and what should be tossed with the kitchen sink! Send us your ideas and/or feedback HERE: https://forms.gle/ktxSW5S7WXJSgKvh9 . Should we do call-ins? How else can we get you guys involved? Let us know! / Also... calling all cool people! Check out our Facebook and Instagram @rightofreply ! / Our Mission: Through podcasts, videos, and social media, we educate the Queen’s community on international affairs (IA) issues, engage and develop a Queen’s community of passionate, involved, and informed global citizens, and provide experiences for the Queen’s community to realize their interests in the IA field.  / If we reach beyond Queen's - BONUS! /The Queen's International Affairs Association, or QIAA (pronounced KEY-AH),  is one of the largest and oldest clubs at Queen’s University! An esteemed yet dynamic organization, QIAA looks to promote a better understanding of international affairs among all Queen's students. Become a member over at: qiaa.org 

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Episode 4: Episode 4: What's Going On

Right of Reply is back with another world news brief. From cannabis in Germany, to North Korea, Ethiopia and the Winter Olympics, Zander and Jacob let you know what's being going on in international affairs as of late. 


26 Jan 2022

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Episode 3: Right of Reply x The Observer: Discussing Aukus with Professor Nailin Bu

Right of Reply is back in 2022 with this collaboration with Queen' International Affairs Association student-run academic journal, The Observer. In this episode, student journalist Aimee Look discusses AUKUS, the security pact between Australia, the UK, and the United States. Aimee interviews Professor Nailin Bu, and they discuss the pact's and its correction to China's presence in the international sphere. Zander and Jacob are incredibly excited for listeners to rejoin us this new year with this exciting collaboration! 


10 Jan 2022

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Episode 2: Jungle Diplomacy

Right of Reply is back with episode 2 of the 2021-2022 season! This episode, hosts Zander and Jacob have fellow Queen's student Colby Rogers join them as they discuss the interesting ways animals have been used in issues of international affairs and politics. From the use of animals as gifts for diplomatic purposes to a famous picture of Putin, Merkel and a canine, join us in this conversation on how animals play a role in world politics. 


22 Nov 2021

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Episode 1: What's Going On?! - A Short & Sweet World News Brief - Right of Reply

Welcome to the 2021-2022 reincarnation of Right of Reply, a podcast under the Queen's International Affairs Association at Queen's University. Right of Reply produces episodes about all things international affairs — from the world's most pressing stories to more unheard of issues going on in the global community.In this episode, new co-hosts Zander and Jacob introduce Right of Reply for the 2021-22 academic year and discuss recent world events, from the death of Colin Powell to the Pandora Papers and even some Squid Game analysis from the U.S. State Department. Follow us @rightofreply to keep up!


9 Nov 2021

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Episode 46: International Feminist Movements


30 Mar 2019

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Episode 45: Engaging with Ethics: Biological Sciences and Political Philosophies


26 Jan 2019

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Episode 44: Episode 44


21 Dec 2018

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Managing Populism: An interview with Dr. Robert Imre


21 Dec 2018

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War, Foreign Policy, and Emerging Technology

Todays episode features Dr.Breede, where we talk about war, technology, foreign policy and its consequences.


29 Nov 2018

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Cultural Appropriation

In this episode of Right of Reply, Tanisha, Bibi and Nirmit discuss cultural appropriation and appreciation. This episodes special guest is Thar!


27 Oct 2018

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