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When you’re in the media trading business, your clients comprise a wide range of senior executives. In the Evergreen Trading Podcast, we’ll be speaking to business leaders with something notable to add to the conversation involving Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Procurement, and operations.

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The ProcureCon Marketing episode

Evergreen Trading recently attended and sponsored the ProcureCon Marketing conference in Austin Texas. We thought it would be fun to interview attendees and ask about their views on the conference and on the state of marketing procurement. We were fortunate to find some very smart people who had great things to say about media, careers in Procurement, the relationship between Marketing and Procurement, and even some wisdom on interpersonal relationships. The individuals with whom we spoke were: Steve Dubroff – Strategic and Innovative Procurement, Sourcing and Supply Chain Management for Hilton HotelsAntonio Humphreys – Senior Global Procure to Pay Manager for AdobeStacy Joslin – Senior Global Business Partner of Marketing, Procurement Director for Intercontinental Hotels GroupBarry Brooks – Procurement Category Manager for Best BuyJose Molina – Manager of Corporate Procurement for Constellation BrandsEllen Castro – Chief energizing officer for EllenCastro.com


25 Nov 2019

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Podcast with Brett Colbert

As ProcureCon Marketing approaches, we thought it would be perfect timing to talk to one of the pioneers of Marketing sourcing, Brett Colbert. The topic on which Brett and I spoke was the relationship between Marketing and Procurement/Sourcing. When I asked Brett for the name for the topic, he wrote back, “Marketing and Strategic Sourcing: Are we friends yet?” As someone who has enjoyed a remarkable career in both Marketing and later, in Procurement, Brett shared his unique perspective on how these two seemingly distant corporate disciplines can not only coexist but thrive as a partnership. One of the more insightful moments of the podcast was when Brett explained what Marketing can learn from Sourcing, and then what Sourcing can learn from Marketing.


5 Nov 2019

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Podcast with Brad Adgate

Brade Adgate is a smart and engaging personality in the world of media. He’s spent a career and earned a national reputation working on both the agency and vendor side of the media business. CNN, FOX, Forbes, and others consider him to be an authority for his opinions and prognostications on topics such as media measurement, strategy, and research. But it was for his keen knowledge of politics and political media that we recorded a podcast. With 2020 ahead and the savage political war that will be fought within the media, advertisers beware. If you haven’t yet bought all of your 2020 media, you may learn a few things from Brad that may help you acquire the media you need and do so on budget.


19 Oct 2019

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Podcast with Tim Pulido

With the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference coming up next month in Las Vegas, we wanted to produce a podcast with a restaurant industry expert. The first name to come to mind was long-time industry expert Tim Pulido. Tim began his career in brand marketing, moving up quickly to general management and concept leadership in the restaurant space. He spent 20 years at PepsiCo, then McDonalds, and several other notable chains. Tim presently is the Strategic Operating Partner with Corlex Capital, a private equity firm investing in the restaurant sector. Tim spoke to us about the state of the restaurant industry and the industry’s challenge to create real customer traffic growth. His insight and opinions on everything from reasons for the sector’s decline to his five point action plan for excellence to his thoughts and suggestions around third party delivery should be heard by anyone seriously involved in the industry.


10 Oct 2019

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Podcast with Steve Sommers

In this episode of the Evergreen Trading Podcast, I interviewed marketing executive Steve Sommers. Steve and I spoke about the transition of the traditional CMO role to that of the Chief Growth Officer. Much of this transition is due to the ubiquity of data and digital measurement. According to Steve, today’s CMO is responsible for much more than the traditional oversight of the brand. They are now largely responsible for the growth of the company and an unprecedented oversight of the myriad of components that contribute to that growth.


1 Oct 2019

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Podcast with Scott Neslund

We spoke to Scott Neslund about the transition of Brand Marketer to Brand Media Investor. Basically, it revolves around the concept of brand clients making investment decision with the media budget vs just spending the budget. Scott talks about the transition of brand marketers to the various new roles they must play in the digital world in which we now live. Brand marketers used to be able to manage the visual aspects of the brand and oversee the advertising in the few channels they used. They had the experience and those were the responsibilities for which they were trained. Now, marketing oversees not just the traditional advertising, but social advertising and organic social posts and strategies. They may manage multiple apps, website content, and terabytes of data. But this is far more than they may have trained for. How does today’s brand marketer lead these initiatives and produce the results sufficient to succeed in their career?


18 Sep 2019

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