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E044: The Leadership of You with Alan Andersen

When was the last time you had a conversation with someone who shared how grateful they were to get fired? That is the very view of Alan Andersen, leadership coach and partner of Shandel (pr: Shawn-Dell) Group. Alan states that next to faith and family, foreclosure on his first home and being fired from a “dream” job were the best things that happened to him. Learning from past mistakes is just one of the many experiences that impact his method for engaging, empowering, and equipping his clients to transform and thrive. Thanks for listening! Subscribe:   http://thecareercue.com/follow Book Club:  http://thecareercue.com/grow Newsletter: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


6 Apr 2017

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Managing the Career Crossroads with Federica Ambrogi

At a fork in the road of your career? Federica Ambrogi shares keys to a successful career change.


24 Aug 2017

Rank #2

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E007: Resume Recon with Suzanne Daymond

With 20+ years of recruiting world-class talent for Fortune 100 companies, Suzanne Daymond stops by to share her tips on developing a resume that will catch the recruiter eye and what it has in common with a piece of string.


24 Nov 2016

Rank #3

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E017: Bring Your Resume to Life with Sandra Fischer

Have you ever been in an interview and feel like you're just repeating the bullet points on your resume? Sandra Fischer walks us through how to bring your resume to life during an interview. Differentiate yourself from other candidates…through preparation and passion.


2 Jan 2017

Rank #4

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E019: Working Remotely with Justin Meads

Justin Meads has developed a successful framework for working remotely. In today's episode he sheds light on the pros, the cons, and how not being in a traditional office setting allows for the right professional and personal balance for him, his family, and his boss. It works for Justin and you might find that it works for you too.


5 Jan 2017

Rank #5

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E057: Interview Prep with Tom Perry

Tom Perry, Founder of Engaged Pursuit, calls into the studio to chat with Danna, and share with The Career Cue audience about interviewing, four questions you can expect to be asked, and what you can do to prepare for them. Thanks for listening! [Subscribe]:  http://thecareercue.com/follow [Book Club]: http://thecareercue.com/grow [Newsletter]: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


7 Sep 2017

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E041: Accelerate Your Return to Work with Nancy McSharry Jensen

Did you or someone you know step out of the traditional workforce for a while? ReBoot is a career accelerator program designed for women looking to speed up their transition back into the industry. Nancy McSharry Jensen is the Program Director at ReBoot Seattle and she shares the benefits of participating in the ReBoot career accelerator and how technology, brand and networking are the keys to success for program participants. Thanks for listening! Subscribe:   http://thecareercue.com/follow Book Club:  http://thecareercue.com/grow Newsletter: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


16 Mar 2017

Rank #7

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E016: Equine Guided Coaching with Virginia Rhoads

Virginia Rhoads, Co-founder of the Jempe Center, knows that approaching a 1,200 pound animal comes with some trepidation, and rightfully so. But she also witnesses the transformation that happens when her clients allow themselves to step into the heart field of her beautiful horses. They don't have an agenda. Every interaction is a new interaction and a chance for the horse to provide a reflection of congruency.


29 Dec 2016

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E009: Professional Development for Grown-ups with Michelle Etchart

Michelle Etchart is part of the student development team at Seattle University, where she leads professional development programs and innovative efforts. She has spent 20 years helping people discern their passion and develop their potential through personal development, training and skill building.


1 Dec 2016

Rank #9

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E013: Curating a Professional Legacy with Kelli Hildebrand

What is the professional legacy you left today? It . Kelli Hildebrand, owner of Keynote Discovery, coaches clients on identifying their professional legacy and breaks down how you can start defining yours today.


15 Dec 2016

Rank #10

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E037: New Job, Now What with Kelsey Berg

You've just accepted a new opportunity. Now what? Kelsey Berg breaks down how you can take ownership of your onboarding experience and that it's a win-win for everyone to go in with a plan, be patient and give yourself time to learn.


2 Mar 2017

Rank #11

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E047: Unpack Your Frustrating Job with Alex Wright

Feeling Disillusioned or Frustrated at your job? Development Coach, Alex Wright joins us to help unpack why you might feel like this and what you can do about it. Thanks for listening! Subscribe:   http://thecareercue.com/follow Book Club:  http://thecareercue.com/grow Newsletter: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


29 Apr 2017

Rank #12

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E001: Knowing Yourself with Sandra Fischer

Sandra Fischer, author and creator of Relationship Reveal™ joins us in the studio to discuss how knowing and investing in yourself can payoff for you in your career and life.


27 Nov 2016

Rank #13

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E005: Networking for International Careers with Dianna Winegarden

In today's episode, Dianna Winegarden, Global Client Services and Operations Leader, shares how she utilized her network to land a role in the UK and tapped into that same strategy when returning to the US.


17 Nov 2016

Rank #14

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E004: Job Search Stalled? Get Unstuck with Erin Ewart

Career coach and recruitment consultant, Erin Ewart shares actionable insights into how you can get your job search back on track when you're feeling stuck.


14 Nov 2016

Rank #15

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E048: Resilience During Job Search with Carol Hedly

How is your job search going? Longer than you expected? Carol Hedly joins us to share some advice on how you can stay resilient and stay focused on the search and the other important parts of your life. Thanks for listening! [Subscribe]:  http://thecareercue.com/follow [Book Club]: http://thecareercue.com/grow [Newsletter]: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


5 May 2017

Rank #16

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E052: Special live recording: The Leadership of You

There is a mountain of resources available on leadership but who leads you? Recently we hosted a live event with an incredible audience and panel of coaches. Listen in as we're joined by Lora Poepping, Alan Andersen, Nancy McSharry Jensen in discussing the most important person to lead, yourself. Special thanks also Bridget Quigg, Karen Jussel and the amazing team at The Riveter.  Thanks for listening! [Subscribe]:  http://thecareercue.com/follow [Book Club]: http://thecareercue.com/grow [Newsletter]: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


13 Jul 2017

Rank #17

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E050: Defining "What's Next" with Tim Sloane

Does your current job have you thinking, "What's next?" Tim Sloane tackles that very question with us. In today's episode, Tim Sloane sits down with us to discuss identifying the themes throughout your career (so far), finding confidence in your skills and experience and why you should never stop thinking big in terms of your potential.  Thanks for listening! [Subscribe]:  http://thecareercue.com/follow [Book Club]: http://thecareercue.com/grow [Newsletter]: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


6 Jun 2017

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E056: Building Genuine and Authentic Relationships through Networking with Nina Johal

We've all heard that networking can increase your chances of landing a job. Applying for a job is a 1:1 When you network, one connection can lead to many connections. A lot of jobs are not visible on the open market. Networking can give you visibility to these opportunities. Nina Johal, joins us to explain some of the finer details of how networking can help you, and how you can help others through networking. Thanks for listening! [Subscribe]:  http://thecareercue.com/follow [Book Club]: http://thecareercue.com/grow [Newsletter]: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


31 Aug 2017

Rank #19

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EP054: A Truly Global Office with Steve Findley

Spain, Costa Rica, Australia. Steve Findley has called all of them home...and the office. Steve calls in from Costa Rica to share how he's crafted a passion for travel and his career for the best of both worlds. Guess where Steve is today. Thanks for listening! [Subscribe]:  http://thecareercue.com/follow [Book Club]: http://thecareercue.com/grow [Newsletter]: http://thecareercue.com/newsletter


1 Aug 2017

Rank #20