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#16 - Two Episodes In One

International expansion when you personally don’t know anyone in another country and the second episode about... actually, you’ll have to listen to find out!


3 Oct 2019

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#15 - Do You Get All Your Nutrition From Food?

Do you get all your nutrition through food alone? It’s an interesting question and one that can be a challenge to answer without appropriate education. In this episode I share my biases, ask a few simple questions, encourage you to investigate your current intake and provide vital educational around the nutritional impact of our decisions.


1 Oct 2019

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#14 - The Great Jase Brazel

Jase is a great person and I’m fortunate to be partnering with him and his wife in business! Learn more about Jase’s story in this episode. Enjoy!


18 Sep 2019

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#13 - It Costs Too Much

Does it really cost too much or is it more a matter of perspective? Being the CEO of your own business, especially in the early days, comes with some new experiences. One of them is around costs/investments in developing yourself and growing your new business. Getting started and signing up is the easy part, especially in this profession. It’s the turning up and changing where most need to do a deep dive and get some skin in the game. Hopefully this episode communicates this well enough. Enjoy!


16 Sep 2019

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#12 - Global Conference Download: Team Debrief

An in transit debrief after our annual Global Conference in SLC, Utah August 2019 on the way home to Australia. Insights from Paul, Kasia, Jase, Blake and Michelle who’ve been customers and business partners for between four to fifteen years. Enjoy the conversation!


19 Aug 2019

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#11 - Fifteen Years Later

July 2019 marks 15 years in my direct sales business. The things I didn’t verbalize well. 1 - in playing infinite games there’ll be times you out perform and other times you under perform. This is normal and if no concert as it’s probably not possible to always out perform. 2 - On leverage, it comes from other people’s time but also from technology (think blogs, podcasts, YouTube, social media done well, etc). When I’m talking about over exaggerating on social media, it doesn’t mean it’s not to leverage social media as a tool, instead use it with BS signaling. Here’s the Simon Sinek Video: https://youtu.be/3vX2iVIJMFQ


24 Jul 2019

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#10 - For The Sponsor: Helping Your New Business Partners Get Started

A brief overview for the sponsor of new business partners. Yes, everyone who joins us in business is an individual with unique traits and yes everyone can (and should!) drive the vehicle in a way that resonates with them. Here are a few idea’s for you to consider during this process.


12 Jun 2019

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#9 - The Stories We Sell Ourselves

The most important discussions we have are with ourselves. Here we breakdown concepts of hard vs easy (re-listening to this I caught myself saying exactly what I’m talking about) and buying vs selling in discussion with others. Both examples from happenings in business week.


25 May 2019

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#8 - Getting Started Right: You’ve Made A Fantastic Decision!

This episode is for our newest business partners to listen too, soon after getting started, giving them a broad brush overview of our company, products, profession and what’s required of us to thrive in this vehicle with our partner company. Link for side hustle reference https://www.news.com.au/finance/work/at-work/sydney-lawyer-on-15k-a-month-claims-second-job-is-necessary/news-story/1fb9ebf3accb6a2ff7ef4e5cc473b677


19 May 2019

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#7 - Creating 10 Out Of 10 Product Experiences

This episode is focused on strategies and education around helping our customers have a fantastic product experience, which really starts with us having fantastic product experiences ourselves. This episode is by no means exhaustive. I feel there will be a part two to this episode down the track. If I’ve neglected to summarize things you do, please let me know and we’ll have you share it in for the next episode on this topic!


14 May 2019

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