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As the leading global provider of enterprise legal management software and services, Datacert knows what it takes to successfully deploy and maximize the value of legal technology in a corporate legal department. In this podcast series, Datacert tech experts in areas such as legal business intelligence, cloud-based services, usability, matter management, and training and knowledge transfer, share best practices and provide listeners with actionable, practical advice to take their legal technology to the next level.

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Leading-Edge Litigation Management Decision Support Technologies for Claims

This podcast looks at decision support technologies that can help claims organizations more effectively manage their litigation, specifically focusing on predictive modeling and decision tree analysis templates. Learn what the "critical 20%" is and how technology can help identify these claims. Find out how to get key insights into ongoing litigation strategy to get the most accurate assessment of fair settlement value. Hear how claims organizations can better assess which are the "right claims to settle, at the right time."


20 Jan 2014

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FCPA Compliance — A Case for Integrated Technology Solutions

This podcast focuses on how technology can help companies strengthen their FCPA compliance programs and make them more effective and defensible. Learn the importance of a technology solution that is configurable to address a company's specific business needs that include: regulatory intelligence, policy management, monitoring and ongoing auditing of controls, and investigation of incidents and allegations.


19 Nov 2013

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Third-Party Risk Spotlight: Anti-Corruption

This podcast focuses on managing the risks associated with third party relationships, in particular risks related to potential violations of anti-corruption laws — the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the UK Bribery Act, and looks at what might be learned from recent publicly-announced allegations against UK pharmaceutical company, GlaxoSmithKline PLC. Learn best practices for mitigating third-party risk, informed by latest Department of Justice guidance, and explore tools to help implement those practices.


26 Aug 2013

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Building an Effective Policy Management Program: Getting Started

This podcast takes a closer look at why a policy on policies, or meta-policy, is the foundation for any effective policy management program and what a strong meta-policy should cover.  Learn about the important role that technology can play in enforcing a meta-policy, helping ensure that a policy management program is both effective and sustainable. The podcast features Lisa Hill, former Senior Business Leader and Corporate Policy Manager at Visa and current Policy Pundit for GRC 20/20 Research / President of Policyscape Consulting and Daniel de Juan, Director of Product Management GRC at Datacert.  Together, they discuss best practices and technology for successful policy management.


1 Aug 2013

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Decision Tree Tools for Litigators

Litigation is costly, unpredictable, and inefficient.  This podcast discusses the application of decision tree analysis to help make sense of the uncertainties and challenges associated with litigated cases and claims. Hear our subject matter experts discuss how to: Maximize the efficiency of the dispute management process and the involvement of outside counsel Better quantify, predict, and control litigation exposures and costs More effectively communicate case risk and strategy to senior management


10 May 2013

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Building a Foundation for a Comprehensive GRC Program

Building a comprehensive GRC program that can deliver the full potential benefits is dependent on effective processes for: Tracking relevant regulations and implementing and enforcing related policies and controls Assessing and managing operational risk Internal auditing and testing of controls Dealing with incidents and losses In this podcast, learn more about achieving such a program and how the right technology enables the bridge-building, tracking, monitoring, standardizing, documenting, communicating, and reporting needed for a GRC program that is proactive, sustainable, and defensible — without requiring a huge staff to support it.


26 Apr 2013

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The Intersection of Legal and GRC

This podcast discusses the critical role of Legal for an effective GRC program.  Absent a collaboration, the organization exposes itself to additional risk, sacrifices a measure of agility and competitiveness, and loses full visibility into its true cost of compliance. Our subject matter expert discusses his experience working with Fortune 500 companies to address their compliance and legal processes, and about the technology solutions available for one solution to be able to support both teams to meet their common goals.


22 Apr 2013

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Experience User-Friendly Systems

Good usability and user interface design are keys to ensuring that law department staff embrace your department’s technology investments. In this edition of Tech Experts, join usability expert, Yusuke Morita, Associate Principal Developer at Datacert, for a window into the thought process behind the design of a really user-friendly application. Learn what design elements create "ease-of-use" so you can better identify systems your staff will readily adopt and enjoy using.


2 Oct 2012

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Execute a Long-Term Technology Strategy

For today’s corporate law departments faced with the challenge of doing more with less, a legal matter and spend management system is almost an imperative. In this edition of Tech Experts, Mandy Purington, a Managing Director in Datacert’s professional services group, shares best practices and practical tips for keeping your department’s legal matter and spend management system implementation project on-time and on-budget, while also ensuring that it supports your department’s long-term technology strategy.


11 Sep 2012

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Maximize Your Technology Investment

All too often, law departments underestimate the powerful impact that training can have on a software implementation project. In fact, as a key driver of user adoption, training can be the difference between a project’s ultimate success or failure. In this edition of Tech Experts, join Kevin Gaudet, Director of Instruction and Training Development at Datacert, as he guides you through best practices for planning and executing an effective training and knowledge transfer strategy that will drive user adoption of your new system and help maximize your return-on-investment.


21 Aug 2012

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