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Do synthesizer runs taste like oranges? Sometimes. In Impressions, hosts and longtime friends Bizzy Hemphill and Nick Forrest take a deep dive into the sights, sounds, associations, histories, and even smells a song evokes. Each episode, you’re invited on a journey through a different theme, and your transportation mode is MUSIC. If you’re looking for music recommendations from some friends who don’t take themselves too seriously, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome! Visit impressionspodcast.com to see weekly playlists and learn more.

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Episode 32: What a Relief!

Phew! Glad that’s over. 1) EYE CONTACT2) Did someone say room service?3) Put the ring in the thing4) The one thing we all share5) That’s it, I’m re-becoming a goth6) The opposite of teen angst


4 Jun 2022

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Episode 31: Live, Laugh, Love!

We're back! If you're not LLLing, what are you even doing? 1) Only Bad B*tches in the trellis 2) Tumbleweeds are drifters too3) Lounging at the pool and catcalling men 4) Almost a Ye farce 5) Love Bugs --> Hate Worms 6) The unorgasmic pleasure of watching your partner bake bread


2 May 2022

Rank #2

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Episode 30: Past-Present-Future: the Tarot Episode

Tarot is a judgment-free zone. Join us as we explore our past, present, and future spreads— through music.  1) A fool’s journey2) Noir ruminations3) Infomercial for a new life4) Un-hypnotize yourself5) Float through it6) Funky advice! 


9 Apr 2022

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Episode 29: The Animal Question

3 fave animals, in order, and why you like them. 1) Lonely Blue Whales. 2) Synchronized Swimming Seals. 3) Hard-Working Carrier Pigeons.4) Genre Paintings, but the Humans Are Bears. 5) Dumpster-Diving Opossums.6) Trixie Crows.


25 Mar 2022

Rank #4

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Episode 28: The Plants Around Us

Anthropomorphizing our favorite plants. 1) Tropicals in space 2) Cottonwood ghosts 3) Musings on mugwort 4) Runaway junipers 5) Princess trees = huge divas 6) Cool as a cactus


4 Mar 2022

Rank #5

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Episode 27: Pet Sounds

Mostly dog world, and some cat world.1) An impressionistic pet portrait, panting included.2) CUTE and she knows it.3) He's a Child of God.4) We found him, and he found us!5) A feline medium to the beyond.6) Ecstatic playtime!


18 Feb 2022

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Episode 26: Frozen

Not the movie, the emotional state of being. But also -- the movie.1) Is it hold music or massage music? 2) Life doesn't end at twenty-five 3) Compostable cup problems 4) This is the permafrost we need to melt 5) Deliciously lethargic 6) *Don't* let it go 


12 Feb 2022

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Episode 25: Self Talk

The best conversationalist? Myself!1) A community luxury lending library, accessible to all cats.2) Why do you mute yourself?3) Verbal diarrhea.4) I'm learning, please don't judge me! 😬5) Help that baby deer learn to ice skate.6) You don't need to know what their childhood home looks like.


5 Feb 2022

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Episode 24: From the Other Room

Songs we hear from the other room = the songs our partners play. 1) An overnight shift in the matrix 2) If you want to live, tip well 3) Cat world 4) A funeral with a funky beat 5) Early 2000s teen drama 6) Sexual cat world 


28 Jan 2022

Rank #9

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Episode 23: Delights & Optimism

Live deliciously, because 2022 is... a year! 1) The church does not like ladies in high slit red velvet dresses 2) A transitional Winter to Resort Wear fashion show3) Kick your marabou kitten heels and sigh4) Sin tax optimism 5) Did that statue turn its head? 6) Groovy space dust critters


21 Jan 2022

Rank #10