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The primary podcast for all things Aviation Photography! Made by an Aviation Photographer for Aviation Photographers! This podcast will dive into the world of aviation photography by interviewing spotters from around the world, and getting to know them on a more personal level. Question or profile suggestions for the show? Send an email to AvSpottersPodcast@gmail.com or, send a DM on twitter at Instagram @boispotter. Make sure to check out our Facebook page, the Aviation Spotters Podcast and feel free to send a message to us there as well! Know someone who you think will enjoy the show but doesn't have access to the normal streaming services? Point them to the Aviation Spotters Podcast Youtube page!

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AvSP Episode 25 - Rich Cooper

You guys have waited long enough! I have a treat for all of you listeners for Episode 25! If you read Combat Aircraft Magazine, or heard of the Centre of Aviation Photography you probably know the man behind it. Yes, I am talk about the one and only Rich Cooper! Rich came on the show to talk a little about his stories and experiences all over the world, including an Airshow in North Korea... And working with with Fighter Pilot Podcast. Make sure to tune in tomorrow to listen to this EPIC episode! Facebook = Rich Cooper (link: https://www.facebook.com/rich.cooper.35) Insta: richcooperuk COAP www.coaponline.com (aviation photography membership, tutorials, entertainment) www.coapaviation.com (aviation photography travel & events) www.coapmedia.com (special media publishing) FB: centreofaviationphotography Insta: centreofaviationphotography Twitter: @COAPhoto FPP www.fighterpilotpodcast,com FB: The Flight Line (link https://www.facebook.com/groups/765495753907848)

1hr 23mins

9 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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AvSP Episode 24 - Florian Schulenberg

Have you ever wondered what it may be like to take aviation photos in Europe, or what it is like to be an AvGeek and fly in the cockpit of an Airbus A330 from Portugal to Brazil and back? Well, my guest this week has done that and provides an extremely interesting prospective on plane spotting and what the difference is between Planespotting and Aviation Photography. I decided to keep going East, so I decided it's time for my first German guest, so all the way from Munich is my friend to provide is prespected and tell some great stories, Mr. Florian Schulenberg!


28 May 2021

Rank #2

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AvSP Episode 23 - Anthony Faraone

This weeks episode I keep it on the East Coast of the US and interview Anthony Faraone from Fort Lauderdale, Florida! I'll tell you what, Anthony is one of my most passionate guests, and you can really tell his love for aviation just by the tone of his voice! We talk about his DC-8 shots, and his incredible shots from the stunning airport of FLL... and how he dropped the camera from... well, I'm not going to say it on here, listen to the episode to find out what happened!

1hr 3mins

12 May 2021

Rank #3

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AvSP Episode 22 - Ryan Kelly

We Are Back! Yes, an all new episode of the AvSP is here after my spring break! This week, I interview one of the main guys with the Full Disk Aviation Team, Ryan Kelly! You've probably seen the insane video a few years back with the low F/A-18 Super Hornet at NAS El Centro, and he's on to talk about that, and a few more awesome stories! From humble beginnings to being one of the most well respected aviation photographers in the world, this is Ryans Av-Photography story!


28 Apr 2021

Rank #4

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AvSP Episode 21 - Lauren Powel

Do you ever look up and sometimes see one or more contrails overhead and see another airplane close to another one... and noticed it might be doing air to air refueling? Ever wonder what it's like to see another aircraft from that perspective? Well, my guest today talks about that and more! Lauren comes on the show, but you might know her better at 22PowPow! She tells the time she was on watch over the Olympics in 2010, and her time as a Test Boomie at Edwards... and how she refueled the first P-8!


13 Mar 2021

Rank #5

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AvSP Episode 20 - Ryan Patterson

On this weeks episode of the Aviation Spotters Podcast, I interview one of the biggest names in Aviation! His name is Ryan Patterson... but you all know him better as DiecastRyan! We talk about his well known photos taken from helicopters and the amazing stories behind the shots. He is one of the most down to Earth and humble guests, I've ever had. Get to know the man behind the lens from the Helicopter!

1hr 7mins

3 Mar 2021

Rank #6

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AvSP Episode 19 - Peter Schneider

On this weeks episode of the AvSP, I talk with Peter Schneider! Born in Switzerland, them moved to Canada and somehow found his way to Seattle. We talk about his humble roots, but more importantly we talk about adventures to some of the most exotic locations and events to take photos from! We even talk about something loud and fast that flew over him in the 1990's!


24 Feb 2021

Rank #7

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AvSP Episode 18 - Peter Hein and Isaiah Ortiz

You know, I was just in Las Vegas for Red Flag, and then the following week for a short get away trip, and I thought, I should get a Las Vegas spotter... or two on the show! These guys are know for their colorful captions on their posts with their dual account - and all around nice guys. We discuss how they got into their joint account, and discus some of their favorite things about taking photo in and around Las Vegas. This is definitely a unique episode with not one guest but two!


10 Feb 2021

Rank #8

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AvSP Episode 17 - Kedar Karmarkar

This weeks episode of the AvSP, I interview my biggest guest yet! Have you ever seen an Air to Air photo of an old warbird that blew your mind? Or, was it some military fighter... or fighters? My guest, Kedar has done all of that and some. Coming from humble beginnings in Mumbai, India, moving to the United States and becoming a self taught photographer and what a story he has. We talk about his love for Warbirds, the stories behind the epic air to air shoots, and get to know this all around humble and great guy, Kedar Karmarkar!

1hr 21mins

27 Jan 2021

Rank #9

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AvSP Bonus Episode - Nellis Spotting with Michael Grove

With Red Flag 21-1 about to kick off next week, and for a lot of people this will be there first time at Nellis and spotting a Red Flag. I get a lot of questions about Nellis, and I'm not an expert. My guest on this bonus episode is thought, because he's the "OG" as he's been taking photos at Nellis since the early 60's. Michael Grove comes on to discuss locations, etiquette and even tells some stories on this Nellis Bonus episode! If you or someone you know is about to go to Nellis for the first time, please make sure they listen to all the great information Michael provides!


18 Jan 2021

Rank #10