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Explaining some of the most complex ideas in the world, to some of the least complex people. From evolution to modern art, anthropology to dark matter, and genetics to aliens, we bring in experts to explain some of the most complicated ideas. Very slowly.

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I Don't Understand Episode 5 - Egg and Sperm DNA, How your cells know what to do, Why we can't live Forever

Did you know that sperm cells are technically immortal? We didn't either... Our guest this week is Charlotte Mykura, a doctor of Epigenetics, researching the behaviour of DNA when cells divide, and not content with just one PhD is now working towards a medical doctorate.She takes us on a dive into the inner workings of the cells we're made of, how they save us from a million things every minute, and how it can all go wrong...

1hr 16mins

7 Sep 2018

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