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My Five: Life In Five Moments

It's a podcast. It's a radio show. Musicians share formative autobiographical moments that make them the artists they are today:A road trip gone bad? That guitar you "borrowed" from the kid down the street? Your sister's collection of 45s? Joe Strummer's mohawk? The band you never heard of that blew the headliner off the stage?Each moment also features a hand-picked song that best identifies with that story. It's a podcast. It's a radio show.This is My Five: Live In Five Moments.

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This is My Five: Life In Five Moments, the podcast that rethinks the conversations we get to have with the artists we love. It’s all about great stories — guests on My Five are share key moments in their lives that make them the unique artists that they are today. Hosted by producer, journalist, songwriter, and tireless music fan Neal Weiss as a way to dig deeper, embrace the creative journey, and have some fun. Not only likely the best podcast in history, My Five is also a radio show… artists serve up favorite songs that best capture stories they share. This is My Five: Live In Five Moments. Learn it. Live it. Love it. Produced by Fuzzyville Industries


25 Mar 2021

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