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Smart, funny and ahead of the curve, “Your Money Solutions” will touch on every area of personal finance from how to manage a paycheck, pay for college, kick the credit card habit, slash your food bill, give to others (and yourself!), understand your 401k, what’s going on in the scary world of finance—and everything between. If it’s about money, you’ll find an easy-to-understand solution on “Your Money Solutions” with Mary Hunt from Woman's Day magazine.Tune in Thursdays at noon eastern time, 9:00am pacific time.

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Why You Need a Great Credit Score- And How to Get One

Few things these days are as confusing as credit scores! What is it? What's FICO 08? Can I get my credit score free? What helps and what harms my credit score? What do I even need one at all? Tune in to this week's edition of Your Money Solutions with Mary Hunt for a quick and easy overview of what all this means including the Dos and Don'ts that could easily raise (or lower) that 3-digit number known as your credit score!


16 Jul 2009

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