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Join Dan Denning, Nick O’Connor and guests from around the world for a whistle stop tour of the most important financial and geopolitical stories of the week. Expect plain talking analysis of the stock and bond market, interest rates, commodities, small shares and trading.

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#30 - Capital & Conflict: Herman Brodie

#30 - Capital & Conflict: Herman Brodie by Capital & Conflict


16 May 2017

Rank #1

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#29 - Capital & Conflict: family wealth, cash as an investment position and commodities complex

We’re back! On the latest episode of show I’m joined by Vern Gowdie to talk about family wealth, cash as an investment position, and why you should have your accountant over for dinner more often. Alex Williams from Global Mining Observer pops in to talk about the eerie quiet in the commodities complex and why that may be good news. Finally, I’ll tell you why you should circle October 3rd on your diary if you’re worried about Britain’s historically low interest rates and their effect on your portfolio and your retirement strategy. Enjoy the show!

1hr 30mins

9 Jun 2016

Rank #2

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