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Insights from players across the game at different levels sharing stories from their career in football.Instagram - @chrishibbertcoachingYoutube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TwExhpx62UROeTB_vLeOw

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003 - Cannabidiol (CBD) - Everything you need to know.

Episode 003  This week I'm joined by Scott Gillham to talk everything CBD. Scott is currently undergoing a PhD researching the role of CBD in modulating pain in elite athletes. In the past decade, the use of concentrated CBD had grown expediently is both sporting and clinical environments.  It has started to become a more widely researched supplement for treatment of disorders, anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and other potential benefits have included improved sleep and reduced anxiety. But does it actually work?  In this episode we cover: - What the research says. - How it actually works. - Myths of CBD. - Are people wasting their money - Its prevalence in sport and elite athletes - The future of CBD Sit down, enjoy and let me know what you think!  Scott Gillham - https://www.instagram.com/sgnutrition__/ Chris Hibbert Coaching - https://www.instagram.com/chrishibbertcoaching/ CBD Research - https://www.gssiweb.org/en/sports-science-exchange/Article/cannabidiol-(cbd)-and-the-athlete-claims-evidence-prevalence-and-safety-concerns#articleTopic_5


14 Apr 2021

Rank #1

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002 Jonathon Hill - Dunt - From Sunday League to The Europa League

Episode 002 - Jonathon Hill Dunt  Welsh footballing legend, 'Dunty' joins us for episode 2 to discuss stories from his career and his journey from Sunday league to the Europa League. Instagram - @chrishibbertcoaching

1hr 20mins

5 Apr 2021

Rank #2

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001 Dom McGiveron - Bootle FC, Nike Academy and Scoring at Wembley vs Barcelona

Episode 001 with Dom McGiveron The first episode in a series giving footballers the chance to share their stories of the game.   Dom is professional footballer who has had a different career to most.    In this episode we talk about:    - How he got started and his decision to leave Liverpool FC Academy.   - His debut for Bootle FC, playing non league and working his way up. - The ins and out of the Nike Academy and scoring vs Barcelona!   - His experiences playing  playing abroad in America, Sweden and Finland.  - How to go about getting a new club when you're out of contract.  - Recovering from injuries and plans for the future!    Sit down and enjoy!   ____________________________________________________________________   Insta - @chrishibbertcoaching

1hr 16mins

30 Mar 2021

Rank #3