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FULL COURT PRESS is a podcast by 3 guys who live and breathe talking smack about the NBA. You can expect a mix of analysis, banter, attempted humour and regular segments with no sugar coating. It’s for those who like epic blocks, mad handles, Mike Breen, Marv Albert and White Men Can't Jump. It’s not for those who like Joey Crawford. To get in contact or send us hate mail go to fullcourtpressnba@gmail.com or search “fcppodcast” on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Come get a taste......

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Ep.57 - NBA Basketball Trade Deadline Basketball Podcast About Basketball

The NBA trade deadline passed a few hours ago and Team FCP break down all the blockbusters that didn't happen and all the mostly pointless trades that did. We talk how awful the All Star game was as well as the epic fails of the dunk comp. Super positive times. HOORAY.


24 Feb 2017

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Ep.56 - I Want To Ask You a Bunch of Questions

Bag and Rabbit have a mono-e-mono conversation about some All Star stuff, the Knicks disaster, the Serge Ibaka and Mason Plumlee trades, the top of the East and yeah....basketball. Stroke that subscribe button for me. Thanks.


17 Feb 2017

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Evil genius Wesley calls and secretly records Rabbit, Bag and other friends of the pod to get their take on the Westbrook All-Star snub. Unfiltered diabolical awesomeness.....


20 Jan 2017

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Ep.55 - ??? Men Can't Jump

In this action packed FCP Podcast episode we talk about all things ball including Blake Griffin's remake of White Men Can't Jump, Ice Cube's 3-on-3 league, the Warriors curb stomping the Cavs, the dumpster fire that is the New York Knicks, All Star selections, Boogie Cousins, posso rule changes in the last two minutes and so much more you are going to lose your e f f i n g minds.... You're reading this - the subscribe button is right over there. Just touch it, just touch it, come on


19 Jan 2017

Rank #4

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Ep.54 - FCP Christmas Special

It's not really special except that you don't have to listen to Rabbit's BS as it's just Wes and Bagman talking about the best moments of the season so far, NBA bromances, Boogie's tantrums, Bogut trade rumours Tim Duncan's emo retirement ceremony, Nerlens Noel's hair and heaps more. You've subscribed right? Yep. Wonderful.


22 Dec 2016

Rank #5

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Ep.53 - Warriors, Weed, Women and Westbrook

In this episode of Full Court Press we hit on all the big topics going on around the NBA - Warriors vs Clips, Draymond throwing high kicks, Steve Kerr getting baked, Matt Barnes choking random people as well as a new segment highlighting what NBA fans will never say this season. Be sure to hit subscribe. Word.


9 Dec 2016

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Ep.52 - Clippers, Rockets and 1996's Best Movies

After a lost episode last week due to Windows 98 crashing, team FCP are back to talk the Clippers, Rockets, who is the second best team in the East, resting players, Delly the movie and Wes breaks out some delicious nostalgia talking the cinematic masterpieces of 1996. There's a 3 way D00SH of the week and heaps more. Give us a subscribe on iTunes ay.


24 Nov 2016

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Ep.51 - Week One NBA Season 16/17

This week FCP touch on all the big topics of the first week of the NBA season - the Warriors getting touched up by the Spurs, early MVP chances, the Bad Boy Clippers, the new NBA awards show, Westbrook vs the world, absurd NBA fines and heaps more. Please subscribe and rate us in iTunes. Word.


3 Nov 2016

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Ep.50 - FCP - Return of the Jedi

It's the cheesy last installment of FCP's season preview pods and this time we are talking about the Hawks, Bulls and Pacers NOTE - this pod was recorded before the earth shattering MCW-Tony Snell trade. Please give us a subscribe and be ready for a tonne of pods over the course of the NBA season. WORD.


23 Oct 2016

Rank #9

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Ep.49 - FCP - The Empire Strikes Back

It's Part 2 of FCP's season preview pods but this one is darker and you may lose a hand after listening to it and that's why many will consider this to be the best pod of the franchise. JOKES. We do go balls deep on some of the Western Conference's most compelling teams - the Warriors, Rockets, Clippers and OKC. Please give us a rating and a review and hit us up on Twitter and FB by searching for "fcppodcast". Word.


20 Oct 2016

Rank #10