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Reel Collections w/ Edward Beasley

A film history podcast that dives into the more obscure titles and filmmakers that helped shaped my love of cinema.

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The American Scream (1988) - The Making Of An 80s Horror Film

In our inaugural episode, we cover the making of the straight to video horror/comedy The American Scream. In this episode we interview Mitchell Linden (writer/director) Phil Hopper (story) Joe Charbanic (production manager) Pons Maar (co-star) and Kevin Kaye (co-star) about their experiences making this obscure 80s gem. It's an exciting tale of independent filmmaking featuring memories of working with the late character actors George "Buck" Flower (They Live, Back to the Future) and Blackie Dammett (father of Anthony Kiedis), the hurdles of filming in winter in the Sierra Mountains, and doing everything you can to finish a film in 1o days.

1hr 9mins

9 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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Reel Collections - An Introduction

I'm in love with film history. I especially enjoy learning about the lesser-known stories behind the most obscure titles that I hold in high regard. This podcast is an effort to shine a spotlight on the filmmakers and film-related events that helped shape me as a cinephile.


29 Apr 2021

Rank #2