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You Know What I Hate!? is a weekly podcast brought to you by the everyday frustration and general neuroticism of its hosts Sam Cohn, Jourdan Stroman, and Steve Jimenez. They're occasionally insightful, mostly sober, and always ready to complain about things big and small: the internet, being forced to sing Happy Birthday, the general lack of Mike O'Malley on television -- you name it, they'll shame it.Tune in every Thursday for new episodes!!!

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Episode 13 - Sam Is a Polite Dick, Jourdan Follows Cam Girls, & Steve Shouts Out Kanye

After a nearly 6 month hiatus, the gang emerges from the muck and the mire to spit straight FIRE. The boys are back and the gripes are more potent than ever. In this unlucky episode 13, the 3 hate-migos go in on smug spiritual terms, infomercial Mother Geese, poor train etiquette, fake (and real) boners, and as usual - bathroom talk.Drink it in beybay.


9 Dec 2016

Rank #1

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Episode 12 - Sam Has An Update, Jourdan Obsesses Over a Product, & Steve is Still on Snapchat

The gang is back to drizzle some hate sauce all over electric cars, mixtape DJs, TED talks gone too far, loud car boys, restroom labeling mix em' ups, more on snapping and chatting simultaneously, workplace rivals, making friends as an adult, and so much NSFW stuff it's not even cool.

1hr 4mins

24 Jun 2016

Rank #2