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If you think it’s a case of “either you’ve got it or you haven’t”, then nothing could be further than the truth. Curious enough to find out more? Then you’re already on your way to becoming a good entrepreneur! Learn the skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

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What Is Business

What is your business? What is it you do? These are two completely different questions that most people confuse with being the same thing. This podcast answers your questions about running a business. What is it like? How is it different from having a job? And what you need to do before you call yourself a business owner.


18 Apr 2022

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How To Manage A Team

How do you manage a team? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, coming from business owners and people working for a company.This rule applies to both fields: business and career. You’re good at something, you grow, and at some point, more people are involved to help you complete the tasks. What does it mean for you? Your role now changes completely. You don’t have the same responsibilities, assignments, or expectations.I talk about three main aspects when managing a team:individual motivationteam motivation, andyour motivation, as a manager.You will learn how to accept different working styles, how to adjust your expectations, and how to align your goals with your team’s goals. I talk about the importance of motivation; how can you motivate each member to contribute to the team and accomplish the goal? How do you find the driving force?There are two points every successful manager needs to have in mind:motivation, which refers to the teamthe outcome, which relates to achievementsYou will hear how they’re different, and why they are equally important.Managing a team, you need to constantly motivate them to be the best possible versions of themselves. I hope today’s episode gives you some ideas on how to do that.Enjoy!


11 Apr 2022

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What Is Entrepreneurship About?

Would you like to know how we define entrepreneurship at our Academy? Listen to this podcast and find out how I came up with the idea of starting this Academy, how we approach entrepreneurship, what we stand for, and how anyone could become an entrepreneur even if they are not business owners.I explain the three main aspects of entrepreneurship:deciding on direction;taking the right steps;creating value.There is a difference in the way people define entrepreneurship in Europe and America. I talk about those differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each environment and the core elements of entrepreneurship.You will learn what differentiates an entrepreneur from a non-entrepreneur and in what way their mindsets differ. Also, I talk about what we teach at our Academy that helps people develop the necessary mindset and be curious enough to always look for ways to create value.You will see what kind of people you will be surrounded with at the Academy and how other people impact your perspective.I hope today’s episode inspires you to join us and learn more about entrepreneurship.We are looking forward to meeting you!


4 Apr 2022

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How To Focus And Get Things Done

Have you ever felt that whenever you have something to do, something else comes in the way and you get distracted, even though you know you should do it, but you simply can’t?I’ve done a lot of work in this area and today I’ll share my story with you. I will tackle the problem with focus. How do you stop your mind from going everywhere?There are a few steps that have proven to be successful and they can be divided into two groups: mental and physical focus.You’ll learn about the importance of physical activity, how it affects our focus and what you can do to improve it. I talk about how physical activity changed my mindset and what I use to boost my focus.When it comes to mental focus, I explain in detail all about GTD methodology - what it means, how well it worked for me, what I learned from applying it, and so on. Some of the points I cover are:preparation for the task ahead;working in short time frames;motivating yourself with success stories;prioritising tasks.I hope this podcast helps you find what works best for you, and that you will see the results shortly.Enjoy!


28 Mar 2022

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When You Focus On The Wrong Things

Are you someone who easily gets distracted whenever you go to get something done? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most entrepreneurs I’ve worked with struggle with losing their focus and wasting time on irrelevant things.In this episode, I talk about my own experience and how I get around this. I talk about GTD methodology and how it helped me organise my tasks better and manage time more efficiently. I organise everything I need to do by its priority, how much time it takes, etc. This methodology has definitely helped me get more things done in a day, without having them on my mind constantly.I also explain what I do if I get intrigued by something. What is it that helps me save a lot of money? One simple step helps me decide whether or not to investigate further.I hope this podcast helps you become more aware of your priorities and focus on the right things.Enjoy!


21 Mar 2022

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How Much Money Does A Business Need To Make

Have you ever wondered how much money a business needs to make? Even though there is no general rule that could be applied to all the businesses out there, we can still analyse a few different perspectives.You will learn about the notion of money. What does money mean for your business? Is it how you measure success or is it the result of the value you create? How relevant is the amount you make for your business?I draw a line between two main things that I compare in this episode: the business where you sell your service and the business where you sell your product. The former one is usually related to freelancing and having a rate based on your time. I also touch upon running an online business and how it differs from these other two.This episode is your chance to learn about calculating the cost of running a business. How much money should you put aside for yourself? How much money should you expect to make during the first year? How much does it cost to hire an employee? How to choose the right location for your business? Should you buy or lease the equipment? How long does it take until you turn a profit? These are just some of the questions I tackle here.Finally, I explain the important difference between running a business and doing a business. That’s something most people overlook when they consider starting a business.I hope you pick up a lot of useful information from today’s episode and that it encourages you to step into running a business prepared and confident. What was your experience like? Share your story in the comments, I would love to read it.


14 Mar 2022

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What To Consider Before Starting A Business

Have you ever thought of starting your own business? You love what you do, you want to stop being an employee, so the idea of independently starting your business sounds interesting. Then, this is the perfect podcast for you! I explain the main aspects you should consider before you even start thinking about starting a business.You will learn about the difference between what you do and what it actually means to run a business. Why are these two things different? What is the structure of a successful business? What is the difference between a manager and a worker and which role belongs to you, as a business owner?I talk about how running a business gives you a platform for what you do. How can you create that platform if it doesn’t already exist? How do your chances of starting a business increase when you can’t find the platform to do what you do?Finally, I also talk about money. What is the main factor that generates money, whether you run a business or just work for a company? What should you consider regarding your financial situation before starting a business? And why should you remember that you are not your business?These are just some of the questions I cover in this episode. So, if you are thinking about starting your own business, I encourage you to listen to this podcast. I would love to hear your opinion on it in the comments.


7 Mar 2022

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Dealing With Anger

In this podcast, I tackle a few questions related to anger. I talk about things like: How do you deal with anger? Why is something triggering your unwanted reaction? Where does the anger come from?, and I offer some possible solutions. If you ever feel like you get easily overcome by anger, this podcast is for you.When anger happens repetitively, we need to find and resolve the first thing that caused it. I explain this method in detail - why it’s important, how it affects us later on, how we fall into the cycle of feeling angry over the same thing, and why ignoring an issue never really solves it.Another important point is reprogramming our triggers. You will learn how to turn your triggers into something positive. I talk about the ways to do so; from neurolinguistic programming to find a way to channel your energy into something positive.Lastly, I focus on showing you how you can allow the feeling without reacting to it. You will learn what disassociating means and how you can apply it.I hope this topic teaches you some useful methods that will help you cope with anger in the future. At the end of the day, anger is just a feeling, and we can all use it to grow and become better through dealing with it.


28 Feb 2022

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The Glasses You Wear

Why do some people see something that happens to them as positive and others see it as negative? How is it possible and why does it happen? And, how can we switch this to make it more positive? These are some of the questions I answer in this podcast.You will also hear about what I learned about the way we process information from the biological point of view; what happens in our brain and how it triggers different reactions. There are things that naturally trigger either our positive or negative reactions. So, is there a way to control how we label things that we perceive?At our academy, we teach you how to prepare yourself for change. Both good and bad things happen all the time, but change is necessary for growth. Listen to this episode and find out what is the one significant step that you can take to welcome change in your life with a positive mindset.Also, you will learn how to make better decisions. What should you base your decision making on? What is the one thing that differentiates blind positive thinking from having a positive mindset in decision-making and times of change?I hope you learn a lot of new things today and you start applying them. You will shortly see the results yourself!Enjoy,John


21 Feb 2022

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Why You Should Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset

In this podcast, I am trying to answer an interesting question: What exactly is an entrepreneurial mindset?To understand an entrepreneurial mindset, we need to know what an entrepreneur means. Here, I mention a couple of interesting facts regarding the origin of the word entrepreneur, the different meanings it has in different cultures, and what areas it covers.To understand an entrepreneurial mindset deeper, we need to identify three specific areas:Accepting the given factsBeing curious about being of valueTaking action steps to do soDeveloping an entrepreneurial mindset is a never-ending journey with the main purpose to create value. An entrepreneur is always trying to create value for themselves and for others. If you want to learn and understand how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, then this podcast is for you.


14 Feb 2022

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