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The Grooming Tutor podcast is a variety show for professional groomers. Michell Evans “The Grooming Tutor” is one of the most accomplished dog stylists in the world yet she simply describes herself as a groomer. She grooms a few days a week and runs a busy salon, teaches and judges at trade shows around the world and does private lessons, critiques, and consultations for all situations. Guests include legendary groomers, regular joe's, vendors, distributors and manufacturers. Michell answers questions from her listeners and talks about customers service, pet handling, employee management, grooming techniques, products, tools and much more. Join her for a fun and helpful show where you never know what you might learn!

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Ep. 8 - Getting Creative with Groomer Lori Craig

If you have ever desired to be a creative groomer, at some point you must have heard of Lori Craig. Just the name of her Grooming shop alone is enough to help showcase her "mad" skills. She started grooming in 1995 in hopes of following her Grandmother's footsteps, and with 5 Groomer to Groomer covers, multiple Barkleigh honors, including Best All time cover, she has done just that. This proud member of the Wahl team teaches and judges creative styling around the world.


16 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Ep. 7 - Judy Hudson - Right place, Right time, Right decision

One moment changed Judy Hudson's life. It was when she found out the Groomers where she worked were making more money than the Vets. So she discarded her Vet Tech degree and made it her mission to become one of the best Groomers in the world. With multiple Best in Show and Best All-Around Groomer awards behind her, Judy has staked her claim as someone you need to know. In this episode, you will learn about what really drives her, and by that I mean how she gets around, plus why paying attention to what and who is around you is so important. Without that ability, she might still be a Vet and not a sought after speaker and contest grooming judge.


1 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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Ep. 6 Teri DiMarino - Changing laws and regulation in Pet Grooming

One might not suspect that Dog Grooming needs laws and regulations, but it does. So who better to lead this group than Teri DiMarino? She may not have known much at the start but quickly adapted as she has done throughout her career. Now, as the current President of the California Professional Pet Groomers Association, Inc. she tells the stories of bills, including SB 969, that would have crippled the grooming industry in California if not for Teri and her team.


18 Jun 2021

Rank #3

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Ep. 5 Cat Opson - Turning dogs into works of art

Usually when you pick up your dog from the groomer, you expect a nice clean cut. But with the help of Cat Olson, you can get something beyond your wildest dreams. Recently, she took her standard poodle’s head and turned it into a spitting image of Big Bird and his butt into Elmo. She might call herself more of a Hair Dresser, but her journey to the top of Dog grooming has been full of TV appearances (including 4 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!) Cat is an exceptional talent, storyteller and avid gameshow participant. Which one was she on? Here's a hint, she had to lie alot...


4 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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Ep. 4 Anne Francis - "The Grooming Tutor" welcomes the "The Grooming Table"

Anne has been a professional pet stylist since 1995 when she joined the Village Groomer and Pet Supply in Walpole, Mass. Her instructional articles via "The Grooming Table" have led her to be named Journalist of the Year. As a member of GroomTeam USA for 3 years, she now sits on their Board of Directors but that doesn't stop her from sharing her knowledge worldwide as an international educator for the Andis Company. And to think that her career got started only to get her parents off her back! 


20 May 2021

Rank #5

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Ep. 3 Pina Pinkusevich - How the Beast of the East became the Best of the West

She is a 3X medalist for GroomTeam USA and one of the most well known and loved Groomers in America, but she didn't start there. Find out how it all began for Pina, what her best memories are from the World Championships, why she loves judging and thinks it's important for every groomer. Plus she does have people who have been influential in her career, who were they and if you stick around you can hear the story about the two of us creating trouble in Barcelona.


7 May 2021

Rank #6

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Ep. 2 Barbara Prueckel - the Great White North's Master Groomer

Barb, who is the founder of Mastergroom Canada, talks about how she got started in the business her experiences on the Canadian Groom team, and as a judge for the World Team Championships. The owner of Doggy Style Salon in Calgary, Alberta, Barb's illustrious career includes several Gold and Silver medals, Best in Show and Best All-Around Groomer at prestigious grooming contests around the world. Stick around to hear about her newest challenge, a brand new puppy and maybe a story or two about Michell from a trip to London.


26 Apr 2021

Rank #7

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Ep.1 Teri DiMarino, a distinguished career that isn't over yet

An industry veteran, Teri has owned and operated successful salons and mobiles in Florida and California. An award winning grooming contest competitor, Teri was a member of three GroomTeam USA Gold Medal teams. A multi Barkleigh Honors and Cardinal Crystal Award winner, Teri is a popular speaker and judge at seminars and trade shows across the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, China, Korea and Australia. Teri is also the recipient of the coveted American Kennel Club's Leadership Award. Co-Founder, President and show chair of the Boca Raton Dog Club in Florida, Teri's dog show career included Dobermans and Tibetan Terriers in the breed and obedience ring. 


7 Apr 2021

Rank #8