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Gamescom 2022 Special - Tilt Five, Hellsweeper VR, Espire 2 Impressions & More

Join Ian and Harry for this Gamescom 2022 special of the VR Gamescast, featuring all the news and impressions direct from the Gamescom show floor last week. NEWS 00:00 Introduction01:40 Half-Life 2 VR Mod Release Date06:00 Transformers PSVR Release09:10 Resident Evil 8 PSVR 2 Playable At Tokyo Games Show12:28 PSVR 2 Release Window Confirmed17:28 Red Matter 2 Available Now For Quest 2, PC VR22:10 Ultimechs Releases Sep 15 + Impressions26:35 Upcoming Releases - September 2022IMPRESSIONS29:19 Gamescom: Tilt Five 44:13 Gamescom: Hellsweeper VR46:00 Gamescom: Pathcraft47:35 Gamescom: Silhouette 50:00 Gamescom: We Are One52:30 Gamescom: Mixture54:55 Gamescom: Espire 259:43 Gamescom: Hubris1:04:20 Gamescom: Everslaught Invasion1:06:03 Gamescom: Drop Dead: The Cabin1:13:35 Gamescom: Broken Edge1:16:50 Gamescom: New Owchemy Labs Hand Tracking GameTHIS WEEK IN VR1:24:20 VRChat Namuanki World TourSOMETHING TO TRY THIS WEEKEND:1:32:15 Gamescom: Mash Me Up

1hr 39mins

2 Sep 2022

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Walkabout Mini Golf Labyrinth DLC Impressions, Splinter Cell VR Cancelled - VR Gamescast

Join Ian and Harry as they discuss Walkabout Mini Golf's Labyrinth DLC, the cancellation of Splinter Cell VR and more of the latest VR games news. 00:00 Introduction & New Releases01:28 The Twilight Zone VR - Quick Impressions05:30 Population: One Dropping Quest 1 Support11:19 Splinter Cell VR Cancelled 13:48 Survios Aliens Game18:53 Red Matter 2 Quest Footage25:54 Walkabout Mini Golf: Labyrinth DLC Impressions


2 Aug 2022

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2022 H2 Game Preview! - VR Gamescast

NOTE: We've got some tech issues this week. Apologies for the robot voices - we'll have that fixed next week!This week on the VR Gamescast Jamie and Harry talk about what games they're looking forward to for the rest of the year, discuss new Quest release dates and much more!00:00 Intro01:51 Far Cry VR Zero Latency Impressions05:35 PatchWorld08:35 Thief Simulator VR10:51 Ruinsmagus13:18 American Dream17:37 New PSVR 2 Image!23:30 New Horizon PSVR 2 Details27:35 Little Cities Hand-Tracking Launches30:11 Phantom Covert Ops Sequel Not In Development37:24 Wands Alliances Impressions45:01 2022 H2 Game Preview

1hr 19mins

30 Jun 2022

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Interview: Little Cities Gets Hand Tracking Support


27 Jun 2022

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Interview: The Story of Unplugged - Innovating With Hand Tracking


19 Jun 2022

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Upload VR Showcase Round-Up, Mothergunship: Forge Impressions

This week on the VR Gamescast Jamie and Harry are reviewing Green Hell VR on PC and Mothergunship: Forge, recapping the Upload VR Showcase and more! Coming up this week:00:00 Intro02:41 The Last Clockwinder Review10:35 Upload VR Showcase Recap47:48 Green Hell VR PC Review01:00:35 Mothergunship: Forge Review

1hr 8mins

16 Jun 2022

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Predicting PSVR 2's Launch Line-Up - VR Gamescast

Join Jamie and Harry as they pick apart the week's VR gaming news and impressions, including talk on PSVR 2's launch line-up, Joy Way cancelling Outlier, and a rereview of Beat Saber.00:00 Intro02:22 Bad Metaverse Watch04:44 Beat Saber Review 202219:18 Predicting PSVR 2's Launch Titles34:08 Wings 1941 Release Date36:36 Shores Of Loci Impressions38:15 Green Hell PC VR Release41:05 Outlier Canceled


26 May 2022

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Will Project Cambria Be A Game Changer For VR Gamers? VR Gamescast

Join Jamie and Ian as they talk over the week's latest headlines and go in-depth on big discussions.00:00 Intro01:40 VR Ping Pong Pro comes to Quest09:47 The Last Clockwinder release date revealed12:15 Eolia release date revealed14:29 Demeo's next campaign revealed18:48 Pavlov Shack drops Quest 124:03 Will Project Cambria change the game for games?


19 May 2022

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Unplugged 2.0 Impressions, New Game Reveals

Jamie and Harry are back for another (technically imperfect) of the VR Gamescast! Coming up this week:00:00 The reason this episode sounds bad00:30 Intro02:12 Unplugged 2.0 impressions14:00 Area Man Lives impressions19:50 Propagation: Paradise Hotel gameplay22:28 F1 22 coming to VR25:55 Twilight Zone VR release date revealed30:34 Cities: VR update37:05 World of Mechs revealed39:40 Ultimechs gameplay revealed


16 May 2022

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Assassin's Creed VR, Cities VR Impressions

Join Jamie and Harry for another dose of VR news and reviews in this week's VR Gamescast including:00:00 Intro03:00 Little Cities Getting Hand Tracking09:35 Ghostbusters VR Details14:48 Assassin's Creed VR Leaks23:30 120Hz Bonelab?26:34 Chewlers Trailer29:05 Cities VR Impressions


5 May 2022

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