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The Beauty and the Network podcast us hosted by Jasmine Jones. Tune in to get motivated and inspire to take massive action in both your business and life. The host started her bridal beauty business at the age of 19 as a passion project to help her bring in more money while she juggled multiple jobs at once.Aside from the tactical strategies you can use to grow your business it's all about the power if your mindset which will help you succeed.Learn to shift your ways of thinking, Master your businesses marketing so that you can design a life of freedom and make the money you deserve!

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Quarter 1 Profit Review (3 Tips to scale your income) Episode 59

First Ever Profit review giving you a look into my bridal beauty business's monthly income. How you can scale your income without a team and 3 Tips to help you aim for bigger income goals in your bridal beauty business. Follow me on instagram @Beautyandthenetwork Work with me


7 Apr 2021

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Dealing with overwhelm episode 58

Tune in to learn how to master your self sabotaging habits when it comes to dealing with overwhelm.


7 Apr 2021

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Full Moon Ritual Releasing Episode 58

Are you into full moon rituals? Or are you wondering what the heck that even means? In todays episode i give you a transparent view into what i chose to release during the March 28th Full Moon. I'm a firm believer that self awarness is the most under rated tool to take your business and success to an entire new level and the importance of consistent mindset work! If you enjoy todays Mindset Monday Epsiode don't forget to subscribe and leave a review! Follow me on Instagram @Beautyandthenetwork


29 Mar 2021

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Are you over complicating your content? Episode 57

Creating content is what leads to use actually booking a paid client. And if your posts are just getting likes and comments but not actual sales then that leave you constantly trying to reinvent the wheel of wondering what you should be posting and operating from a place that is not sustainable. Tune into todays episode and make sure your ready to take a ton of note for some tips on how you can simplify your content creation process FOREVER Also are you following me on instagram yet? Follow me @Beautyandthenetwork Want to work with me? Join the waitlist for my Coaching Program to reopens in July 2021 Enroll in my Bridal Beauty Business Blue Print Course Opens April 2021


25 Mar 2021

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Let's leave hustle culture behind! Episode 55

My friends this episode is for my fellow had working beauty boss babes who are trying to grow a sustainable bridal beauty business with goals of becoming full time in their business. I'm officially leaving hustle culture behind in 2020 because I realized last year that you can have a successful beauty business without having to go days without sleep.  If your use to trying to do it all on your own this is a must listen episode for you! Also if your currently trying to start or grow your very own bridal beauty business make sure to check out my Bridal Beauty Blue Print Course that is now officially open for enrollment!  View Bridal Beauty Business Blue Print Course Now


22 Mar 2021

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Plan Accordingly (setting better goals) Episode 55

How well is your goal setting going for you? Do you need to revamp the process to make things move achievable? Tune in to today episode to listen to the 5 steps that you need to do in Order to help you crush your goals for 2021. Follow me on Instagram HERE Apply for 8 week Bridal Beauty Business Accelerator HERE Download your FREE Launch Guide HERE


11 Jan 2021

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10x Your Revenue With A Diverse Beauty Brand Guest Chrystal L Episode 54

Is your current business model hurting you or helping you? Tune into todays guest interview with Stylist and Salon Owner Chrystal L. We talk about why it's important to design your business and customer experience with your customer in mind and what she wish she knew before going into business on her own. Follow Chrystal on line to stay connected HERE Follow on Instagram @Beautyandthenetwork

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7 Jan 2021

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The Manifestation Mindset Guest Anita Aguilar Episode 53

Today guest on the beauty and the network podcast with host Jasmine Jones, Jasmine brought on Manifestation and Mindset coach Anita Aguilar. Host of the Makeupmentor podcast for beauty professionals and makeup artist. In todays episode Anita shares her story of what download she had that encouraged her to record her very first episode of the Makeupmentorpodcast that she has today. She is a natural born boss babe and she sharing with you a few tip to help you head in to the new year with the right mindset so you can stay far out of your way and create the life that you really desire through manifestation. Follow Anita on Instagram HERE Follow Jasmine on Instagram HERE


31 Dec 2020

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Y'all i'm so excited for the new year because there is just so much opportunity for growth. I've been sitting a reflecting  on the services that did the best and a few services that were a big flop so that means I need to change it up so here is what I'm doing! Brand strategy an action planning session will only be available to those who attend my VIP Group  Intensive Workshops. This way when you get to the strategy session you have a good understanding of what is required of you to give your business the momentum it needs to succeed. I will only be hosting 1-2 VIP intensives each month and seating is extremely limited to allow for Q& A  After each module to make sure you understand what is taught. Check out my website to sign up for the next VIP! ( There will be beginner level and Advanced )


21 Dec 2020

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Thriving the pandemic as a hair and makeup artist with Guest Melissa Dunn Episode 51

Today guest speaker is Melissa Dunn. A Bridal hair and Makeup artist who has learned how to thrive in the online space during the pandemic with hairstyling tutorials. Instead of playing victim this boss babe took things into her own hands and created a new source of income for herself (without needing a client in her chair) Tune into today episode to listen to her story an major lessons she had to learn for business when i comes to what you should be posting on social media to attract new client to you business. Make sure you follow Melissa on Instagram HERE Follow Beauty and the network  Here


17 Dec 2020

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