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Joey Hates Movies

Joey dosen't like movies. But he also hasn't seen many. Basically none. Coral and Nick are tasked with assigning Joey one movie per episode to watch, in an attempt to get him to maybe, actually, like movies. We hope.

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Joey Hates The Matrix

Joey jacks in and takes the red pill as our patreon fans suggested The Matrix for this edition of Joey Hates Movies. Will Keanu, green numbers, and bullet time make the crew enjoy this Classic? Maybe. Do we even want to take the red pill anymore? That subreddit tho. 

1hr 28mins

16 Apr 2019

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Joey Hates Se7en

Pride, greed, envy, lust, sloth, gluttony, and the other one I forget. Coral recommends Joey watches Se7en-- and he may finally understand all those damn BOX references that have flown over his head. 

1hr 21mins

16 Apr 2019

Rank #2

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Joey Hates Hereditary

Joey doesn't just hate movies, Joey hates horror movies. This one was hard for him to build up the courage to start, but did Hereditary change his mind on the genre?  patreon.com/cybergarbage @cybergarbage, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged , 

1hr 7mins

8 Nov 2019

Rank #3

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Joey Hates Green Book

"Yeah we'll do an episode on whatever wins best picture..." -- Emmy winning Best Picture of 2018, Green Book. Why, oh why, did we agree to this.   Let's take a trip down south and talk about systemic racism! That sounds like fun, right? 

1hr 12mins

22 Apr 2019

Rank #4

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Joey Hates Airplane!

Patreon asked for Airplane!, a lot. So here we are putting on our in flight seat belts and getting down with them BIG LAUGHS. Or are they big laughs? Or are they dated laughs? How does Joey and co. think Airplane holds up? As we all know our crew is nothing but masters of comedy.  patreon.com/cybergarbage @cybergarbage, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged , 


25 Oct 2019

Rank #5

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Joey Hates Fargo

Don't cha know how much we love doin' da north eastern accent ya hear? You fuckin' betcha.  This episode we jump into the classic 1996 Choen Bro's film FARGO! Not the three FX tv series that Joey loves. But the movie. Which he might love? Or Hate?  @cybergarbage, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged 

1hr 9mins

1 Jul 2019

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Joey Hates The Virgin Suicides

It's Coral's turn to pick, and she picked something no where close to the other movies we've covered in Virgin Suicides. Will Joey be able to appreciate and understand the girls? Will, well, anyone?  patreon.com/cybergarbage @cybergarbage69, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged 


23 Nov 2019

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Joey Hates Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Okay, maybe Joey doesn't hate this movie. He claims to LOVE QT. That's quentin tarantino. The crew saw this movie together, at the dome (the movie theater in the movie) and had quite the experience. Let them recap it for you, and see how Joey feel's about QT's 9th film.  patreon.com/cybergarbage @cybergarbage, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged , 

1hr 1min

18 Oct 2019

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Joey Hates Memento

Don't listen to this podcast backwards, or out of order. Or maybe you should, because we're twisting time and fading into black and white as we look at Memento. Because YOU ON PATREON SUGGESTED THIS. Thanks? @cybergarbage, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged 


3 Aug 2019

Rank #9

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Joey Hates The General

Black and white? And what's that, NO WORDS? Shit. This will probably really, really trigger Joey. I guess it is cool that this silent film is aval for viewing on YouTube, because it's that old. Join Joey Coral and Nick as they go back to Film 102 with this quiet classic.  patreon.com/cybergarbage @cybergarbage, @leafeator, @adventnick, @coralabridged , 


18 Oct 2019

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