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Ultraboyruns: The Adventure Podcast

Following the (mis)adventures of Ultraboyruns (and ASKadventurer). Stories, reviews, opinions and advice covering trail running, ultra marathons, paddling, open water swimming, hiking, wild camping, skating, and pretty much any other type of adventure that a dad and daughter can get caught up in. See you out there.

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Ultraboyruns asks, 'what type of trail running poo are you?'

It's something we all do but it is also something that we generally avoid talking about - poo. If you can't handle a bit of trail running poo chat, this podcast isn't for you (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED).Welcome to the penultimate episode of season 1 of Ultraboyruns: The Adventure Channel.As runners, many of us will have experienced the natural need to have a poo and this podcast looks at the kind of poo-related issues that runners might have had and the things we can do to mitigate the effects. More concerningly this is me baring my (poo)r bum cheeks to the scrutiny of my fellow runners and the wider podcast community.


11 Jun 2021

Rank #1

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Ultraboyruns to question ASKadventurer

In episode 4 Ultraboyruns and his 6 year old daughter head out to the trail and answer 20 questions that will highlight just how much the child knows about her fathers one and only hobby - running.


19 Apr 2021

Rank #2

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Ultraboyruns the St. Peter's Way Ultra Marathon & B is for burning bullet hole

In episode 3, Ultraboyruns relives his experience with Challenge Running at the St Peter's Way Ultra Marathon. He recalls how this early race experience would help define the ultra runner and adventurer he would become and he also considers a return to the race he did in 2014.More information about the race is available at www.challenge-running.co.ukWe also have the letter B from the A-Z of adventuring and running which this episode looks at the phrase, 'Burning Bullet Hole' (not for the squeamish or those who have an aversion to tales of poo!)


16 Apr 2021

Rank #3

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Ultraboyruns versus the number 9 bus from Hammersmith & the A-Z of adventuring begins

In this episode I look back to a time in 2015 when I was working in London and chose to test my fitness levels by racing the number 9 bus from Hammersmith. Who would win? Man or machine? I'll give you a clue - I wouldn't have done a podcast about it if I'd been on the losing side!This episode also starts my A-Z of adventures and we begin with the letter A. 


31 Mar 2021

Rank #4

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Ultraboyruns says 'Zut Alors' to the SainteLyon & Tales from the Trail with ASK

My favourite ultra marathon is the SainteLyon and this episode explores my experience at the 2017 edition of this amazing 'night raid'. Running from St. Etienne to Lyon in the middle of the night in December... what could possible go wrong?In addition we look at what happens when a 6 year old trail runner takes on a middle aged man in a short sharp race and what they talk about on their runs.


29 Mar 2021

Rank #5