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I play games on roblox and post singing! also i do whatever i wantMy Roblox username is cokieyfun!Contact me on https://anchor.fm/cokieyfun/messagesCurrently at 111.3k plays! you are my favorite ragersFeel free to follow me so you can join me in game!the cover is by justin tysm!Join my Roblox group, “Staying Cool Robloxians!”

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Worker helps you at book fair! -ASMR RP- (little sassy)

Oh look, you’re at the book fair asking the volunteer worker what books you need to read for the summer and next grade. Doesn’t it just brink you back? Ah, nostalgia. ———————- WRITE IN THE COMMENTS WHAT THE NEXT EP SHOULD BE! ————— Send me a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cokieyfun/messages


15 Jul 2022

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im back. and singing? (Time Flies)

YEAH I MADE A SONG. But fr, I miss y’all so much. I had video ideas left and right and taking a break was definitely a good move. Now I’m more motivated than I’ve been since I started this podcast! Prod. Dan Darnawan———————————————————-Send me a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cokieyfun/messages


11 Jul 2022

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Giveaway winners and huge announcement.

I know it might be sad but I’ll be back sooner than you think! Also congrats to those 2 winners, I am transferring the robux as soon as I can! Stay cool.


11 Jun 2022

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And the winners are…. (ART CONTEST)

Thank you everyone for entering you are all too much! I love every single one of you dearly as if ive known you for years. This was really a big step for me so thank you to all who supported me and my passions, and those who didn’t I applaud you for being honest lol. Thank you all. *again*


7 Jun 2022

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Art contest ends tomorrow! (WE HIT 100K LISTEN TO GET UP TO 500 ROBUX)

Also I have no idea what to call you guys, like as in a listenership name. Everyone and guys is too basic so feel free to comment! As you heard, you have to do the steps on getting into the giveaway for robux but also if you have questions about the art contest, today is the last day of entries! Tomorrow I will be showcasing them in a video podcast episode.


5 Jun 2022

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soo i changed my podcast name..


27 May 2022

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Playing, “The Backrooms Unlimited” (GETS CHAOTIC) -video podcast-

So I’ve had much trouble uploading this episode due to storage so this is pre-recorded about a good few days ago. Still, I hope you enjoy! WARNING: Minor jump scares for some. None the less, enjoy! Send me a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cokieyfun/messages


27 May 2022

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Vote in the poll!

My new podcast names

27 May 2022

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I’m doing an art contest! (SUGGEST IDEAS FOR PODCAST NAME?!)

Third place gets a shoutout, second place gets a collab and or shoutout and first place gets to be my cover art! Good luck! ———————————————— Instructions: Due June 5th, use Spotify playlist or podcast episode cover art to enter. Make sure to let me know via voice message or comment!


26 May 2022

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Playing some idiotic investing! 💰🖼 (VIDEO POD)

We like to have fun here- but my podcast is growing so fast I want to appeal to everyone! Anyways, enjoy this late night video. —————————————————————-Send me a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cokieyfun/messages


22 May 2022

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