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The Legacy through Motherhood podcast has a basic mission of generational change. We will be having conversations that center around 5 main topics: Faith, Finances, Health, Mindset and Marriage. Some of us are fortunate enough to have exemplary role models in one or more of these areas, while others are not.When it comes to these topics, I think we all share the same desire to see our children succeed, especially in areas we struggle with- but how? How do we teach them to be successful in areas we haven't figured out for ourselves? How do we model, teach, train and equip our children to succeed when we do not have an accessible role model for marriage, healthy finances or whatever it might be? How do we make the time to intentionally leave the legacy that we want to leave for our children? How do we break strongholds and generational cycles when we still feel the weight and challenges of them?This podcast will be full of practical ideas, empowering stories, guest speakers, biblical and scientific proof behind different topics, resource recommendations, and so much more. My promise to you is to help you find your grit as a mama while covering you in grace. Would you join me as we learn how to leave the legacy that we WANT to leave for our children? We WILL do this by challenging ourselves and by ultimately passing our knowledge onto our children. I can't wait to continue this conversation! And girl, don’t forget as you go into this day, whatever goal you are pursuing or whatever area you are struggling with - you are already enough.

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EP 2 The Battle for your Mind

This episode will kick off our rotation between the 5 main topics and talk about the battle for our mind and how to take back control.To sign up for the LTM email list and receive the Affirmation Starter Guide talked about in this episode head on over to www.SimsArrows.com and there is a place to join towards the bottom. <3There is also an exclusive facebook group for LTM to continue the conversation that begins on the podcast. Head on over and check it out!!https://www.facebook.com/groups/1457971401027693/


9 Dec 2019

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EP 3 Honesty in your Finances

During this episode we will walk through 6 different levels you can find yourself in financially. There will be resources provided for each of those six levels that will support you in moving into the next one. We will also discuss some practical ways we can come along side our family and friends so that we aren't unknowingly causing them to feel the pressure to 'keep up' ... just to be able to hang out with us. <3To sign up for the LTM email list and receive the simple tracking form talked about in this episode head on over to www.SimsArrows.com and there is a place to join towards the bottom. <3There is also an exclusive facebook group for LTM to continue the conversation that begins on the podcast. Head on over and check it out!!https://www.facebook.com/groups/1457971401027693/Survey from Charles Schwab:https://content.schwab.com/web/retail/public/about-schwab/Charles-Schwab-2019-Modern-Wealth-Survey-findings-0519-9JBP.pdfSurvey from Dave Ramsey:https://www.daveramsey.com/research/state-of-debt-among-americansResources that were recommended for each level:Struggling -Dave Ramsey's Podcast or a mentor.Surviving -Dave Ramsey's book, "The Total Money Makeover".Stable -Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (https://www.daveramsey.com)Robert Kiyosaki's, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"Security - "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J Stanley and William D Danko"Smart Money, Smart Kids" from Rachel CruzeSurplus -"Thou Shall Prosper" by Rabbi Daniel Lapin"Every Day Millionaires" by Chris HoganSignificance -The Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey


16 Dec 2019

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EP 16 Pursuing Less

This episode is 2-fold given the situation happening right now. ⁣⁣This episode is about our journey of pursuing less (things) in the Sims household over the last 4 years and how freeing it can be to let things go. ⁣⁣This episode came at the perfect time because we are stuck in our houses 😅.⁣Does your home cause you stress and anxiety or is it your place of peace and comfort? Does your home overwhelm you or is it a place of rest? We are still on this journey of pursuing less but it has caused our life and my motherhood to be so much lighter and more enjoyable. It was something I didn't even know I needed and I'm excited to share it with you.⁣I also talk about teaching kids at home when you aren't a teacher. I feel comfortable with what's happening because I'm a teacher but I know some mamas are feeling anxious about keeping up with all the academics and making sure their kids don't fall behind during this time. I got you. I talk through some things to remember during these next 3 weeks (or possibly more).⁣SHOW NOTESYale study (It can literally hurt to let things go)https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3506167/Princeton University study (affect ability to focus)https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21228167Clutter raises cortisol levelshttp://magazine.ucla.edu/features/the-clutter-culture/index.htmlEducation appsReadingReadinga-z.comHomerMathSplashMathDreamboxTechnologyKodable


16 Mar 2020

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EP 4 Generational Faith

In this episode, Stephanie talks about why kids are leaving the church in the masses and how to potentially stop this from happening with your children.The book, " " target="_blank">So the Next Generation will Know"The validity of the Bible resources.https://thecenterbham.org/2017/06/22/the-validity-of-the-bible-in-an-age-of-skepticism-part-i/https://www.focusonthefamily.com/faith/is-the-bible-reliable/https://jewsforjesus.org/answers/top-40-most-helpful-messianic-prophecies/


23 Dec 2019

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EP 5 Reframing Self-Care

In this episode, Stephanie challenges what the common term "self-care" is and isn't.


30 Dec 2019

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EP 6 Competition in Marriage

In this episode, we talk about competition in marriage and how to use competition for GOOD in your marriage. Stephanie and Justin used to fight a lot - between their first-born personalities and competitive drive...neither of them would back down from arguments which caused a lot of issues early on in their relationship. Now, they have figured out how to *mostly* use their competitive nature to work together.In this episode, there are also some tips for parenting kids who love to compete against each other in a more healthy way.Ways to stay in touch.www.simsarrows.com/start/IG:https://www.instagram.com/legacy_through_motherhood/?hl=enFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Legacy-Through-Motherhood-101809417881403/Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1457971401027693/


6 Jan 2020

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EP 12 United Front in Marriage (when you don’t always agree)

This episode talks about how to be a united front in your marriage and parenting when you don’t always agree. I walk through a framework we use when we don’t agree on the small things and then when we don’t agree on the big things. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It happens.I talk about steps to take when you don’t agree on education for your kids, ways to discipline, sleep schedules, finances, number of children to have, if you want to go to church and your spouse doesn’t, and more... all the fun things that tend to drive a wedge in our marriages.Show NotesThe Ferber Method (Cry it out)7-step framework to get on the same page:Write it down (Shine a light on it)Is it REALLY a big deal to you? (Sometimes, we feel like we should care or do something because of outside pressures to do so...but in reality we may not care as much as we think we do...OR we realize our spouse actually cares more about a certain topic than you realized)Contemplate who should have the authority or the final say (i.e. I had the final say in education because I'm a teacher and he had the final say in rentals because he deals with our rentals the most)Find Evidence/studies/journals to back up your stance. (Disagree on screen time? Find researched based articles that show the effects of extended screen time for children - can't argue with facts! ;) )Take baby steps towards one another. (It's unlikely, if it's a big topic, that someone is going to completely surrender their point of view or stance. So both give a little bit. You think screen time should be 30 min a day and he thinks 5 hours is fine? Settle on 3 hours (2 movies a day)Lead by Example. (Sometimes we get stubborn and we aren't convicted at the same time about the same thing as our spouse...so as much as it would be great to do things together...sometimes you just need to manage screen time, eat healthy when they aren't, and keep a budget yourself before they are ready.Seek Marriage Counseling (When we find ourselves really digging our heels in...there is usually something deeper going on. It's really nice to have someone from the outside looking in give us advice when we can't see the root cause clearly.Facebook GroupTo catch up on all things Legacy through Motherhood head to www.simsarrows.com6 St🙅🏻‍♀️dfsdfasdf


17 Feb 2020

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EP 19 Our Journey to Financial Freedom

FREE GUIDE - PREWORK FOR PAYING DOWN DEBTThis episode is our journey into debt and then what made us come to a screeching halt and pivot and then our journey out of debt.I think it can be encouraging to see someone else's journey and somewhat of a roadmap to how they made it happen. In this episode, we pull back the curtain and show you how we went from in way over our head to completely debt free in about 2.5 years.


6 Apr 2020

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EP 11 Creating Cancer

▪️Are you completely overwhelmed when it comes to how much toxic crap is out there? You hear, "Literally everything gives you cancer these days", and instead of going head to head with that beast you just ignore it.▪️ Do you wish you could have a healthier home but just don't have the time to do all the dang research it takes to know what's non-toxic AND works?▪️Do you get discouraged because you have a desire to be healthier but the cost difference is a deterrent and you just can't stomach paying that much more just for something to be organic?👇👇👇This episode is for you. We go head to head with the toxic consumerism of our generation. We get real and talk about the statistics of environmental cancers vs genetic cancers (the stats here are EYE-OPENING to say the least.), but we don't stay there because we can't live in fear so we move it right along to 3 simple switches you can make right now that will make a huge impact in your home and the lives of you and your babies.  💥Plus for all my email subscribers - y'all are gonna get a TOTAL list of all the things I've switched to over the past 2 years to make it simple and easy for you busy mama's and women. If you haven't joined my email list - tonight will be the time to do so. Go to www.simsarrows.com and scroll to the bottom to sign up ❤Also, if you aren't in The Legacy through Motherhood Community with Stephanie Sims you should be!Show Notes (Sources):https://www.cancer.org/content/dam/cancer-org/research/cancer-facts-and-statistics/annual-cancer-facts-and-figures/2018/cancer-facts-and-figures-2018.pdfhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2515569/https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/causes-prevention/geneticshttps://blog.givingassistant.org/dirty-dozen-clean-15-list/YOUNG LIVING - Kelly Knopf (if you don't already have a consultant)https://www.youngliving.com/vo/#/signup/new-start?sponsorid=2415639&enrollerid=2415639&isocountrycode=US&culture=en-US&type=memberThink Dirty App - find non-toxic alternatives for all you’re products!! ❤️


10 Feb 2020

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EP 10 Children Belong in Families: Foster Care

In this episode, Stephanie takes a deep dive into what it takes to become a foster parent. She goes through the process from start to finish as it pertains to her family journey. She also tackles some frequently asked questions and talks a little about respite care as well. Towards the end there are some helpful resources she talks about if you are considering becoming a foster parent or if you know someone considering foster care.


3 Feb 2020

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EP 7 Shattering Self-Limiting Beliefs

In this episode, Stephanie talks about the science and biblical truths behind our thoughts, what self-limiting beliefs are, and how to shatter them. We talk about addiction and breaking generational cycles.


13 Jan 2020

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EP 8 Building Wealth: Part 1

We are going to start the conversation on building wealth. Part one is going to talk about how to even get to the point where talking about building wealth makes sense. When you are in the paycheck to paycheck grind this can seem like it’s just not in the cards for you. So during this episode we start talking about how to set a solid financial plan to get you in a place where building wealth starts to seem like a place you will get to one day. Because it totally can be. Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps:We talk about steps 1-3 in todays episode <3 " target="_blank">The Book, "A Millionaire Next Door"(This book talks about how minimal and frugal real life millionaires actually live. It is an easy read and shows a lot of statistics on millionaires these days and that most millionaires and first-generation and not trust-fund babies.


20 Jan 2020

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EP 17 How to prioritize your spouse when you have small children

SHOWNOTES5-DAY MARRIAGE CHALLENGE (LINK BELOW)https://legacythroughmotherhood.lpages.co/5-day-marriage-challenge/STUDIES TALKED ABOUT IN SHOWLower educational attainmentMore effects of divorce on kids and parentsWhat should come first? Your kids or your marriage? ⁣⁣In this episode, I talk about ways we can prioritize our marriage - especially in the little kid years.<3 ⁣⁣This is a favorite topic of mine because I think strong marriages are the backbone of so many other things in life. It can be the most difficult and the most beautiful relationship in our life and my goal is to just encourage and breathe life into your marriage and help you make it just 1% better each day. ⁣⁣I invite you to listen to this episode for some encouragement and motivation to make small but mighty pivots in your day to day and prioritize your spouse and put your kids lovingly in their place. ❤️⁣


23 Mar 2020

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EP 9 Finding Connection through Reading Scripture

During this Episode, Stephanie walks through the strategies she uses to actually connect with God though Bible Study. Have you ever felt like you open the Bible and have a desire to genuinely connect with God and his Word - but then fall flat or are disappointed because you didn't really take much from what you read? Stephanie dives into the strategies she has used personally to go from feeling disconnected with the Bible to feeling close with God during each and every quiet time. Resources from the show: " target="_blank">Cultural Background Study Bible - NIVRight Now Media - The websiteThe book of Ruth - Bianca Olthoff - The studyExodus - Ashley McNary - The StudyThe book of Ruth by Bianca Olthoff- Youtube(This is NOT the same study as the study done in Right Now Media - but it's the same author - she is just giving a sermon.)She Reads Truth - Bible Studies that are more scripture basedFavorite video bible studies (Usually done in a Women's Bible Study)"Armor of God" - Priscilla Shirer"Entrusted" - Beth Moore


27 Jan 2020

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EP 14 Building Wealth Pt. 2

During this episode we talk through Dave Ramsey's baby steps 4-7.Show Notes:Roth IRA 101What the Bible says about retirementBest ways to start saving for collegeMortgage? Or tax deduction.


2 Mar 2020

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EP 15 God is in Control: Trusting God with your Resources

In this episode, Stephanie talks about the ways that God provides when we are faithful. Sometimes in ways we were expecting and other times in ways we didn't expect. This episode walks through 6 different testimonies of God providing in amazing ways when we stepped out in faith and stretched ourselves financially or trusted in God for a job opportunity.SHOW NOTESFinancial Sermon Series(This is not the sermon series I talked about in this episode. The link for that is not working and I've emailed about getting the correct one. This series is great also if you want a financially focused sermon series to listen to!)Andrea works for Weightless Anchor in Cincinnati check it out belowhttp://www.onebloc.org/weightless-anchor


9 Mar 2020

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EP 18 Why saying "No" is one of your biggest responsibilities

Step-by Step guide to build your family's mission statement.Where are all my "yes" girls at?? Below is an excerpt from the episode tomorrow. It's not all me shooting it to you straight like this...but this episode was emotional for me to write because I think trying to do 'all the things' and wearing it like a badge of honor is where we start losing the legacies we are striving to achieve.⁣⁣


30 Mar 2020

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EP 13 Family on a Mission

Step-by-step guide to build your family's mission statementThis kind of supplements last weeks episode on being a united front in marriage. I share our personal mission statement for our family and talk through tangible ways to be united on the big things so you can streamline the small things ❤ Decision fatigue is REAL and when we are trying to make a decision about anything and everything all.day.long it just creates frustration. ⁣⁣If you can get united on the big goals, your family's mission - it makes the day to day a little simpler. It may not be the sexiest topic - but it's a conversation we need to have. Between the go, go, go of this culture, mixed with exhaustion, and the constant run around...it's easy to look up (like I did) and think, "How in the world am I going to have 2 in school next year?" We need to be reminded sometimes that even though it seems like we will always have tiny babies or be wiping a toddlers butt....that's not really the case. Our kids are having their childhood right.now. And we need to re calibrate every once in awhile to make sure we aren't way off course. ♥⁣⁣We are all manifesting some kind of life for our family...are you being intentional with the legacy you are creating?! (at least...most of the time ;))⁣⁣This 25 min episode will hopefully give you the motivation you need to reconnect on the big things you want out of your motherhood and your family and give you easy action steps to get clear and get focused. ❤ ⁣⁣I hope you guys enjoy!⁣


24 Feb 2020

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EP 25 Allowing your child(ren) to take up their own cross

In this episode, Stephanie talks about the importance of allowing our children to carry the weight of their own cross in this world. As parents, we try so hard to protect them from anything and everything but I wonder if that's not the best thing to default to.


18 May 2020

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EP 24 Teaching your Children about Money

This episode is going to be split into two parts. The first part is going to be mindset related. The second part is going to be more practical steps or things you can do to teach your children about money.Books:Rich Dad, Poor Dad - Robert KiyosakiSmart Money, Smart Kids - Dave Ramsey and Rachel CruzeGames:Act Your Wage: Dave RamseyFinancial Peace Jr.: Dave RamseyCash Flow (Richdad.com)5-day Decluttering Challenge (starts June 1)https://legacythroughmotherhood.lpages.co/5-day-decluttering-challenge/


11 May 2020

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