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Online personality Lauren Elizabeth is a business-savvy Midwestern girl living in Los Angeles. She's honest, hilarious, and isn't afraid to keep it real. Each episode Lauren dives into her best and worst moods of the week. You'll become obsessed with her current mood boosters ranging from lifestyle products to tips and tricks. Stick around for each new topic discussion and #MyMOOD advice segment. Subscribe to have your mood boosted each Wednesday.

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62: Q&A Current Mood Convo: Anxiety, Heartbreak, Productivity

This week I'm going SOLO for our Current Mood Convo! I asked for some advice questions over on Instagram and WOW there were enough for a year!! So we quickly dive into some initial thoughts on topics that you guys want advice on but stay tuned for dedicated episodes! And as always, I give you my best mood, worst mood, and mood boosters for the week! For more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/


27 Jan 2021

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61: Going Deep with Claudia Oshry

Welcome back to this week's episode of MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth! My good friend and first-time author, Claudia Oshry, joins our current MOOD convo focusing on mental health and how it influences the women we are today. You may think you know everything about @girlwithnojob, but Claudia lays it all out on the table in her new book! As always, I let you know my best mood, worst mood, and some new self-care mood boosters!For more follow: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/


20 Jan 2021

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60: New Mindset, Who Dis? Relationships & Mindfulness with Casey Kenny

Welcome back to MOOD with Lauren Elizabeth! This week's Current Mood Convo features Casey Kenny from the podcast New Mindset, Who Dis? He offers practical thoughts on self-improvement, mindfulness, and advice on how to live your best life. He believes being single is your SUPERPOWER! So we talk relationships, male and female emotions, and self-awareness. Tune in for his amazing perspective and make sure to check out his newest journal! As always, I share my best & worst mood of the week plus my current mood boosters! For more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/


13 Jan 2021

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4: MOOD: In Love & Adulting with Claudia Sulewski!

Welcome back to another episode of MOOD! This week I'm joined with super influencer and BFF Claudia Sulewski! We talk all about her fairytale love life, new house, and all things trendy! Listen for our current mood, current obsessions, and more!Please vote for me in the REVOLVE awards! http://rvlv.me/revolveawards2019Follow me for more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethFor #MyMOOD submit your MOOD and request advice at MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.com

1hr 22mins

6 Nov 2019

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3: MOOD: Irrelevant & Irritable with Joey King!

Welcome back to my second episode of MOOD! My first guest is BIG BIG Hollywood star, Joey King! She was just nominated for her first Emmy for The Act and The star of The Kissing Booth 2 coming back to Netflix soon! Bear with us as we giggle through the next hour on my couch! Follow me for more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethFor #MyMOOD submit your MOOD and request advice at MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.com

1hr 1min

30 Oct 2019

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59: What I Learned in 2020 That I'm Taking Into The New Year

Welcome back to MOOD and welcome to the NEW YEAR!! I am so beyond excited for a whole new year of MOODS! To start us off on the right one, I wanted to talk to you guys one on one about what I learned in 2020. How we can go into this year with the right mood mindset and not put unnecessary pressure on ourselves that doesn't even serve us. We talk patience, learning, and continuing our growth. Here's to a fabulous new year! For more: instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/http://youtube.com/lovelaurenelizabeth


6 Jan 2021

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17: MOOD: How To Create a Morning/Night Routine - Starting Non Negotiable Habits!

This week we talk about morning and night routines and how to start them or spice up our current ones! Our habits create our best lives and best selves, so creating a routine is key to consistent greatness. We dive into how to get started, what to think about and consider when crafting your new and improved routine! Self care for the win! Plus I answer three #MyMOOD emails about dating, comparing ourselves, and change! For advice email MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.comFollow me on IG for more details: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabeth


19 Feb 2020

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18: MOOD: Real Talk on Getting Out of A Funk!

This week we talk all about getting out of a funk with tons of new mood-boosting skincare and makeup products, gratitude lists, and guilty pleasures like The Bachelor! As always your #MyMOOD emails are answered and if you want advice next week email MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.comFor more details follow Lauren on Instagram! https://instagram.com/laurenelizabeth


26 Feb 2020

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23: MOOD: Dating During a Stressful Time with Cameron Fuller

This week I fill you guys in on my current mood and mood boosters! From learning to be OKAY while everything seems out of my control to current favorites like Summer Fridays Lip Balm! It's the little things... Then we dive into dating with my boyfriend Cameron for our take on stressful times and staying strong together. To have your #MyMOOD answered next week email MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.comFollow me for more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethCheck out the current vlog: https://www.youtube.com/lovelaurenelizabeth


1 Apr 2020

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24: MOOD: Life In Quarantine, Expectations vs. Reality

This week I dive deeper into my current mood in quarantine. I share my favorite inspirational quotes, how I'm staying sane, and how I'm taking care of myself during these crazy times. I also share my current favorite apps that keep me on track and more mood boosters. To have your #MyMOOD answered with advice next week, email MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.com with your current mood and situation! For more follow me: instagram.com/laurenelizabeth


8 Apr 2020

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58: Turning Our Worst Emotions Into Our Best Lives with Lauren Martin

This week I am joined by Lauren Martin, founder of Words of Women and author of The Book of Moods. Five years ago, Lauren Martin was sure something was wrong with her. She had a good job in New York, an apartment in Brooklyn, a boyfriend, yet every day she wrestled with feelings of inferiority, anxiety, and irritability. So naturally, she figured out her moods and wrote a book in the process! We dive into all of it for this week's current mood convo! For more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/


9 Dec 2020

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25: MOOD: My Crazy Quarantine Q&A...

The Q&A nobody asked for, but everyone deserves. This week you can literally hear my mood go from hyper to sloth mode with a wide array of important tangents and words of wisdom. Thank you for submitting your questions for my first ever Q&A episode where I hope you learn a little bit more about me and my current mood. For advice next week, email moodwithlaurenelizabeth@gmail.com with your "#MyMOOD is"!For more updates follow: instagram.com/laurenelizabeth


15 Apr 2020

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19: MOOD: Lot's of Tangents + My Health History and How It Created My Outlook on Wellness

This week we take a wild ride through Lauren's moods of the week and mood boosters! Then we get seriously serious to talk about Lauren's Healthy History and how her chronic pain, fatigue, and other random diagnosis have created her outlook on wellness and lifestyle in her 20's. Please note: while talking about health and food, this is not meant to trigger anyone or be anything but a personal story for background as we dive into other topics and areas of wellness on this new podcast!As always, email MoodWithLaurenElizabeth with your mood to be apart of next week's #MyMOOD section!Follow for more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabeth

1hr 2mins

4 Mar 2020

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20: MOOD: Boosting Self Confidence & Having Insecurities with Claudia Oshry

This week we cover Lauren's best & worst moods, mood boosters, and have Claudia Oshry on to talk about all things self-confidence! You probably know Claudia from The Morning Toast & Girl With No Job, but on this episode, you'll learn how she really feels about self-care, self-confidence, and more MOODs! For next week's #MyMOOD advice segment, email your mood and what you need to MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@Gmail.com!Follow LE: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethFor Mood Boosters: https://www.instagram.com/LaurenElizabethINC/

1hr 1min

11 Mar 2020

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21: MOOD: Becoming & Balancing Being a Boss & Wifey with Jackie Oshry

This week I give you guys my first week in isolation update while trying to stay sane! Then, I'm joined with my TNN sister Jackie Oshry to talk about how she became the iconic girl boss and ultimate wifey we all love! We dive into relationships, work-life balance, and so much more! #MyMood will return next week and we hope you all are staying safe! For advice email your mood to MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.comFollow me for more updates! https://instagram.com/laurenelizabeth


18 Mar 2020

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22: MOOD: Losing My Mind & Bitch Bible Confidence Talk with Jackie Schimmel

This week I have officially lost my mind due to two weeks of self-isolation at home! I let you in on what I'm doing to try and stay sane in these corona times and have a quick little mood-boosting convo with Jackie Schimmel from the Bitch Bible! I finally got to some of your #MyMOOD emails and my mom pops in to help me give good advice!! Email moodwithlaurenelizabeth@gmail.com for next week's dating advice episode! Follow me on Instagram for more! https://instagram.com/laurenelizabeth


25 Mar 2020

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16: MOOD: How Two Midwestern Cousins Make It in Los Angeles... with Chloe Parr from REVOLVE

Welcome back to another episode of MOOD! This week I have my forever best friend aka my cousin Chloe Parr on the podcast! We ended up moving to LA the same year and stumbled our way into successfully working in social media. Tune in to hear all about Chloe's incredible career journey, our current moods and mood boosters, plus we answer your #MyMood advice emails! For advice next week email MoodWithLaurenElizabeth@gmail.comFollow us for more:https://www.instagram.com/laurenelizabeth/https://www.instagram.com/chloeparr/

1hr 28mins

12 Feb 2020

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54: Making Meaningful & Vulnerable Friends with My Friend Michelle Randolph!

This week I wanted to bring on the girl I'm probably referring to whenever I say, "Girlfriends are mood boosters!!" Michelle Randolph is an online personality, actress, and model you probably follow but I know her as a true angel with the kindest heart. We have a totally candid current mood convo all about why meaningful and deep friendships are more important than ever. Shop my new clothing line, Lauren Elizabeth Collection: https://bit.ly/32Cz6FEFor more: instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/


11 Nov 2020

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53: Dealing With STRESS In 2020 And Always!

This week I wanted to talk all about STRESS. Why? Because we ALL deal with it and it's okay!! But there are better ways to deal with it and think about it so let's do this! And as always, I share my best and worst moods plus mood boosters! For more: https://instagram.com/laurenelizabethhttps://www.instagram.com/moodwithlaurenelizabeth/


4 Nov 2020

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52: Mental Health in 2020 with My Mental Health Professional!!

This week I'm joined by Meadowlark from MadHappy who is a mental health professional and cool ass chick! We have the most amazing conversation about taking care of yourself especially during this insane year. instagram.com/laurenelizabeth

1hr 11mins

28 Oct 2020

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