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Ascension Run Roguelikes Podcast

Conversations about roguelikes. Covering roguelike news, strategies, gameplay experiences, developer interviews, and more. Hosted by Tone of the tonehack Twitch and YouTube channels, known for his educational roguelike content and skilled gameplay. Focused on traditional roguelikes, the classic turn-based permadeath games like NetHack and Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup.

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004 Roguelike Celebration 2021 feat. Alexei Pepers & Travis Moy

Tone is joined by Roguelike Celebration organizers Alexei Pepers and Travis Moy to discuss the recent Roguelike Celebration 2021 event!  They talk about the event itself and their experiences transitioning from a live event to an online conference, the unique online social space where the conference takes place, the organizer and volunteer experience, and they also discuss several of the event's talks at length. Full episode shownotes at:https://tonehack.net/podcast/ascensionrun004/

1hr 36mins

23 Nov 2021

Rank #1

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003 Rift Wizard w/ developer Dylan White

Tone is joined by Rift Wizard developer Dylan White to discuss the game and its recent release.  Rift Wizard is a traditional roguelike where you play as a wizard with access to a huge selection of spells to customize your build.  They discuss Dylan's background, Rift Wizard's core mechanics, player agency, designing spells in roguelikes, the Early Access experience, and more! Full episode shownotes at:https://tonehack.net/podcast/ascensionrun003/


13 Sep 2021

Rank #2

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002 Tactics for Days feat. mtf | Cogmind, Jupiter Hell, and more!

Tone is joined by roguelikes discord admin mtf as they use their recent experiences playing Cogmind and Jupiter Hell as a lens to inspect and discuss a number of roguelike- and gaming-related topics!  Topics include difficulty options in games, popular meta strategies, using consumables and resources, playing to win vs. for fun, crafting mechanics, multiplayer roguelikes, transferrable roguelike skills, and preventing repetitive strain injuries while gaming.  They also cover recent events in the community and answer some listener questions! Full episode shownotes at:https://tonehack.net/podcast/ascensionrun002/

2hr 50mins

29 Aug 2021

Rank #3

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001 NetHack Speedrunning w/ luxidream; + Jupiter Hell, DCSS, Dominion

Tone is joined by NetHack speedrun world-record-holder luxidream, who recently speedran the game for thousands of people at the ESA Summer 2021 marathon.  They discuss speedrunning in NetHack and roguelikes, the new Jupiter Hell release, the deckbuilding card game Dominion and how it relates to roguelikes, the new DCSS patch, and more. Full episode shownotes at:https://tonehack.net/podcast/ascensionrun001/

3hr 12mins

13 Aug 2021

Rank #4

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