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The Grind. The Process. The Hustle. We Take what we learn from sports and use them in our everyday lives! Hear from athletes around the country about their hustle in and out of competition!

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Episode 4: Pre and In-game routines!

This episode goes over routines and rituals , tips on how to enhance your routines and more !!!


20 Nov 2019

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Episode 3: In Season Workouts

Coach B and Coach Tre discuss in season workouts. Should you do them? What’s your mentality? What are some cognitive alternatives for training?


13 Nov 2019

Rank #2

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Episode 2: The Classroom

On this episode of the Hooper's Hustle Coach Tre and Coach B discuss some quick tips that will help athletes stay eligible, prepare for college, and give a brief overview of the NCAA Eligibility Center.


8 Nov 2019

Rank #3

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Episode 1: The Grind

Coach Tre and Coach B give some insight on what the GRIND is. From going to school and hitting the books to hitting the court and giving it your all. Remember - Embrace The GRIND.


5 Nov 2019

Rank #4

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Episode 0 - Tryouts!

With High School Tryouts coming up this week, coach Tre and coach B give some insight to what and what not to do at Tryouts to make your team!


4 Nov 2019

Rank #5