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Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts

Bioprocess with the Bozenhardts dives deep into biopharma facilities design trends and equipment selection with Herman and Erich Bozenhardt, two of the foremost minds in the bioprocess engineering space. Produced by Bioprocess Online and hosted by Chief Editor Matt Pillar, Bioprocess with the Bozenhardts will help biopharma leaders create and maintain safety, efficiency, and quality standards in their bioprocess operations.

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016: Bioprocessing Facilites Of The Future

How will the bioprocessing facility of the future adapt to meet the therapeutic needs of the day, and well into the future? What evolutionary steps should you be taking today to meet those needs? On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, Herman and Erich Bozenhardt, P.E. are queried by host Louise Hall, PMP as they enter their time machine and hit fast-forward to envision the facilities you'll need to accommodate the future of biologic medicine demand.


15 Jul 2021

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015: Evolution Of Biopharma Plant Engineering

Join Herman & Erich Bozenhardt, PE as they revisit the evolution of biopharma plant engineering in a deep discussion with host Louise Hall, PMP. The Bozenhardts and Hall reflect on how far we've come, and why the lessons we've learned along the journey are so important to charting the course ahead. From aseptic processing to HVAC considerations, the trio leaves no stone unturned in this lively retrospective.


30 Jun 2021

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014: Dealing With The Nasties: BL-3, Potent Compounds, Solvents, & Peroxides

Herman & Erich Bozenhardt, PE are back, joining Louise Hall, PMP for a discussion on equipping your bioprocessing facilities to safely and efficiently handle the potent compounds, solvents, and peroxides used in the production of biologics. The trio discuss the adaptation of technologies and procedures to mitigate risk in the process of manufacturing exosomes, antibody drug conjugates, viral vectors, and more. 


3 Jun 2021

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013: Auditing Biotech Facilities: Regulatory & Engineering Due Diligence

Are you in the process of planning a new biotech facility? Acquiring an existing facility? Transferring technology to an outsourced partner? Don't miss out on the collective wisdom shared by Louise Hall, PMP, Erich Bozenhardt, PE, and longtime bioprocessing facilities consultant Herman Bozenhardt on this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts. The trio discusses how to ensure a successful business outcome and check all of your regulatory boxes.


14 Apr 2021

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012: Human Tissues: Therapies Derived From Fluids And Cells

How close are we to taking a tablet and growing a new kidney? Bonus points if you caught the Star Trek reference. On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, Louise Hall, PMP discusses advances in human tissue-based therapies with Erich Bozenhardt, PE and Herman Bozenhardt. Join the conversation for an update on advances to the systems and processes biopharmaceutical companies are using to restore and regenerate disease-affected human tissues.


31 Mar 2021

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011: Liposomes In The Era Of COVID-19

Join Louise Hall, PMP as she queries Herman and Erich Bozenhardt, PE on the resurgence of liposomes in the wake of their role in COVID-19 vaccine and therapeutic development. The trio discuss how the technology has evolved, what we've learned, and what the future holds for the role of liposomes in biotherapeutic development moving forward.


17 Mar 2021

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010: Outsourced Manufacturing Decisions

Join biopharma facilities and tech transfer expert Louise Hall, PMP, veteran consultant Herman Bozenhardt, and Erich Bozenhardt, PE for a conversation on the considerations biopharma executives need to ponder before jumping into a contract manufacturing relationship. From cultural match to GMP qualifications to regulatory experience, the Bozenhardts go deep on the keys to making the right choice.


24 Feb 2021

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009: Site Selection Decisions For Cell & Gene Therapies

On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, Erich and Herman share insight into the shortage of manufacturing space for up-and-coming cell & gene therapies, and the factors you'll need to consider—from location to physical infrastructure to utilities—as you plan your biomanufacturing facilities build-out.


23 Oct 2020

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008: What's Fashionable In Biopharma Filling Systems?

Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts is back, with a fresh episode packed with advice from Herman and Erich on the selection of filling systems for biopharmas. Listen in as the Bozenhardts give us an update on the process, logistics, and administration trends that are informing filling system decisions today, and offer direction on making choices that will prepare you for the fast-advancing therapies of tomorrow.


25 Sep 2020

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007: Biopharma 4.0

Listen to Herman and Erich define Biopharma 4.0 and discuss how machine learning and artificial intelligence are shaping drug discovery, development, processing, and manufacturing. On this episode of Bioprocess With The Bozenhardts, you'll learn how new technologies will impact your next facility and what elements of Biopharma 4.0 you can put to work for you today.


6 Jul 2020

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