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Morgan Enhanced Podcast

Made as a podcast in Garageband '11

16 Nov 2014

Rank #1

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Marae Visit

A few weeks ago we went to Te Awhina Marae. We all got together to record what we did at the marae.


20 Sep 2010

Rank #2

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Summer- School Councillor

This week we decided who are school councillors for the next couple of terms. Summer made a great job of making a speech to encourage her classmates to vote for her. She took the Easi-speak home and after a few practice goes managed to record her speech. Well done, Summer.


28 Apr 2010

Rank #3

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My Dream

My DreamLast night I had a funny dream,I blew up my balloon,Then held on tight, jumped into space,And landed on the moon.The people there looked very strange,Three eyes and one green nose.They had six legs and walked like crabs,With corks instead of toes.They showed me all around the place,Then gave me things to eat,A nasty drink that looked like ink,And funny tasting meat.They said,"Now come and see our king,He's grand- his nose is red."I said, "No thanks," and shut my eyes,And woke up home in bed.Jeanette Lingard.


5 Apr 2010

Rank #4

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What Mum Says

When Mum says,"I'll be there in a minute."She really means,I'll be at least another half-hour."But when Mum says "I want this room tidied NOW, or there'll be trouble."She really, really means it!A poem by Margaret SchroderNew Zealand School Journal


19 Mar 2010

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My Other Jandal

Here we are on another school year at Appleby School. We are concentrating on making our voices the best that we can. To do that we record ourselves, play it back and discuss how we might improve and then re-record.Here is our first attempt for 2010. It is based on a poem, My Other Jandal' by Don Franks. My Other Jandal by Don FanksHave you seen my other jandal?I had it just before.It shouldn’t be too hard to find-It’s somewhere on the shore.It disappeared all by itselfWhen I was in the waves,And that’s the way my other jandalUsually behaves.The jandal photo was taken by Michael Fawcett

10 Feb 2010

Rank #6

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Interview with Mr Cook

Mr Cook is Keeley's grandfather and he used to go to Appleby School 58 years ago. We interviewed him about his school days at Appleby School.2.8MB5 minutes 11 seconds


17 Aug 2009

Rank #7

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Interview with Nadia's Dad

We are learning how to interview people to find out more about them and to follow up with open ended questions. We are also learning about how schools were in days gone by. Appleby School is soon to celebrate 150 years. That is quite an achievement. 5MB 7 minutes


16 Aug 2009

Rank #8

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Chunky Chalks

This week's podcast was made to describe how we made chalk. The instructions are in New Zealand School Journal Pt 2 No 4 2000. School Journals are a wonderful resource for reading for NZ children.It was a bit of a competition between two groups to see who could manage their group better to produce a clear well constructed audio file.2.4 MB1 minute


23 May 2009

Rank #9

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River Bugs

River Bugs by Jan Trafford. Based on a NZ School Journal Story Part One, Number One, 2001. For reading this week Kakapo group made this radio play of Jan's article about a water adventure on the Buller River, near Nelson.Kakapo group were focussed on reading with fluency, expression and clarity.They would love some feedback on how they might improve their oral skills the next time they read aloud for a audience.3 minutes 18 seconds5MB


15 May 2009

Rank #10