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Barber Jabber With Garry Spencer (The Great British Barber Bash)

Garry Spencer, creator of the Great British Barber Bash, talks to the world's most renowned barbers. Business, education, tools, branding and a whole host of other subjects are covered during these interesting conversations.

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Episode #9 Ollie Foster - From Band to Barber

Ollie Foster is one of the most prolific young educators in UK barbering. In this chat he explains his journey from being a band member to becoming a teacher and then on to becoming a first class  educator and business owner.The conversation is, funny, informative and will inspire hair professionals out there looking to have a career change into the fantastic world of barbering.Check Us Out On Social Media: https://linktr.ee/GBBB

1hr 3mins

29 Jan 2021

Rank #1

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Episode #8 Tom Chapman - Pride of British Barbering

A great talk with the creator of The Lions Barber Collective, Tom Chapman. We discuss his work with mental health within our industry and also we find out how he became an ambassador for two large international companies.


3 Jul 2020

Rank #2

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Episode #7 Sid Sottung - Born in New York Made In Nottingham

An interesting talk to Sid Sottung. He started his career in New York and then blossomed after moving over to the UK and setting up his academy and shop in Nottingham.Working with huge companies and travelling the world, he certainly is an inspirational guy. He has had ups and downs and has an extremely interesting story to tell.


24 Jun 2020

Rank #3

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Episode #6 Baldy - 30 Years In The Industry

Baldy has been in the industry for over 30 years and he is still at the top of his game.He has had a very interesting career. Running busy shops in his hometown and then transforming into an international educator for ANDIS. He is one of the nicest guys in the business and continues to inspire barbers across the globe


17 Jun 2020

Rank #4

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Episode #5 Kevin Luchmun - Travelling The World Barbering.

Kevin Luchmun has worked at almost every international barbering show, he is an amazing educator, photographer and is one of the most sought after names in the barbering world. Find out what has got him to the top in this extremely informative episode. 


9 Jun 2020

Rank #5

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Episode #4 Josh OP - Positive Barbering

How has Josh gone from being an apprentice barber in Birmingham to touring the globe educating huge crowds of people and inspiring the new breed of barbers? What is his secret and how has he achieved this level of success?  Let's find out!


2 Jun 2020

Rank #6

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Episode #3 Hayden Cassidy - From Apprentice to International Educator.

The very inspirational Hayden Cassidy discusses her journey from an apprentice in Dublin to becoming an international educator for Andis in less than 5 years. She talks about her background, what inspires her and her drive to become one of the most prolific barbers of our time.


26 May 2020

Rank #7

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Episode #2 Neal Toner - Healthy Mind Healthy Business

In this episode, I will be talking to Neal Toner of JFH Social in Northern Ireland. With 2 successful shops and having taught across the UK and beyond Neal is a very experienced, motivated and inspirational guy. We will be discussing his mindset and his philosophy that helps him run both his business and personal life.


19 May 2020

Rank #8

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Episode #1 Sean Bryan - Creating Cut & Sew

In this episode I will be talking to Sean Bryan the creator of Cut & Sew in Dublin. With three shops at the moment and soon to be four Sean has built a brilliant business in a major European city from scratch. I will be talking to him about the ups and down, his philosophy and what motivates him to keep moving forward.


14 May 2020

Rank #9