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A podcast about pop culture, black culture that just so happens to be a GAME SHOW!

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Ep - 29 An Afternoon with Maxwell Lorde

Today we joined by our dear friend Paul aka Maxwell Lorde. We discuss is there any wrong that Rihanna can do, play some games, and much more.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendGuest - PaulTweets by LordCor (@cor_lord) – Twitterhttps://mobile.twitter.com/cor_lordAdd me on Snapchat! Username: lordcor21 https://www.snapchat.com/add/lordcor21Watch "LordCor21" on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/user/facetube0421 https://www.titanvest.com/ https://getsquire.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bag-of-tricks-podcast/id1199011803?mt=2 https://soundcloud.com/jnjbagoftricks/ep-28-easter-is-not-about-chocolateits-about-the-candy https://play.google.com/music/m/Iiljaxutien6sw677nmjkkcjjy4?t=Bag_of_Tricks_Podcast


12 Sep 2018

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Ep 30 - He's not Top 5

We are joined by Cleveland native MissJaz Woods. She is a music consultant and multimedia tastemaker aiming to leverage the intersections of Hip Hop, millennial's, and cyber culture. Jaz currently serves as marketing coordinator at Roc Nation.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendGuest - MissJaz Woodshttps://www.instagram.com/missjaz_ https://www.askdrjess.com/


11 Dec 2018

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Ep - 28 Easter is Not About Chocolate........it's About the Candy

Today we joined by filmaker extraordinaire , and our dear friend, Aristotle Torres. We discuss how to eat watermelon in front of company, how chocolate is overrated, and ofcourse we play some games.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendGuest - Aristotle Torreshttps://www.instagram.com/aristotlebam/http://aristotle.nyc/


10 Jun 2018

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Ep - 27 Pink Hair Lotion Smells Good

Today we joined by radio personality, the lovely Roxie Digital. We discuss the Meghan Markle's illustrious wedding, why Dreamgirl isn't the next Cardi B, and a BRAND NEW GAME... Never Have I Everjnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendGuest - Roxie Digitalhttps://www.instagram.com/roxiedigital#nodisrespectcampaign


1 Jun 2018

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Ep 25 - 3 Black Friends On The Upper East Side

This week we discuss who is the best sitcom best friend, not liking watermelon, and we introduce two new games with a brand new guest.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriend

1hr 2mins

14 May 2018

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Ep - 26 Mama Winslow was bout that life

Today we joined by a very special guest, the lovely Klair Kia. We discuss the me too movement, janet jackson movies, and how baby boomers are getting their groove back.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendGuest - The Klair Kiahttps://www.instagram.com/klairkia_theartist/ https://www.instagram.com/smmretreats/ https://www.facebook.com/Klairkia/?ref=br_rs https://www.facebook.com/SMMRetreats/?ref=br_rs https://soundcloud.com/klairkia


14 May 2018

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Ep 24 - Whose Man's Is This

Back this week with another episode with our dear friend Isake. We play black taboo, Whose Mans and em, and we find out if a certain producer/screenwriter is overrated. jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendYour Guest:Isake - @mrsoye


6 May 2018

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Ep 23 - Throwing away 20 years of Friendship

This week we are back with a brand new show starring our good friend Vladimir. We compare the greatest stand up comedians, wax poetically about the women we used to love, and 20 years of friendship almost ends.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendYour Guest:Vladimir - @turk3000

1hr 6mins

21 Apr 2018

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Ep 22 - Not Everyone Loves Beyonce

Your boys are back with a brand new show with more games and a new guest, our longtime friend Taryn. She reveals to us the real meaning behind school yard games of the 90's, what was wrong with Alvin and The Chipmunks, and a very unpopular view of everyone's favorite DIVA.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriendYour Guest:Taryn - @tcourtb


10 Apr 2018

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Ep 21 - Black Panther Was Meh

The format has changed but ya boys are still the same. Johnie & Jeff are a full on game show. More games, more ridiculous banter and now weekly guest. jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksTwo Stable Geniuses Podcast - http://bit.ly/2BzaTQ8Your Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriend


1 Apr 2018

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Ep 16 Theo Vs Denise, Who is the More Poppin Huxtable?

Was Denise more popping the Theo. Who had the better style, which one was a better daughter or son, who had better friends. Is there a Huxtable that you think we left out who is better than Denise or Theo?jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - instagram.com/mrjeffdessJohnie - instagram.com/yourfriendsfavoritefriend

1hr 5mins

2 Oct 2017

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Ep 12 - The Sports Episode

This episode we discuss NBA Legacies, the NBA Finals, NBA Receding Hairlines, and Barbershop etiquette.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriend

1hr 8mins

20 Jun 2017

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Special Edition - No One Better Than Wesley

Wesley Snipes maybe the best actor to do it in the last 40 years. You don't believe us, just listen to us break it down. This comes on the heels of the 25th anniversary of the timeless classic, White Men Can't Jump and no we don't acknowledge the reboot.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriend

1hr 6mins

29 Mar 2017

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Ep6 - The Woke Episode

This week we discus Magic Johnson's comeback of a life time, President Trumps free press ban, and we play some more of your favorite games from our bag of tricks.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriend

1hr 1min

28 Feb 2017

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Special Edition - Steve Urkel Is A Millennial

Johnie and Jeff's Bag of Tricks, brings you a special feature this week on why they think Steve Urkel is a millennial. Look at his clothes, look at his whip, and he's so tech savvy.jnjbagoftricks@gmail.comfacebook.com/jnjbagoftricks instagram.com/jnjbagoftricksYour Hosts:Jeff - @mrjeffdessJohnie - @yourfriendsfavoritefriend


31 Jan 2017

Rank #15