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Talking All Out War discusses the Mantic Miniatures Game, The Walking Dead All Out War. We cover current news and rumors about the game, rules discussion, list building, strategy, tactics and tips. We also cover the hobby aspect of the game by covering painting tips and terrain building ideas.

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Wave 4 and 5!

Here is the Audio from the latest YouTube video where John discusses Wave 4 and 5 and well as the Governors Trophy Room.  We talk about our new SPONSOR Black Site Studios.  So head over to www.blacksitestudio.com and buy excellent MDF terrain.  Finally, we talk about the upcoming Here's Negan.  

23 Oct 2018

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Walking Dead Week Part 1

John is back with this short episode talking about Walking Dead Week at Mantic Games!  Below are the links discussed in the show.   https://manticblog.com/2018/07/16/ronnie-walking-dead-future-releases/ http://www.ign.com/articles/2018/07/17/the-walking-dead-board-game-inspired-by-heres-negan-comic-revealed?abthid=5b4e055f9fa21d23360004b1  https://manticblog.com/2018/07/17/the-walking-dead-week-the-governors-trophy-room/

17 Jul 2018

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Episode 6: Key Words

John and Dan cover keywords this episode and show how they effect gameplay.

18 Oct 2017

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Episode 5 Rules Part 2 (Part 2)

After the bad audio of the original Episode 5 Rules Part 2, this is an updated and extended version. We cover Rules from the Event Phase through End Phase then cut our teeth with Advance Rules. We are also having our first Contest so listen all the way to the end to find out how you can win!!

1hr 2mins

1 Oct 2017

Rank #4

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Episode 5: Rules Part 2

Rules Discussion from the Event Phase-End Phase

4 Aug 2017

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Episode 4: Rules Part 1

Talking All Out War Rules Part 1 Episode 4 Show notes Talking All Out War returns with Episode 4 where we will be covering rules!  John is joined by a new co-host, Daniel.  Daniel brings some Walking Dead All Out War experience with him.  During our brief hiatus new equipment was acquired for the show, as well as some new terrain for the YouTube channel.  In News and Rumors we cover the Greene Family Farm MDF kit expansion, the new Mantic Blog Article Tactics Tuesday, Mantic Tours and the new hashtag #Manticmonday.  For the meat of the Episode we begin the two part headfirst dive into the rules.  We start with the Survivor card, cover the dice and their uses, the measuring stick, the Key Concepts that make The Walking Dead All Out War stand out in a crowd, to include Noise and Mayhem as well as Threat and Panic, finally we complete the rules discussion by starting on the turn sequence as we cover the Action Phase.  We finish the episode discussing our hobby where we go over the new acquisitions, a couple Sarissa suburban houses and the Lazer Mart as well as an Ertl Dairy Farm!   Important links discussed in the show ·       Greene Family Farm o   http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/the-walking-dead/accessories/product/the-walking-dead-greene-family-farm.html ·       Tactics Tuesday Blog o   https://manticblog.com/2017/07/18/tactics-tuesday-equip-survivors-walking-dead/ ·       Mantic HQ Tour o   https://manticblog.com/2017/07/07/tour-mantic-hq-nottingham/ ·       #Manticmonday ·       Sarissa Ranch with Garage o   http://www.sarissa-precision.com/Residential_Ranch_Style_-_Garage_RHS/p1603368_16255631.aspx ·       Sarissa Ranch with Carport o   http://www.sarissa-precision.com/Residential_Ranch_Style_-_Car_Port_RHS/p1603368_16255637.aspx ·       Super-duper mart o   http://www.sarissa-precision.com/Retail_Superstore/p1603368_16415810.aspx ·       Ertl Dairy Farm o   https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZVVCL0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s02?ie=UTF8&psc=1

1hr 23mins

21 Jul 2017

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Episode 3: 100 Point list

A short episode to let you know we are still here and recording!  Segment 1- INTRODUCTIONS Segment 2-NEWS & RUMORS Wave 2 is in the warehouse Lee an Clementine was a big hit Retail Exclusives sold on Mantic Day as well Segment 3-MAIN TOPIC 100 points of survivors Segment 4-HOBBY Segment 5-CLOSE Contact us talkingalloutwar.com for all your talking needs!! Like and follow us on Facebook, Subscribe to YouTube Thanks


8 Jun 2017

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Episode 2: Playing Solo

Dan and John discuss the pros and cons of Solo Play and some modern terrain options available to make your tabletop look amazing.  Segment 1- INTRODUCTIONS Segment 2-NEWS & RUMORS Mantic Day May 6 Lee and Clementine Token and range ruler set Mantic terrain crate Kickstarter Segment 3-MAIN TOPIC Solo Play Segment 4-HOBBY Painting an hobby update Modern lines http://www.sarissa-precision.com/Modern_-_Retail/cat1603369_3442493.aspx Several stores and the superstore! http://www.sarissa-precision.com/CityBlock/cat1603369_2415552.aspx City/small town downtown area http://www.sarissa-precision.com/Retro/cat1603369_3377239.aspx Trailer park Suburban style homes Small town stores Motel http://www.4ground.co.uk/twin_peaks Twin peaks malls Woodbury collection Playground Segment 5-CLOSE Contact us talkingalloutwar.com for all your talking needs!! Like and follow us on Facebook, Subscribe to YouTube


3 May 2017

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Episode 1: Introductions, The Experts...Not really

The first episode of Talking All Out War!  Dan and John introduce themselves and give general thoughts on the game, The Walking Dead All Out War from Mantic Games.    Uploaded with repaired Audio on Aug 6, 2017


20 Apr 2017

Rank #9