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Understanding Your Religion

This series presents 7 basic doctrinal ideas that help the viewer have a "big picture" view of the Christian religion. Done in an informal style with helpful graphics and summaries, Understanding Your Religion is a useful guide for those seeking to know what Christians believe and how these beliefs affect what they do.

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6 Proofs of Inspiration: The Doctrine of Inspiration - Part 3

This lesson will explain the first of six arguments that support the idea that the bible is an inspired text.


26 Apr 2015

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What the Bible Says About Jesus: The Doctrine of the Divinity of Christ - Part 1

The main subject of the Bible record is not only the story of Jesus Christ but also a presentation of the reasons why He is considered the divine Son of God.


10 May 2015

Rank #2

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The New Testament Record: The Doctrine of Inspiration - Part 2

This lesson continues the review of the making of the bible with a discussion on how the Old and New Testaments were gathered and the criteria used to select the inspired books into the canon.


19 Apr 2015

Rank #3

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6 Proofs of Inspiration (continued): The Doctrine of Inspiration - Part 4

This lesson will examine the remaining 5 arguments that support the claim of Divine Inspiration for the Bible.


3 May 2015

Rank #4

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A New Life in Christ: The Sub-Doctrine of Regeneration

Once a person is redeemed from sin he can live a new life. This lesson explains the very different lifestyle of the regenerated person.


28 Jun 2015

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What Atonement Achieves: The Sub-Doctrine of Redemption

Mike will explain the difference between the act of Atonement and its natural result of Redemption.


17 Jun 2015

Rank #6

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God's Method of Reconciliation: The Sub-Doctrine of Atonement - Part 1

This lesson will review how Christ's sacrifice (atonement) satisfies the requirements of God's perfect justice and love.


25 May 2015

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Error and Consequence: The Sub-Doctrines of Election and Predestination

This lesson explains some of the results in teaching caused by a faulty understanding of two sub-doctrines (election and predestination) that explain the major doctrine of Reconciliation, and provides a more Biblically accurate view of these important teachings.


25 May 2015

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The Complete History of Mankind: The Doctrines of Original Goodness, Fall of Man and Restoration

This lesson begins the study of the three doctrines that describe the history of man's relationship with God from creation to eternal life in heaven.


24 May 2015

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The Resurrection as Proof: The Doctrine of the Divinity of Christ - Part 2

This lesson looks at the resurrection of Jesus as both evidence for the claim of the inspiration of the Bible and as the pivotal teaching of the Christian faith.


17 May 2015

Rank #10