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“Do Your Pod” is a weekly show focusing on the New England Patriots featuring the same type of content Jerry Thornton has been bringing to the Barstool blog from its inception in the early 2000s. With analysis of the games, news, storylines and the sort of slanted, biased, but totally honest opinions that helped build the Barstool empire. Each week he’ll be joined by different guests, including Patriots beat writers, media people, insiders, comedians, Barstool colleagues, and anyone entertaining enough to deserve a major audience during one of the most pivotal years in the history of football’s greatest dynasty.

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The Belichick Way - Do Your Pod Episode 22

Old Balls is back behind the mic! For this special episode Jerry is joined by Boston's very own Evan Lazar, the two recap all of the Patriots 2022 draft picks and talk shop about the upcoming season!

1hr 5mins

4 May 2022

Rank #1

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A Very Brady Episode Ft. EL Pres, Feitelberg, and Hank Lockwood - Do Your Pod Episode 21

Bradys Retirement: -El Pres-Feitelberg -Hank

1hr 31mins

1 Feb 2022

Rank #2

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The Finale Ft. Phil Perry - Do Your Pod Episode 20- January 19, 2022

Intro-00:00-03:18Phil Perry-03:19-03:54Wild Card Recap-03:55-11:33 2021/2022 Season Recap-11:34-29:402022/2023 Projections- 29:41-43:05Listener Voicemails/End Of Show-43:06-01:05:02

1hr 6mins

19 Jan 2022

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Podcast cover

On To Buffalo Ft. Matt Chatham - Do Your Pod Episode 342

Intro-00:00-04:28Matt Chatham-04:29-06:54Week 18 Recap-06:55-24:492021/2022 Patriots-24:50-29:56We Are On To Buffalo- 29:57-01:09:20Listener Voicemails/End Of Show-01:09:21-01:16:01

1hr 17mins

12 Jan 2022

Rank #4

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Next Man Up Ft. Nick "Fitzy" Stevens - Do Your Pod Episode 18

Intro-00:00-12:48Nick "Fitzy" Stevens-12:49-15:07Antonio Brown-15:08-27:40Good Ol' Days-27:41-37:252021-2022 Patriots-37:26-54:14Week 17 Recap-54:15-59:29Listener Voicemails/Outro-59:30-01:05:54

1hr 5mins

5 Jan 2022

Rank #5

Podcast cover

The Ref Show Ft. Alex Barth - Do Your Pod Episode 17

Intro-00:00-02:56Alex Barth- 02:57-06:47Week 16 Recap-06:48-50:44The Future Of Jonu Smith-50:45-56:56Looking Ahead-56:57-1:04:57Patriots Draft Prospects- 1:04:58-1:12:07Listener Voicemails-1:12:08-1:23:04

1hr 24mins

29 Dec 2021

Rank #6

Podcast cover

The Legend Of "ZO" Ft. Scott Zolak - Do Your Pod Episode 16

Intro-00:00-07:22Scott Zolak- 07:23-33:00Week 15 Recap-33:01-49:00Looking Ahead-49:01-55:19Listener Voicemails-59:20-1:10:01

1hr 11mins

22 Dec 2021

Rank #7

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Brady's Twelfth Man Ft. Gotham Chopra - Do Your Pod Episode 15

Intro- 00:00-07:18Gotham Chopra-07:19-46:52Listener Voicemails- 46:53-01:09:06

1hr 10mins

15 Dec 2021

Rank #8

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Bully Ball - Do Your Pod Episode 14

Intro- 00:00-03:00Week 13 Recap- 03:01- 45:46


8 Dec 2021

Rank #9

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It's All About The Grind Ft. Courtney Fallon - Do Your Pod Episode 13

Intro/Recap - 00:00-21:20Courtney Fallon - 21:21-22:34Post 2020 Season -22:35-25:42The New "New England Patriots" - 25:43-36:21Week 12 Recap - 36:22-38:44Who's Calling The Shots? - 38:45-44:38Week 12 Recap - 44:39-56:37Courtney Fallon -56:38-01:04:03The Patriots Manual - 01:04:04-01:06:06Mr.Pick - 01:06:07-01:14:59Looking Forward - 01:15:00-01:23:19Outro - 01:23:20-01:30:33

1hr 30mins

1 Dec 2021

Rank #10