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Things I Learned in Therapy

Each month Chloe & guests cover a subject close to our sick, queer, radical hearts. Listen along as we try to achieve some kind of therapeutic clarity about relationships, gender, bodies, and everything else!

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13 - Gender pt. 2 [+ O.K.]

Our pal O.K. Rives is back, to try to solve gender once and for all. We cover self-doubt, other people's doubt, coming out, flirtations with top surgery, and whether or not we sleep well at night (answer: no). This is a short one, so consider it a teaser for gender pt. 3!


31 Jan 2019

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12 - Bad Dates [+ Erin]

This episode is as sloppy as our dating history.  Topics include: a dominatrix for hire, orgasm egos, and Chuck Tingle.


27 Dec 2018

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11 - Interview with a Mom

Chloe's mom joins us as a one-of-a-kind guest (literally, since Chloe only has one mom) in this TILT episode. Topics include passing on the patriarchy, PTSD, dating the same person for 35 years, how trauma is intergenerational, leaving a shitty husband, and what any of that has to do with being a mom. Listen along as Chloe unearths new information about their own mom, in real time!


29 Nov 2018

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10 - Gender [+ O. K. Rives]

Are you confused about gender? So are we. Hear it here first, from two female-assigned bodies, neither of which are doing gender anymore.

1hr 3mins

1 Nov 2018

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9 - Bodies [+ Erin]

Crowd favorite Erin is back this month to cover bodies— you've seen em, you've got em, we're talking about em. Chloe has spent a lifetime trying to fit their body into someone else's standards (whose? who knows!) and Erin spent a few years trying to make hers disappear. Weight and shape are the main name of the game here, but the ep also includes topics like medical issues, moms, and the male gaze. CW: disordered eating and self harm.

1hr 5mins

27 Sep 2018

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8 - Interview with the Ex

In this epsiode, we're visited by a special guest... the ghost of Chloe's relationships past. Jon and Chloe broke up at the beginning of 2017, which gives them just enough distance to reflect on the problematic saga of their relationship. Areas covered include: polyamory, disappointed expecations, The Babadook, miscommunication, Tinder, hospitals, and abandonment anxiety.

1hr 16mins

30 Aug 2018

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7 - Therapy [+ Erin]

Well folks, this episode is a month late, shorter than usual, and sprinkled with audio glitches. Of course it is, since it's the episode where we cover the namesake subject of our podcast: therapy. In this one, Chloe and Erin get into their diagnoses, and experiences with different types of treatment. They also reflect on the trail of mental illness clues that were there all along, but which they didn't pick up on until way later, like shitty detectives.


1 Aug 2018

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6 - Monogamy? [+ Erin Taylor]

While we mourn the temporary abscence of Bree, TILT's guest co-host is Erin Taylor! We talk sex parties, the highs and lows of (non)monogamy, and also eating ass.


2 Jun 2018

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5 - Emotional Abuse

Topics this month include pegging, hemorrhoid cream butt plugs, dick trapeze, and relationship trauma. The usual.


26 Apr 2018

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4 - Catching Up

Out of the depression fog of last episode, we bring you…. more difficult feelings. In this episode, Chloe shares about their big vacation, including Danish communes and Polish ferries. Bree is emotionally under the weather and talks about the grieving process. We both verbally vagueblog about Bree's ex in a way that may or may not be totally confusing.


29 Mar 2018