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Sharing small town success stores to help you succeed.Learn how legends like Andy Glockner built their small business empire .It's all happening in the Glockner Speakeasy, Hosted by Connor ShermanProduced by Glockner EnterprisesLearn more at: Glockner.com/locallegendspodcast.htm

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Jeremy Burnside [Local Legends Podcast] #9

Jeremy Burnside is the founding attorney at Burnside Law, and a local entrepreneur dedicated to the revival of economic opportunity in Portsmouth, Ohio. Dream. Build. Live. Here!Guest: Jeremy Burnside | Founding Attorneywww.burnsidelaw.comHost:Connor Sherman | Brand Managerwww.glockner.com


26 Feb 2020

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Max Liles [Local Legends Podcast] #8

Max Liles is a Senior Director at The Counseling Center and travels regularly to educate local communities on his organizations groundbreaking approach to addiction treatment.

1hr 6mins

17 Feb 2020

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Ed Hughes [Local Legends Podcast] #15

This episode features a conversation with Ed Hughes, who served nearly 30 years as director of The Counseling Center. Ed is considered a legend among his peers for pioneering the treatment field in a time when the Disease Model of Addiction was not widely accepted. Ed shares how the recovery community plays a vital role in the success of our community, and that we can expect to see our cities physical, social, and economic health improve, if we can only help these good people be successful in re-entering the community. Guest: Ed Hughes | The Counseling Center Host: Connor Sherman | Brand Manager at Glockner Enterprises Email me at connorsherman@glockner.com Learn more about the Local Legends Podcast: www.glockner.com/locallegendspodcast.htm


6 May 2020

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Hoyt Rorrer [Local Legends Podcast] #14

Hoyt Rorrer is the Head of Operations for the sales team at Glockner Enterprises. In our conversation we really dug into what it looks like to pair the authentic nature of local business with cutting edge tech & customer experience. Guest: Hoyt Rorrer Host: Connor Sherman | Brand Manager @ Glockner.com Learn more about the Local Legends Podcast: www.glockner.com/locallegendspodcast.htm


30 Apr 2020

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Justin Clark [Local Legends Podcast] #13

Justin Clark is the director of facilities at Southern Ohio Medical Center. He's high energy, highly caffeinated (only the good stuff), a good friend to all, and lover of all things local. We found ourselves really diving into the current situation small businesses are navigating during COVID19, and the reality that this event could set the stage for one of the greatest surges in innovation our cities every seen, both in our personal and professional lives. Guest: Justin Clark Host: Connor Sherman | Brand Manager @ Glockner.com Learn more about the Local Legends Podcast: www.glockner.com/locallegendspodcast.htm


21 Apr 2020

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OH Creative Co. [Local Legends Podcast] #12

This episode of the podcast is dedicated to every entrepreneur, business owner, and local legend in the comeback city. In this moment in history when things are not "business as usual", there is massive opportunity to move your business forward, especially on social media. That's why I met with Oh Creative Co, the bad ass women behind Friends of Portsmouth's social media success, for a strategy session on how your business can connect with customers online, in a time when they need it most. Guests:Sara Mauk | Kelly Babcock | Aubrey Sherman | Sadie PachanHost:Connor Sherman | Brand ManagerGlockner Enterprises. Learn more about the Local Legends Podcast:https://www.glockner.com/locallegendspodcast.htm

1hr 7mins

12 Apr 2020

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Holly Gail [Local Legends Podcast] #11

Holly Gail is a radio host for Mix 99.3 WNXT. She's 26 years old, and has demonstrated by work ethic alone that there is real potential to live your dream right here in Portsmouth. Tune in with Holly live on the air 4-7PM Monday - Friday on Mix 99.3Guest: Holly Gail Radio Host | Mix 99.3 WNXThttps://www.wnxtradio.com/Host:Connor ShermanBrand Manager | Glockner Chevrolethttps://www.glockner.com/


7 Apr 2020

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Jeremy Frazie | Cody Stapleton [Local Legends Podcast] #10

I met with Jeremy Frazie and Cody Stapleton to talk with them about their journey as local entrepreneurs in the Financial Industry. We talk mindset, relational selling, and what it takes to be a successful professional in Portsmouth, Ohio. Guests:Jeremy Frazie & Cody Stapleton | Frazie Wealth Managementwww.fraziewealthmgmt.comHost:Connor Sherman | Brand Managerwww.glockner.com


27 Mar 2020

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Scott Schmidt [LocalLegendsPodcast] #7

Scott Schmidt is the Founder of Schmidt Family Restaurant Group, and a member of the Wendy's Hall of Fame. He credits his success to his team, and the great business culture they've instilled in their employees.Scott has no shortage of insight to share from friends and mentors like Ed Miller, Ebb Glockner, Andy Glockner, and Wendy's Founder Dave Thomas.https://schmidtgroup.us/


7 Feb 2020

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Bastien Lecouffe Deharme [Local Legends Podcast] #6

Bastien Lecouffe Deharme is a world renown French illustrator, and simultaneously a full time professor at Shawnee State University.We discussed art and creativity but also addiction, physical training, and life in Portsmouth. Whatever your passion is, Bastien’s ideology translates to anyone striving for excellence.https://deharme.artstation.com/

1hr 12mins

24 Jan 2020

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AndyGlockner [Local Legends Podcast] #5

I sit down with the goodfather, Andy Glockner, 5th Generation owner of Glockner Enterprises.Guest:Andy Glockner | CEO Host:Connor Sherman | Brand Manager


10 Jan 2020

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Mike Holbert [Local Legends Podcast] #4

Mike Holbert is the General Manager at Glockner of Ashland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We sat down together on the dock of Ft. Lauderdale Marina to discuss our take aways from the Gamechanger conference.Local business owners, sales people, and entrepreneurs, don't miss this one!Guest:Mike Holbert | General Manager at Glockner of AshlandGlocknerofashland.comHost:Connor Sherman | Brand Manager at Glockner


19 Dec 2019

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Tim Wolfe | Sara Mauk [Local Legends Podcast] #3

Tim and Sara of Friends of Portsmouth join us at Market Square to share the behind the scenes of Winterfest, as they prepare Portsmouth to break another world record. The World Record Attempt is Saturday December 14th, at 3PMGet A Ticket for you and your family at the link below:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/world-record-attempt-tickets-82725334703Check out the full Winterfest schedule on the Friends of Portsmouth Facebook page.Guests:Tim Wolfe | Friends of PortsmouthSara Mauk | Friends of PortsmouthHost: Connor Sherman | Glockner Chevrolet


9 Dec 2019

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Dale King | Bill Dever [Local Legends Podcast] #2

Local Legends Dale King & Bill Dever join us downtown for Episode 2 of the [ Local Legends Podcast ]. It's clear from start to finish that the business and community philosophy they share is uncompromising. This much is true about the fate of our city: No one is coming. It's up to us. And it's with that sense of urgency that Bill and Dale began redefining successful addiction treatment. Join us for a strategy session in community engagement.[2:50] The Beginnings of Doc Spartan & The HAWC[5:05] Why Bring Crossfit to a Client? Bill Answers.[9:00] After 2 tours in Iraq, Dale returns to Portsmouth in 2007.[10:20] Dale opens up a gym & starts his own "Pain Clinic".[12:45] Recent Headlines: Dale Airs on Fox & Friends // 25 Most Famous Veteran Entrepreneurs // TCC Works[14:46] Bill on the current stigma surrounding addiction, addiction treatment, and the role of fitness.[18:30] Fitness as momentum for capability & self-worth.[21:30] Dale shares his tactical approach to media coverage.[ 25:10] "We're not doing this for notoriety...we'd be doing this whether they're here or not" - Bill[29:00] Aligning your profit with your purpose.[30:00] Andrew's Story[34:50] Tim Wolfe[36:45] The link between addiction recovery and economic recovery.[42:20] - The Stigma of Addiction[45:05] "Clearly you're not afraid to die.Now Don't be afraid to live."[47:55] Linked in Article - https://bit.ly/2O8HAxa[49:30] The Comeback City[53:10] Community as a part of healthcare[54:55] He earned it.[58:45] Theres alot of people in this fight.Thanks for listening!

1hr 3mins

21 Nov 2019

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Dr. Andrew Feight [Local Legends Podcast] #1

Dr. Andrew Feight [Local Legends Podcast] #1Andrew is a historian, and professor of American History in the Social Sciences Department here at Shawnee State University. We discuss the implications of his most recent project, “Recovering Appalachia: Appalachian Studies in the Digital Age” and the pioneers of Portsmouth’s past.[Intro] - Recovering Appalachia Symposium Recap[04:00] Appalachia in the Digital Age [16:25] - Portsmouth’s Long history of Civil Rights activism (James Ashley, Branch Rickey, the integration of Dreamland.)[18:00] Portsmouth, Ohio. Dream. Build. Live. Here.[25:40] - Portsmouth Spartans featured on CBS Sports [27:50] Portsmouth, “The Peerless City”[29:30]   The Beginning of Social Media at Glockner [31:25] - Using Social Media to empower our city & set the correct narrative.[35:44] - The Digital Revolution in Small Town America [41:25] - Appalachian Myth busting (What You’re Getting Wrong About Appalachia)[46:55] - Public History Development & The Future of the Past (Sciotohistorical.org)[53:25] - Magdalena Glockner, Pioneering Portsmouth Business Woman. (Saved the Glockner Family Business)[58:30] - Dr. Feight tells us what’s next for him and his team.Thanks for listening!--------------------------Sciotohistorical.org--------------------------Produced By:Glockner Chevrolet Glockner.comHosted By:Connor Sherman - Brand Manager at GlocknerNick Dengel - General Manager at Glockner Chevrolet


14 Nov 2019

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