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American Low n Slow BBQ with a Kiwi twist! Come along for the ride as each episode we dive into everything BBQ and the people that make it great. Tips, advice, reviews and news, it's serious BBQ, but wrapped up with a few laughs along the way too!

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Black Label BBQ are in the Food Forest!

This week we're joined by Shaun & Alia Branson, better known as Black Label BBQ! We talk everything about competition, SCA, being a promoter and find out what a Food Forest is! Packed with all the usual stuff you love, News, Cook of the Week, Just the Tip and Ten Burning Questions - get us in your ears! https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 25mins

21 Jul 2021

Rank #1

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Smokin' Cole is the place to be!

We went on the road for this one, all the way to Grey Lynn Auckland and the excellent Smokin' Cole BBQ! Join us as we sit down for an in-depth chat with Mr Smokin' Cole himself, Croydon Cole. All with your usual, news, updates and great BBQ tips!  https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 22mins

10 Jul 2021

Rank #2

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Getting Smoked Out West

For this episode we're joined by Jono and Andrew from Smoked Out West competition team to chat about how they got started and what they've learnt during their time on the circuit! We also have a special treat for the boys with a super fiery Ten Burning Questions this week...Get it in your ears! https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 26mins

23 Jun 2021

Rank #3

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He may be the the Aussie Butcher, but he's as Kiwi as they come...Reuben Sharples

Join us this week as we wrap up everything in the NZ competition world and talk with NZ's best known butcher, and member of the NZ Sharpl Black Butchery team - Aussie Butcher New Lynn, Reuben Sharples!  As an added bonus, Reuben is not great with chilli...so... Make sure you come give us a follow on Facebook (@barbecuebasenz) to never miss a show!  https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 29mins

12 Jun 2021

Rank #4

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The Rib Round Table

This is all about RIBS! We've pulled some of NZ's finest rib cooks together to give you the tips, tricks and secrets to their competition winning ribs! Shig away from Matt Melville, Brendan Reisima and Ken Van Mackelbergh! This is one to listen to again and again!  We also chat Memphis in May, Noel talks Porchetta and the mighty Daza Skudder from Smokin' Hot Rox Chefs joins us for Ten Burning Questions! https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/ 

1hr 53mins

28 May 2021

Rank #5

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Troy Bilbrough Is The Burger King of Christchurch

This episode we're joined by Troy Bilbrough, owner of Christchurch's renowned Bacon Bros, Shaka Bros and soon to be open microbrewery, Beers. We recorded most of this at the recent Smoke on the Coast competition but due to a power issue we didn't finish our original Ten Burning Questions, so Troy graciously agreed to come back and take on the Dragon again with us!  Get it in your ears!  https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 27mins

13 May 2021

Rank #6

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BBQ is good for you

This was a special one for us. Mental Health, especially for guys, in NZ is a major priority and we've all either been touched by the Black Dog, or know someone who is battling. BBQ can be an incredible point of release and community for many of us. So, this week we sat down with Rob Dunne, Country Manager for Movember NZ to talk about what they do, how you can put yourself in a better place or be there to help a mate. We added the legend Luke Seeney into the mix to talk about what the NZBA is doing in tis space too. And of course, we put Rob through his paces on Ten Burning Questions!  Check it out.  https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 36mins

29 Apr 2021

Rank #7

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Jared Macdonald is just More Betterer...

This week we catch up with Head Pitmaster at More Better BBQ, Texas Pete's and Octopit, Jared Macdonald. He's cooked multiple times at Memphis in May with Tuffy Stone and was the Runner Up in the 2020 points chase here in NZ. We talk about building the perfect pits, getting into the food industry and of course, competition BBQ!  We're also joined by Levi Filth from Filthy Que and soon to be Head Pitmaster at Moomoo Smokehouse in Auckland. Levi takes on our deadly triple hitter of hot sauce pain in Ten Burning Questions! Get it in your ears! https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 34mins

13 Apr 2021

Rank #8

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Ted Conrad feels the heat!

This week we're joined by Founder and CEO of Fireboard, Ted Conrad. We geek out with him on thermometers, voice control and all things Fireboard before putting Ted through his paces with Ten Burning Questions! We also talk Brisket, KCBS TOY race and an update on #searrevolution!  Get it in your ears! https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 28mins

31 Mar 2021

Rank #9

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Richard Fergola is no mild mannered BBQ competitor!

A jam packed show for you all with one of our favourite and respected pitmasters from the US of A joining us today, Richard Fergola from Fergolicious BBQ, straight outta Kansas City! This is an interview not to be missed! We also catch up on the NZ scene and we're joined by Chop Shop BBQ's Chris Tolcher for another round of 10 Burning Questions!  Get it in your ears!  https://blog.feedspot.com/barbecue_podcasts/

1hr 41mins

23 Mar 2021

Rank #10