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The planet may be on fire, but there are changemakers and do-good leaders that are even more on fire with passion and commitment to make things better for all. Join Melinda Jackson and Britt Westfall as they interview people who you may not have heard of (yet), but who are having a big impact on today’s most urgent issues - both humanitarian and environmental. They're not afraid to ask the tough questions likely on your mind about how to do work you're passionate about, that the world needs AND still get paid for it! So listen in and get inspired because the world needs you in action!

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Making Finances Less Like a Rotten Tomato and More Like a Juicy Mango with FinMango Founder, Scott Glasgow

In this week's episode, Britt talks with Scott Glasgow, TedX speaker and founder of the nonprofit organization, FinMango. Find out how Scott is using mangoes to democratize opportunity and prosperity in underserved places around the world.  Check out the work that Scott is doing at https://finmango.org/


25 Feb 2020

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