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The Epic Guides Podcast is a guide to life in the World of Warcraft and other alternate realities and fantasy Worlds. Download it and take it with you to get your constant injection of WoW on the go.

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Video Guide to the Deadmines!

This is my first Epic Guides Video cast. A guide to the deadmines. Use it to get a headstart or a refresher on where to go and what to do. I list all the boss loot and give great overview of whats going on in - the deadmines.


5 Aug 2006

Rank #1

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Before you group and Leading a group.

Epic Guides is back. In this cast I cover the things you should do before you group and I go over the things you need to think about when you are leading a group. I also have a RL thought of the week and a great tip of the cast on how you can make money at the AH.


28 Jul 2006

Rank #2

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Epic Guides Podcast #3 DPS/MA

In the Third Epic Guides Podcast the featured segment is on damage dealing and the main assist. There is a RL thought on the Avatar and a great Tip of the Cast on how to form groups! There is also some info about the future of the podcast and Joey.


1 Apr 2006

Rank #3

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Epic Guides Podcast #2 Healers

Hello everyone and thanks for your interest in The Epic Guides second Podcast. In this show we continue the overview of roles in groups with a talk about Healers. I also hit the second RL thought of the week and start off the new Tip of the cast section. Check out the website at www.epicguides.net. Happy grouping!


25 Mar 2006

Rank #4

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Epic Guides Podcast #1 Tanks

The first Epic Guides Podcast covers a bit of an intro to the show and then jumps right in to the thick of things with a segment on the philosophy and mechanics of tanking in World of Warcraft. Come on in and have some fun talking about wow. Be sure to check out the website at EpicGuides.net and let me know what you think.


17 Mar 2006

Rank #5