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A podcast series from the LSE Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR). In each episode we discuss with an academic or other expert a hot topic in the world of risk management and regulation.

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Food labelling and its consequences [Audio]

Contributor(s): Professor Martin Lodge, Professor Christine Parker | Professor Christine Parker (Monash University) discusses her latest research into the emergence of labels for free-range eggs in Australia. What are the disputes about food labels, what are the consequences of such initiatives, for achieving particular objectives, such as animal welfare? What role do and can state-based regulators play in orchestrating the direction of regulatory change?


26 Jun 2015

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Introduction to CARR/RAND Europe report on 'Regulation of Logistics Infrastructures in Brazil' [Audio]

Contributor(s): Dr Christian Van Stolk | What are the critical regulatory challenges in developing logistics infrastructures in countries such as Brazil? Why is it time to develop new approaches, based on ‘disciplined discretion’ to move beyond the regulatory orthodoxies of the few decades? Dr Chris van Stolk (RAND Europe) and Professor Martin Lodge (carr, LSE) discuss the findings and general implications of a joint study, funded by the UK Prosperity Fund, on the regulation of logistics infrastructures in Brazil.


28 Apr 2017

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Anand Menon on the impact of Brexit on regulation [Audio]

Contributor(s): Anand Menon | What are the challenges for regulators in preparing for Brexit? Anand Menon (King’s College and Programme Director of the ESRC Britain in a Changing Europe initiative) discusses the key choices and questions on the road to Britain’s departure from full EU membership.


18 Jan 2017

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Introducing 'Riskwork' With Michael Power [Audio]

Contributor(s): Professor Michael Power | Riskwork: Essays on the Organizational Life of Risk Management’, edited by former head of the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR), Professor Michael Power, examines the situated management of risk in a wide variety of organizational settings. Michael joins us on the CARRseat to tell us more about the book.


21 Oct 2016

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Customer Engagement in Regulation [Audio]

Contributor(s): Dr Eva Heims, Professor Martin Lodge | Economic regulation in the UK has increasingly emphasised the importance of customer engagement. However, there are variations across sectors and devolved regions. What explains these differences? Why has customer engagement become a central theme in contemporary regulation? Eva Heims (CARR/LSE) and Martin Lodge discuss the implications of this emphasis on customer engagement.


29 Jan 2016

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