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Hamilton Fraser's Property Podcast - Landlords, lettings and deposits.

Join property industry specialist Hamilton Fraser for a regular podcast series with practical tips for landlords and letting agents on how to better manage the renting process. Hamilton Fraser have over 25 years’ experience and are behind some of the private rented sector’s most well-known brands including the tenancy deposit protection scheme mydeposits, the Property Redress Scheme and Client Money Protect.

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The Landlord’s Friend

In this month’s podcast, Eddie and Paul are joined by property market analysist, commentator and co-author of ‘The Landlord’s Friend’, Kate Faulkner. After the success of the first edition of ‘The Landlord’s Friend’ book in 2015, Kate and Paul have joined forces once again to release an updated edition for 2019, focused on how landlords can make the best out of the ever changing private rented sector, while also ensuring that they remain compliant. Eddie, Paul and Kate discuss the launch of the new book, including their motivations behind releasing an updated edition and the process involved, as well as exploring the importance of being a business savvy landlord, why it is vital to understand your tenants and the intricacies of landlord regulation and legislation. In addition, they cover a range of topics from government policy, how buy to let has evolved and increasing market demands to whether landlords get a bad rap in the industry. Eddie and Paul round up the podcast by asking Kate… ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?’


5 Aug 2019

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The Evolution of Deposit Alternatives

In the first podcast of 2020, Eddie and Paul are joined by the Co-Founders of deposit replacement scheme, Ome, Matt Hooker and Nick Hamatsos, who discuss a new style of deposit scheme that aims to help bring greater choice to the market. Deposit alternatives, also known as deposit replacement schemes, have emerged due to the evolving nature of the private rented sector as well as tenant’s needs and requirements, offering an additional element of choice that can benefit tenants, landlords and agents. Eddie, Paul, Matt and Nick take a dive into the changing world of deposits and investigate how the changing desire for renting flexibility has impacted the market and what this could mean for landlords, agents and their tenants. Matt and Nick explain the advantages for landlords of using deposit replacement schemes, emphasising the importance of market choice and transparency. Eddie and Paul also share their knowledge of the current market and explore the future of deposits, including recent discussions surrounding deposit replacements, deposit loans, and the idea of a lifetime deposit. As always, Eddie and Paul also touch on breaking industry news and, to mix things up for 2020, Eddie asks Matt, Nick and Paul a new closing question, ‘Who would your dream co-tenant be, and why?’


20 Jan 2020

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Chaos Theory! What’s next for the private rented sector?

In this month’s podcast Eddie and Paul are joined by Head of Redress at the Property Redress Scheme, Sean Hooker, who discusses his recent blog ‘Chaos Theory! Changes, changes, what’s next for the property world?’ With the political environment in a state of flux, Eddie, Paul and Sean attempt to decode the confusion surrounding legislation in the private rented sector (PRS), including delving into upcoming consultations that could impact landlords. Eddie, Paul and Sean discuss the ‘tenant fee ban’, ‘Section 21’ updates, and Sean gives his opinion on housing courts. With political changes emerging from Westminster featuring heavily in this episode they also consider what ‘right to buy’ would mean for the PRS, ideas surrounding rent controls and whether there could be a ‘Housing Act overhaul’ on the horizon. The key take home message … make sure you are prepared for upcoming regulation and legislative changes, whatever they may be! As always, Eddie and Paul round up the podcast by asking Sean … ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?’


7 Oct 2019

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Make Landlording Great Again in 2019

In a New Year special Eddie takes the reins in leading the first podcast of the year with Paul as his special guest. After a year of change within the property industry, Paul & Eddie review 2018 and preview 2019 for landlords. Landlords & letting agents experienced multiple changes throughout 2018 including the Homeless Reduction Act, gas safety changes, changes to HMO regulations and tax relief reduction. Eddie & Paul ask: How has this impacted on landlords? The coming year also looks to be no exception with future changes on the horizon. Eddie & Paul provide a preview of 2019 including longer tenancy proposals, landlord regulation and the tenant fee ban. Eddie & Paul also provide their own thoughts on how we can make landlording great again, and in a final end of year flourish, Eddie asks Paul a new closing question. If you could make one new property law what would it be? Let’s make landlording great again in 2019!


8 Jan 2019

Rank #4

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Should I Buy or Should I Wait?

In the latest podcast in the series, Paul & Eddie are joined by the Principal of Jeremy Leaf & Co Chartered Surveyors and Estate Agents, Jeremy Leaf who discusses his expertise in the property industry.  Jeremy, Paul and Eddie discuss whether you should buy or wait in the current climate and tackle topics such as Brexit, top tips for first-time buyers and property hotspots. Jeremy also answers the £1m question on where he would invest in the property market!


6 Nov 2018

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The Residential Laws of the Land

In this month’s podcast Eddie and Paul are joined by special guest, residential property lawyer and Managing Director of Landlord Law, Tessa Shepperson. Tessa started Landlord Law, a website dedicated to providing landlords with information on their legal rights and obligations, in 2001 and has been providing content and advice ever since. This includes Tessa’s popular ‘Landlord Law’ blog which aims to keep landlords informed of changing legislation, as well as her ‘Blog Clinic’ which helps address any landlord or tenant legal issues. Eddie, Paul and Tessa talk all about the laws of the land, with a particular focus on government plans for landlords, landlord redress, housing courts and what happens when landlords fail to protect deposits. Eddie and Paul also ask Tessa for the best tips she can give to landlords in today’s industry and question whether current laws help or hinder landlords? Wrapping up with their new closing question for 2019 Eddie and Paul ask Tessa; ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?’


4 Jun 2019

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'Zero to Hero' - Landlord Story

In the latest podcast in the series, Paul and Eddie are joined by property educator, investor and landlord, Arden Hanley who discusses his ‘Zero to Hero’ story. Arden talks about how he started out as a landlord, how he operates and the top tips you should consider when becoming a portfolio landlord. As always, Paul and Eddie take a look at sector news, including ‘how to’ guides, three-year tenancies and the call for a no-fault eviction ban. Arden also answers the £1m question on where he would invest this in the property market!


4 Sep 2018

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Brexit and beyond! Our yearly round up (2019)

In the final podcast of 2019, Eddie and Paul put the world to rights with a comprehensive round-up of what has happened within the private rented sector (PRS) this year. With a general election on the horizon before the end of the year, Eddie and Paul discuss how each of the political parties could impact on the housing sector should they come into power, and what this could mean for landlords, letting agents and tenants as we look forward to 2020.   In a quick fire round of questions to summarise a year of thought-provoking podcasts, Eddie and Paul discuss their thoughts on the most positive moment for the PRS in 2019, the biggest shock in the sector, best legislative change of 2019, and much much more! After asking special guests throughout the year what they would do if they had the power to implement a new property law, Eddie finally gets his turn to give his opinion! Do you agree with his law? Finally, Eddie and Paul wrap up the last podcast of the year by taking a look what Hamilton Fraser has planned for 2020, and wish all of their listeners a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year!


28 Nov 2019

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Taxing times – decoding property tax in 2019

In April's podcast, Eddie and Paul are joined by their first guest of the year, Tony Gimple the Founding Director of Less Tax 4 Landlords. After appearing in Hamilton Fraser’s first tax podcast ‘Tony’s Tips on Tackling Tax’ in 2017, Tony is back to discuss industry changes, his top tax tips and where he sees the industry heading. Tony has an extensive background with vast experience in loss adjusting, financial services, insurance broking and law. Less Tax 4 Landlords aims to help portfolio landlords maximise the commercial benefits from running their property business. Eddie, Paul and Tony talk income, capital gains and property tax, business planning, expenses and HMRC guidelines with the aim of helping landlords decode the often confusing world of property tax. Eddie and Paul also ask Tony the best tips he can give to landlords to help them navigate the industry in 2019. Concluding with their new closing question for 2019, Eddie and Paul ask Tony; ‘If you could make one new property law, what would it be?’


4 Apr 2019

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What’s next for tenancy deposit protection?

In our latest podcast, Paul and Eddie are joined by the new Head of Tenancy Deposit Protection, Kate Mutter-Bowen. With years of experience in the insurance industry, Kate provides her knowledge of the sector and also discusses the changing times for tenancy deposit protection – including the challenges and opportunities on the horizon for deposit protection and how insurance and regulation fits in. In addition, Paul, Eddie and Kate discuss the recent Autumn Budget and how this may affect the housing market. Listen to find out how this could influence you! As always we also ask the £1,000,000 question and find out where Kate would spend this in the property industry! Don’t forget to listen to our previous podcasts in the series featuring special guests such as: Head of Redress at the Property Redress Scheme, Sean Hooker CEO of Upad, James Davis Director of the Property Investors Network, Simon Zutshi


21 Dec 2017

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James Davis, Upad CEO: Successful Self-Management

Successful Self-Management – Paul Shamplina, CEO of HF Eddie Hooker and special guest; CEO of Upad, James Davis Our latest podcast hosted by Paul and Eddie sees Upad CEO, James Davis, discuss the current market as experienced by self-managing landlords. Listen as they dive in and explain some key trends both Upad and mydeposits found in their latest research. James also lets us know where he’d spend £1,000,000 in the property industry right now!


3 Oct 2017

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Simon Zutshi: Property Investment 101

In our podcast hosted by Paul Shamplina and Eddie the are guys joined by Director of the Property Investors Network Simon Zutshi. In this episode they discuss property investment with Simon where he shares his expert tips on how to learn and what to look for when investing in a property. As usual they discuss the latest news and also ask Simon our £1m question – listen to find out where he would invest a £1,000,000 in the property industry!


5 Sep 2017

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Landlord Investment Show Olympia Special

Last Thursday, 15th June saw the Landlord Investment Show in Olympia. We attended the event exhibiting three of our brands; Total Landlord Insurance, mydeposits and the Property Redress Scheme. The show was packed full of delegates and there were over 100 exhibition stands in attendance. Landlords were able to sit in on a number of various seminars, presentations and talks throughout the day; one even from our very own Paul Shamplina. Amongst those attending were a number of new technology start-ups such as Purple Bricks, Pad and No Agent, who aim to really disrupt the market in the way tenants rent properties. NLA Chairwoman Carolyn Uphill, who was on the panel of industry experts that included former Conservative leader, Iain Duncan Smith, gave her views on the current market. Other contributors to this podcast were letting agent and founder of Rolfe East Estates, Rolfe East and charismatic landlord Kofi on the industry with questions such as ‘Do you have any concerns for the marketing in the short to medium term?’ to get the discussion rolling.


21 Jun 2017

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Expert advice on tax

In our latest podcast episode, Paul Shamplina, Brand Ambassador for Hamilton Fraser discusses with industry expert Eddie Hooker, CEO of Hamilton Fraser about tax. Together they give their top tips for landlords when dealing with this challenging topic. Covered in this podcast: Recent changes to tax and the implications on tax planning for the future How mortgage interest relief is changing in 2017 The rise in company landlords and corporation tax The increase in stamp duty on second homes Changes to capital gains tax The reduction in the fair wear and tear allowance Relevant links: Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance mydeposits Property Redress Scheme Client Money Protect


19 Jan 2017

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Expert advice on Right to Rent

Paul Shamplina, Brand Ambassador for Hamilton Fraser advises about Right to Rent and your legal requirements as a landlord or letting agent. This podcast covers: What Right to Rent is and why it was introduced The penalties available for landlords who fail to comply The types of tenancies and tenants that need to be checked What you need to do in order to comply with the law What to do if you cannot perform the appropriate Right to Rent checks Additional resources: Landlord checking services number: 0300 069 9799 Relevant links: Hamilton Fraser Total Landlord Insurance mydeposits Property Redress Scheme Client Money Protect


30 Nov 2016

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