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I set myself the challenge of having 100 conversations about Climate Change with my friends, my friends of friends, my family, their friends, their dogs (not really), folk I met on the bus (ok, again not really) and pretty much anyone who would talk about it with me (really!) I've edited the conversations together to share all the bestest bits with you. My favourite review so far is 'I felt stirred but hopeful' (my mum*.) It's recommended to start at the beginning, theres an arc. (We might need one in the current state of affairs.) I don't want to show off, but I've got one or two very cool potty mouthed pals (i.e. there's a couple of unbeeped sweary words. Just tame ones.) https://twitter.com/ClimatesPodcast

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Save the Humans

Welcome! I've been having 100 conversations about Climate Change with anyone who will talk to me. These are the voices of my wonderful CliMates. We're talking about the feeling of change in the air, the amazing school strikes and the fluctuating temperature (literal and metaphorical!) We have more questions than we have facts, we're just working how our reactions can lead to actions. Please join us, this is just the beginning of the journey.


27 Nov 2019

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Share Nicely

How are we talking to each other about Climate stuff? It's sometimes an awkward conversation, right? How do we practice being non-judgemental when we feel really passionately about something? Or maybe we should be challenging each other more? Do good intentions matter or just good deeds? What do we do with our rage? How do we avoid despair and turn it into hopeful action? There's a lovely chat in this one with Meredith from MAD challenges https://madchallenges.org/


4 Dec 2019

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What a PlaSTICKY Mess

I'm cutting back on my single use conversation. This chat is so good we can reuse it again and again! Just like the jars I'm now getting my oats in. So, everyone is talking about plastic. Can you imagine a world without it? Is any of it actually recycled? What's the deal with the biodegradable stuff? Have you thought of nappies as a single use plastic? I hadn't. Warning: this podcast contains more questions than answers.


11 Dec 2019

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Who ate all the fish?

Hungry for more CliMates? Love food? You're going to enjoy this episode of conversation soup. Lots of voices seasoned with a few jokes and spiced up with some serious chat about agriculture, food waste and 'saving the world one vegan sausage roll at a time.'This podcast came out of a challenge I set myself to record 100 conversations about Climate Change.


18 Dec 2019

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Seasonal Special

Imagine if we felt like we had enough? If we could be truly satisfied? Is it OK to give someone your old T-shirt as a gift? Do we really need to wear deodorant? What do you mean the internet has a carbon cost? I thought it worked by magic! Have you ever seen one of these super-right-on ethical phones? Would a carbon cutting ice-bucket challenge type campaign work?


24 Dec 2019

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Bike Curious

Are we conditioned to think of travel as sexy? Are we still allowed to fly on holiday if we promise to cycle to work every day? Is being face to face with someone always worth the carbon? What is the solution for rural living? If your company flies an employee somewhere who's responsible for the carbon footprint? Can we reimagine how we connect with people across the world using technology? Why wont electric cars fix this problem? Have you tried an e-bike? My CliMates have so many questions about travel!


31 Dec 2019

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Keep it in the Ground

If you want to 'keep it in the ground' you don't have to do anything- you just have to not buy it. A pipe dream?Some crude conversation, slickly edited- hear it spill out. What is carbon capture? What does it feel like to stand under a turbine? What is an air source heat pumps? Is it worth changing energy suppliers? What would happen if the power cut out during peak hours?


7 Jan 2020

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Rebel for Life

How do you start becoming politically active? What was it like lying down in the road waiting to be arrested? How do you feel about your mum being arrested? Why are you wearing flippers and goggles? Is that a compost toilet in the road? Isn't part of the truth is we are all complicit? How do we practice loving kindness? Will this podcast contain more questions than answers?Link to John's mindfulness resources https://www.mindfulenhance.org/Link to Alastair's book Hell and Highwater http://www.alastairmcintosh.com/hellandhighwater.htm


14 Jan 2020

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Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Neighbours, Teachers and Lollypop People Rise Up

We teach them about dangers like crossing the road and putting their fingers in sockets but really the most dangerous thing of all is just rolling on in the background. Adults bringing up children and children bringing up adults in a Climate Emergency. How and when do we talk about this with our kids- is it OK to scare the children?


21 Jan 2020

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Save the Trees

Anyone actually know how to plant a tree?Is growing your veggies in peaty compost actually doing more harm than good?Can we ever care as much about trees going extinct as we do about animals going extinct.This is the Climactic episode. It is the one with the birdsong.


28 Jan 2020

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